What are your plans for christmas, are you single or are you taken?

So what's your idea of a perfect date, if someone likes your idea you have to add them.


So ladies and gentlemen are you single or are you taken?

Ive seen lately there are a lot of people visiting here and liking the statuses, but we need more females to pay some attention to this page, so everyone please help it grow and share it with your friends.

LMS..Comment a " D " , Whoever likes ur D Thinks ur cute & sexy asf Go Add em

If you wanna know whats up with this page its pretty simple, if your single or taken put it as a comment and if your single who ever likes your comment you must add them.

So place your relationship status and add away.

Put single or taken, who ever is single, if someone likes your comment then you must add them. Tell your friends to like this page as well. Thanks

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