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Photos from our first “recruiting rendezvous” three years ago at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. Come see us again next week on March 24-25 from 11am to 4pm daily!

On Wednesday, March 21, 2018, George Washington's Mount Vernon welcomes historian Joseph F. Stoltz III to discuss his book “A Bloodless Victory: The Battle of New Orleans in History and Memory”


Reminder: Harpers Ferry National Historical Park needs a headcount for our housing request by next Friday. Please let me know if you're coming to the recruiting rendezvous March 24-25 so I can include you!

“Directly in this path of development would likely be the pristine Caulk’s Field battlefield, where American militia defeated British invaders during the War of 1812, giving the U.S. one of its few victories in that war. The battlefield is just one of the many rich cultural and agricultural gems that could be paved over.”

Eastern Shore -- "The towns of Tolchester and Betterton, both near Rock Hall, once hosted hordes of day trippers from Baltimore, with the former offering an amu...sement park and the latter a selection of places to stay. Even in Cecil County, places like Hollywood Beach and Crystal Beach attracted crowds of beach-goers to the shores of the Chesapeake at a time when the Atlantic beaches were a much more difficult drive. But the bridge changed all that, and certainly there were no more shopping trips to Baltimore on the ferry."

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The Chesapeake Bay bridge built years ago forever changed the Eastern Shore. Any new bridge will have a similar lasting impact, so we must choose our path wisely and with care.

A Virginia militia camp was on this land during the War of 1812

Historians say the Malvern Hill Farm is the only documented place in the United States to see troop activity during three major wars: the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and the Civil War.

The rifle, owned originally by a William Ross, is the only one still in existence that connected to the Battle of New Orleans…/article_37e5d2e8-f57f-11e7-bb3…

Robert and Linda Melancon, of Thibodaux, spent years sifting for clues and spreading the word about the old flintlock rifle they bought from an antiques store in the French Quarter.

Star Wars meets the Regency Period...

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Someone made a "Regency Era AU" (1810s Britain) fanart series of Star Wars characters. It's fantastic.

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The 12th United States Infantry Regiment was raised in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley in 1812 and continued to recruit throughout the region during the War of 1812.

In 1814, Lt. Angus McDonald of the 12th advertised in the Farmer’s Repository, a newspaper printed in Charlestown, Virginia, that he was recruiting “ALL Patriotic young men who wish to enter the service of their insulted country” and that he would “…attend the three first days of each week at my quarters in Charlest...own; on Thursdays at Moudy’s tavern, in Smithfield; and Fridays and Saturdays at Willamson’s tavern, at Harper’s Ferry, to receive all those young men who wish to join the service.”

Williamson’s Tavern was originally built by the town’s founder Robert Harper, who completed the building in 1782 however died before he could move in. For the next two decades the house was used as a tavern, hosting George Washington and Thomas Jefferson as well as Meriwether Lewis stayed here in 1803 when he obtained supplies for the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

The recreated 12th U.S. Infantry Regiment will be in Harper’s Ferry at Williamson’s Tavern, the oldest surviving building in the town, calling upon men to join the army. Civilians will occupy the lower level of the tavern portraying inhabitants of the town, workers at the arsenal as well as enslaved and free African-Americans.

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Mar 24 - Mar 25Harpers Ferry National Historical ParkHarpers Ferry, WV
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Canada's Military History

Studio portrait of the surviving Six Nations warriors who fought with the British in the War of 1812, July 1882

(Left to right) Sakawaraton, a.k.a. John Smoke J...ohnson (born circa 1792), John Tutela (born ca. 1797) and Young Warner (born ca. 1794). Portrait taken in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

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Lt. Colonel James Patton Preston was born at Smithfield and is buried there as well. He was second in command of the 12th until promoted in August 1813 to take command of the 23rd.

Been to Smithfied Plantation in Blacksburg? Take a virtual visit.

Smithfield Plantation is a historic colonial home located in Blacksburg, which was previously known as the town of Smithfield. The home is designed in the Colonial style and was built in 1773 for Colonel William Preston (1729-1783). This was one of the first large plantations constructed west of the...

This Day in History: Men of the 12th stood by to defend Fort McHenry National Monument & Historic Shrine if the British attacked by land

The Battle of Baltimore was a sea/land battle fought between British invaders and American defenders in the War of 1812. American forces repulsed sea and land invasions off the busy port city of Baltimore, Maryland, and killed the commander of the invading British forces. The British and Americans f...
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The White House Historical Association

After the British burned the White House on August 24, 1814, President James Madison and his political supporters rallied to ensure that Washington, D.C. would ...remain the nation’s capital. By citing the need to “repair or rebuild,” Madison conveyed the idea that the United States as a nation would respond to adversity with ingenuity.

Richard B. Lee, Tench Ringgold, and John P. Van Ness were soon appointed as Commissioners of the Public Buildings, and tasked with rebuilding government offices, the United States Capitol Building, and the President’s House. The commissioners wasted little time selecting their man for the job. James Hoban, the Irish-born architect who originally designed the President’s House and supervised its construction, was unanimously selected to restore the residence and the Executive Offices.

Relying heavily on his previous experience, Hoban worked rapidly to rebuild the Executive Mansion. With the exterior complete, Hoban turned his attention to the interior, bringing in additional carpenters, cabinetmakers, and laborers during the spring of 1817. President James Monroe and his family moved into the residence in late October 1817, but the work was far from finished.

On December 8, 1817, Hoban wrote to Commissioner of the Public Buildings Samuel Lane and detailed the status of the interior restoration. He estimated that another $79,373 would be needed for the home, $17,268 for the offices, and $53,588.16 for the proposed North and South Porticoes. In order to cut rising costs the porticoes were eliminated from the plan, but Hoban would return once again to construct these stone porches in 1824 and 1830.

The South Portico, pictured here, was ordered by President Monroe, who became quite fond of the architectural feature during his time abroad in France.

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This Day in History: Approximately 120 men of the 12th U.S. are held in reserve at the Battle of Bladensburg, only being brought up as the retreat turns into a rout

The Battle of Bladensburg was fought in Maryland on August 24, 1814 and this British victory left Washington D.C. perilously open to British invasion. The embarrassing defeat of American forces under General William Winder allowed British Army Officer Robert Ross’ men to subsequently march into near...

On behalf of the Command Staff of Crown Forces, North America, and the United States Forces, I am pleased to announce that the 2018 Grand Tactical will be held at Fort Niagara. The event will be held on the weekend of July 28th and 29th, 2018.

Fort Niagara is a beautifully restored fort, with strong connections to the War of 1812. Its features will allow for many different battles, and will include a naval element. This event is still in its early stages of planning, but I... hope that you will mark your calendars for this exciting event.


Chris McKay
AdC to General Williams

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Jul 28 - Jul 29Fort NiagaraYoungstown, NY
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Dumbarton House, NSCDA Museum & Headquarters will offer special guided and self-guided tours in celebration of Dolley Madison's stop at Dumbarton House on August 24, 1814 during the burning of Washington

Aug 27, 2016 - Aug 28, 2016Dumbarton House, NSCDA Museum & HeadquartersWashington
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