The Eastside Rail Corridor is a gem of 44 miles of 100 foot right away. There is plenty of room for a trail and transit options. Our Puget Sound traffic situation is the top priority of the entire region. There are more environmental reasons to get cars off the road then allowing another place for people to walk. The CKC was never meant to be a greenbelt, Sound Transit has rights along with other entities. One ...of the most interesting solutions would be to run a rail system like the SMART system in Sonoma-Marin. They have a similar rail line that is now a trail and runs quiet and efficient trains. These are not the expensive light rail or the noisier heavy rail. It is like a quiet bus on rails. This would be less obtrusive to neighbors along the route while getting cars off of the Kirkland side streets. Kirkland residents are frustrated with the traffic along their roads. This is a solution and not keeping the CKC as a trail only. Please think long-term and not be side-tracked by a few citizens short-term thinking. While the ETA focuses rail north of Totem Lake, tonight's Kirkland event could be important tfor the entire region.

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Kirkland bought its six-mile section of the Eastside Rail Corridor and built a bike path that residents compare to the Burke-Gilman Trail. Now a city proposal to get bus rapid transit added to the 100-foot corridor is drawing opposition from residents.

We appreciate Rep. #LuisMoscoso and Rep. #MattManweller leading the rail caucus in Olympia to improve our important rail infrastructure. Rail can help meet #Carbonreduction goals.

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All Aboard Washington is at John L. O'Brien House Office Building.

All Aboard Washington hosted its second annual reception for the Legislative Rail Caucus in Olympia today. Speaking are the LRC cochairs Rep. Matt Manweller and Rep. Luis Moscoso. We has 17 legislators from all over the state, both Ds and Rs, in attendance.


It would be a shame to let this precious transportation corridor to not be used in multiple ways to alleviate traffic and promote a healthier environment. #EastsideRailCorridor #405traffic…/localnews/2025587276_ckctrailopen…

On Saturday, the longest stretch of trail on the Eastside Rail Corridor officially opens in Kirkland. It’s now open to pedestrians and bicyclists, but someday they may be sharing the space with public transit.

Kathy Cox celebrated the #Seahawks victory with #GovernorInslee. The Governor wants us to support a transportation bill to move rail forward. He spoke highly of #LuisMoscoso and his rail caucus.

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#Snohomish County put rehabilitating the #Eastside Rail Corridor on their #2015 legislative priorities. Snohomish County understands the importance of economic development, environmental sustainability, and a better life with better utilization of the Eastside Rail Corridor.

The year 2015 will be pivotal for Snohomish County as the region seeks to capitalize on the accomplishments of last year, including Boeing’s decision to assemble the 777x airplane at its expanding Everett facility. The Puget Sound region is one of the fastest growing areas of the country and a top……

Sound Transit Long range plan does not address the clogged 405 which would be alleviated with rail transportation on the Eastside Rail Corridor. Its time to contact your representatives for solutions.

On December 18, the Sound Transit Board approved updates to the Long Range Plan, last revised in 2005. The corridor map saw 13 additions. There were also several text amendments. Most were uncontro...

Co-chair, Les Rubstello's Seattle Times guest opinion on better utilizing the Eastside Rail Corridor.

To ease monster congestion on Interstate 405 and its adjacent highways, the region needs to move forward with the Eastside rail corridor, writes guest columnist Les Rubstello.

The Train to Olympia
Support Luis Moscoso, District 1 Washington State legislature

Tuesday, October 21, 2014 from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM (PDT)
The Hollywood Schoolhouse...
14810 NE 145th Street
Woodinville, WA 98072

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Visionary meeting. Luís Saul Moscoso, Karen Guzak and John Lovick are amazing.

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Luis Saúl Moscoso added 3 new photos — with John Lovick and 2 others at Snohomish County Government.

Presentation to County Executive John John Lovick & County Staff showing the necessity of developing the Eastside Rail Corridor now

Let's support the Rail Caucus and Rep. Luis Moscoso

about the backwardness of the US transportation system versus a growing number of countries. Chinese bullet trains in yard: How many more years will it take before the US bites the bullet and ...…/2023092710_apxpublictransittrips.…

We are on the right track. Let's continue promoting the Eastside Rail Corridor as a multi-modal transportation corridor.

Americans are boarding public buses, trains and subways in greater numbers than any time since the suburbs began booming.

Rep. Luis Moscoso is leading the effort with a rail caucas to promote rail and especially the Eastside Rail Corridor. Support Rep. Moscoso and contact your legislator about the importance of rail.

In the past year, several states have either created or rekindled grant programs dedicated to improving freight service.
Eastside TRailway Alliance added 12 new photos from February 15, 2014 to the album: Centennial Trail with rails — with Luis Moscoso in Snohomish, Washington.

Snohomish County celebrates the Eastside Rail Corridor purchase: Rails and Trails…/Cross_…/Business_Connections.htm
Food for thought on innovative transportation solutions.

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and an adjacent trail another $7.6 million to $11 million a mile. Loren Herrigstad, president of AAWA, the rail advocacy group, contends that the track could be rehabilitated into a serviceable passenger route for far less.

Two fun days celebrating the past and future of trains on the Eastside Rail Corridor.