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John Hilgers
· March 23, 2014
Thank you, Nick, I try hard to make the best quality I can. They feel like children leaving home each time I ship them. I take baby pictures and all!
Nick Thompson
· March 14, 2014
Cannot find this kind of craftsmanship in a big box store. Such care, skill and creativity goes into each piece. I love Semper Fi Wood!

I'm back in the shop and working on new stuff. I posted a couple on Esty so stop by and check it out.

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Save an old LVT from being scrapped by the city of Buffalo. There's 3 that appear to be in working condition and another 4 that are used for parts. Unfortunat...ely I don't have space for something like this right now. I know there's a few people in here that would love to grab one of these up.

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This item is part of the online auction: City of Buffalo Surplus #7629 *10 Day Auction*. Bidding starts May 6 and ends May 16. Item is located in Buffalo, NY.
This is a bobbin for winding yard on to for fiber artists. The original is one hundred years old! Watch and see, it will be clear at the end. I sell these in...

I finally decided to list this!

This unique entertaining table is a must have for the wine enthusiast! Serve your favorite wine and cheese at your next gathering from this

Latest finished project

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So, I made a mug for my dad...

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Take a look, let me know if the format works. I have a lot more to post.

These are made on a Circular Sock Machine (CSM). The machine to make this item is between 90 and 100+ years old. They were used during World Wars 1

My first relief carving

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One of my latest projects

Here I am, back at it! I am working on a few new things for my shop. Please take a minute to look at my shop on Etsy and honestly let me know what you think could be better. (photographing is on the schedule to fix)

Thank you all for visiting and/or coming back! My thank you to you is a coupon for 10% off your next order! Use the coupon code: creat1ve, when

Something not posted on Etsy yet and an example of the weird stuff I think up...

This is the second prototype of a CSM travel case.

Here is a row counter I think you all will love! No Magnets! here is an instructional video:

Find it here,

This video shows how to install and operate the Johnny B’s Quality Products Optical Row Counter. This counter was developed from scratch for the circular soc...
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John Hilgers to Sock Knitting Machine Friends

Please don't tell my Mom, she would kill me!!! (bare with me, there is a CSM connection here) I have not been able to make socks or play with my machine in a wh...ile. I, like most of you, have had a lot of house and work things going on. My latest has been to replace the front wheel bearings on my niece's car. (Side note: I am Jack of all trades and master of none. Woodworking, socks, triathlon, cars, home renovation. You name it, if I needed it done, I taught myself, mostly). I started on this project, cussing the process. This can be as frustrating as ribbing for the first time, by yourself. I get into it and several things go wrong and need more attention (fixing) than I wanted to put into it. I am not going to describe the process but at some point, I have to press the bearings out of the assembly. I got to this point after SEVERAL hours of work. I get one part out, no problem. The next step has a lot larger piece to be pressed out. Now how, in the ever lovin' God, did I do this the last time (The neice and I have the same vehicle so I have done this once (twice) before)? I searched and searched and then it hit me! I thought 'this is wrong' and then I thought about all of you that I have met and witnessed your improvised tools and accessories and figured "no biggie'. Problem: The bearing to be pressed out was bigger than my largest socket (36mm). I don't want to spend more money on a one use tool. BANG! sock weights are perfect! For all the spouse who say your machine and/or gear isn't really useful other than your socks, here ya go. Sock weights are perfect press plates for a 2007 Honda Crv front wheel bearing. (to be honest, I was afraid it would explode under 12 tons of pressure, being cast iron and all)

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Having a hard time seeing the count, second guessing your counter, is it in a hard to read spot? This digital counter is easy to read and puts your

Sending out my first order over seas!