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Julio A Otero
· October 22, 2017
I spent the extra money for the skip the line. I was happy about that because the line was very long. But once inside the haunted house we were too close to the other group that they let in before u...s. Seeing the actors jump out to scare the people in front of us ruin the surprise for us. There were times in the haunted house where everyone was just backed up. So that ruined the effect of it being scary. They need to figure out a way to only send your personal group through and be spaced out far enough so the actors can get back into place . I felt completely ripped off. For 2 people with the skip the line added and taxes and the fee you have to pay to buy on the internet the total cost was $120. Not worth it at all!!! I will never be wasting my money with this haunted house again nor will I recommend it to anyone because of those reasons. As far as the rooms in the haunted house......there were 3 very cool rooms. See More
Steven Dewey
· October 25, 2017
Absolutely Fantastic! Well worth the money and the 2 hour drive.. My wife and I are very active in the haunt community and love to find new houses to attend every year! We just so happened to stumble ...on this house and loved everything from the actors to every single scene. Will definitely recommend to others and will probably be back.. Maybe even for the blackout event! We attended this one after House of torment( where we were sorely disappointed) and this blew us out of the water even on a Monday.. All the actors were on top of there game and got everyone from the beginning to back of the group.. The line actors were great except for one who was a little inappropriate towards my wife but that won't change my review!! If i could give it a 10/10 i would! Thanks for a great birthday guys!!!! Keep Scaring! See More
Barbara Cline
· October 30, 2017
Loved loved loved it totally awesome time I am 55 and let me tell you it was one of the best I took my brother for his 36th birthday and we had a couple of more people in our party we had a ball heart had not beaten so fast in so long �literally my stomach was hurting from the screaming and hollering and laughing if it got a little backed up we stopped so we would continue to be surprised and surprise we were you can tell they put a lot of thought and effort in this haunted house I will go back again and again until I'm 75 if I can by then I think I can sit down and just remember the experience because it was awesome See More
Guillermo Iruegas
· October 29, 2017
I have been to a few haunts and this one has great set design. The themes in the room are great lots of detail. My main complaint is the spacing of groups. Not a long enough haunt for the price. I thi...nk If they had more spacing between groups that would of definitely of made this a lot better experience. The actors needed more time to reset between groups. I really wanted to like the place but I probably would not return. See More
Michele Suris-Rosene
· October 22, 2017
It was alright. Not very scary but they pop out in a few places and get you. The one thing they failed to mention is if you buy a general admission ticket they send you in in groups of 10 or more so i...f you are not lucky enough to get in the front like we did you just paid $30 to watch everyone else get scared. I was told that you have to buy a FastPass in order to go in smaller groups. All and all it was fun but not worth that much money. See More
Raquel Bluestar
· October 22, 2017
I thought the whole set-up was fantastic! All the scenes were really great and well thought out. The actors did such a great job of hiding and lurking just like in the scary movies you watch during season. The props were so good. I don't scare easily at all I just go to things like this to watch my family get scared and enjoy the show. I loved it and thought it was well worth the price. I went on a Saturday and the fast pass tickets were purchased where the wait was not bad at all probably 20 minutes. See More
Rachel Grunhard
· October 29, 2017
How are you supposed to get scared when you’re in a giant line of 20+ people.... literally walking in a line thru the whole house. If you go slow to create a gap they tell you to move. Then I got hit the face by one actor swinging a chain on the wall, and another actor guy in this lazer room grabbed my jacket to stop me from walking away. Biggest waste of money. 2 stars cuz the props and detail was cool. See More
Kim Tobolski-Mantegna
· October 23, 2017
The wait time was too long although I still wouldn't buy the fast pass. They tried telling us it was a 2.5 hour wait and we should probably buy the fast pass. However, it really was only about an hour... 15 minutes and we were there on a Saturday night. Honestly, not quite worth the amount of general admission they charge. I will say though that I really liked the scenery detail in the different themed "rooms", very impressive. With that said, I think it should be priced somewhere closer to $20-$25. See More
