New fix for #xhamster. They again changed URLs.

Fix for #xhamster, new URLs and old URLs.

Fixed #beeg & #xhamster . Enjoy nice videos

Fixed: issue with #beeg updated their status.
June 1, 2017

There are still some shit with #youtube. Finally i wanna say fuckoff API and i vive le 100% user emulation. Because certain videos doesn't available via API. And anyway it's a same shit with parsing API or pure HTML (from pages with videos on it), i will parse public html pages (instead of public crap api).

Have a nice day and thanks for using our free services, #freedownload #videotools 'cause it's public and.. free

Added: new minibutton on "last 10 links". When you press it, it automatically fills the form displaying you direct links.

Downloading videos from popular resources,,,, videotools12pings, Twitch Tools, Past Broadcasts, Video Game Streams, Highlights, clips, Video Game Streamers,,,,,,,,, xxxbu...

Added: #yuvutu .com

Added: #pornhd .com

One more huge fix for #youtube . Now you can download without problems.

P.S. if you have some - contact us here.

Fixed #bug with #youtube. If someone tried once to parse #youtube's output, i recommend to avoid "any symbol" constructions in regexp for variables and use dictionaries like [a-z0-9]. Because you will have a risk to catch more than you need for certain variables updated their status.
May 30, 2017

Added #beeg .com, #motherless .com, #redtube .com, #pornfun .com and #watchmygf .com .😁

Hello folks! Here is a main update for our website. #videotools now have new #MDL face (google Material Design, i changed backend and wrote engine from zero.

It's a new code, what should work pretty fast. For the moment i added: #xhamster, #xvideos and #youtube. Later i will add other nice websites and implement my old #vtdownload button (JS button, what currently doesn't work).

New website should work on mobile platforms too (thanks #google) and you don't... need anymore to press "Get video!" button, just press enter (but i kept old way too)

Currently website in english, i will intergrate translations later.

Statistics - they will be available in next updates (just after i will fix JS button).

Twitch question: i will loook twitch and if there are mp4/flv or any other solid files, i will add them. But if twitch support only HLS.. no way to download full video, except assembling it in browser what not so easy, 'cause browser can run out of RAM. So i will look what i can do with

Enjoy folks and have a nice day!

Yours, #12pings team

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There is long time no updates, well. #CVE20162107 fixed

Qualys Security Advisory Roaming through the OpenSSH client: CVE-2016-0777 and CVE-2016-0778 ======================================================================== Contents ======================================================================== Summary Information Leak (CVE-2016-0777) - Analysis…

After 24/7 work during 5 years my laptop is dead. #RIPASUS