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10 ways to have more money

Never waste Nutella with this awesome technique!
or try the ice-cream technique >

Got any better kitchen tricks/life hacks?

"Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing, than a long life spent in a miserable way" This is the one video we watch every day. Hope you enjoy. Thank you Alan Watts. Be sure to give us a (Y) if you found this inspirational or if you're interested in what we do everyday.
139 £1000 Scratchcard Competition
😂 This >
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10 ways to have more money

OK, so this won't save you money but it might help someone you love in the future and it's FREE. Download this app and it uses your spare data allowance (or Wif...i) + your phones computing power to help calculate complex algorithms that help the fight against cancer. Available on iOS and Android. From the Vodafone Foundation so legit.

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Would you buy random pallets of Amazon returns? What if you could make 3 x your money?…/buying-two-pallets-of-amazon-ret…/11899

This guy buys 2 pallets of Amazon returns that arrive unmanifested (no list of whats inside). Normally items that are returned to Amazon because they’re wrong, have damaged boxes etc are sold on Amazon warehouse on the cheap but it seems this guy has managed to buy in bulk from a US reseller, we.....

#MentalHealthWeek ends today. These are worth a read >

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10 ways to have more money is at Mental Health Foundation.

Research has shown that two-thirds of us experience a mental health problem in our lifetimes, and stress is a key factor in this. These leaflets are well worth ...a read as they may help you in your day to day life and/or in the future.

They normally cost £1.50 each but they're FREE if you download the PDFs on


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Which is a superior money saving technique?

1) Turn money into hours: This means instead of looking at an item in terms of £, start looking at it in terms of how many hours of work it would take you to get it.

2) 30-day rule: When you have the impulse to buy something hold off for 30 days, if after a month you still crave it then buy it, most purchases you will forget about.

► 5000+ old-school online games for free

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Has anyone sold their hair (yes really)? Was it a good or bad experience? Would you recommend it?

In short, wig companies will buy real hair for money, the longer the better.

One website quotes:...
10-12” – £15 – £60
15” – £30 – £80
16-18” -£50 – £150
19” and above – £60 – £200

To be clear we don't recommend this unless it's something you were thinking of doing anyway, there are far better ways to make money quickly than this!

More info: (not a promoted post)

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We are always welcoming new hair to contribute to our hair replacement procedures and wigs, so if you are willing to donate or sell your hair, keep reading!

😍 🍩 Sign up to Krispy Kreme (ideally use an alias email) and you get a free Doughnut (that you can claim immediately) on >>

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Can we all agree leftover pizza is the perfect breakfast?

I’ve only met one person in my life that doesn’t eat pizza, my father, and you know what they say ‘You can choose your friends, but you’re stuck with your family’.

Living on tinned food for a week. Have you done it? Could you do it?…/food-drink/living-on-canned-food…/11896

Mike kicks off a brand new Week On, this time eating nothing but canned food in what is the ‘apocalypse diet’. Enjoy, whilst Mike definitely doesn’t.

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Bluetooth Magnetic Sweatproof Earphones with 9 hours of playtime + iOS battery indicator

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When was the last time you rang your:

- home insurance company
- mobile phone contract provider
- car insurance company...
- internet/phone provider
- car breakdown provider
- TV provider

and asked for a discount?

Doing this every 6-12 months can easily save you £hundreds!

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When did Halloumi Fries become a thing at Aldi? £1.99! 😍 Thanks to Andy!

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