Luis A VargasJr
· October 23, 2017
Biggest waste of money ever it was too short not enough actors on top of that the actors they were there had an attitude about being there. Spent over $300 in tickets for a group and we could have wen...t to the haunted house at haunted trails and probably got more scared. i would not recommend this to anybody and will never ever go again the 2 hour ride from Milwaukee was a lot better than the fucking haunted house. See More
Brian Allen
· November 2, 2017
The sets here were detailed and gorgeous. They put a lot of effort into setting scenes and tones and it paid off. The actors were working hard to catch you unaware and they were good at backing off in...stead of getting in your face and ruining the effect. While the ticket price is high, if you find a deal like my group did, it was well worth it if you are Halloween or Haunt enthusiasts. See More
Rebecca Rodriguez
· October 30, 2017
My 1st time at a haunted house, was fun. Great rooms, the inclined room was difficult and good. Actors....not so much. Bad makeup on some. The option for a picture as a memory, was a clown that was n...ot even scary. The characters in the waiting line were fun to have around. Key word?? FUN, with a sometimes scared. See More
Curtis Evolusion Cornellier
· October 29, 2017
By far some of the BEST theatrics & decore Ive ever experienced. I thought I was at Universal Studios! The vibe is "On Point" . payd to skip the line & was in within 30min. (Vs the 2 hr line.) Only ...suggestion would be to have more employees / characters. But again, I know it can be hard to keep good employees in this business. Great Job Guys! You def made my Halloween one to remember. P.S. ... That merchy swamp part was "Mind Blowing" See More
Salazar Meli
· October 25, 2017
Disgusting customer service, horrible management, and a complete lie about the time length. These are all the things we experienced visiting 13th Floor, I don't understand how can a facility this horr...ible still be in business. I would encourage others to visit another haunted house. 13th floors' staff are crooks, bottom line I would never suggest anyone to visit. See More
Maritza Flores Douangchandy
· October 21, 2017
I have to say I was a bit disappointed as I was expecting more!! Not that long of a haunted house and for that price I didn’t find it that worth it, not sure if it was towards closing time but I would... expect to be a bit more scared!! See More
Patriz Triz McCaleb
· October 23, 2017
Was not worth the money a lot of dead moments. Person at the register lies about wait times to get us to buy fast past. It just was not worth all the hype.
Guti Manda
· October 30, 2017
The set up was nice and lines went by fast. But it just wasn't scary and we were rushed through it. You have to pay for parking which the website did not specify you had to! It's not worth your $32.
Chris Youngblood
· October 28, 2017
It was my first time here, I will say this house was really good. I look for the scare factor and all the detail put into all the rooms. 13th Floor you did a bad ass job with everything. I will be bac...k next season. See More
Joey Lynn Battaglia-Pinaglia
· October 22, 2017
Not worth $40 for a 30 minute wait and a 15 minute walk through. The scenes and costumes were great, but there weren't any scares. The tilt room and swamp were very cool. My 9 & 11 year old didn't ...scream once. See More
Angel Vega
· October 24, 2017
Overall was good, I went with a group of 5, and in the second attraction we ended up with another group so we don't get scared. In my opinion I will recommend it.
Sarah Heim
· October 22, 2017
We went there on Friday the 20th and we purchased the fast line about 10 dollars more then GA, wait was just about 10 minutes or so, definitely worth the extra money.
I would have to say this is one o...f the BEST haunted houses I have been to. I LOVE Halloween and all that goes with it. I couldn't tell you how many times I jumped, or screamed, or had a oh shit amount of time that each area and room took to decorate, the props, decor, not one corner was left untouched. The actors were amazing!! It seriously is one to want to go back to! Thank you all for doing a job well done...hats off to all of you!! See More
Chicago's Legendary 13th Floor Haunted House opens September 22nd for the Halloween season! Experience what ABC and Huffington Post call one of the scariest haunted houses in the country. Come have the most fun you'll ever have getting scared! Find out more and get your tickets here:
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