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    To be there for my Children no Matter what, to teach them Empathy, respect & treat others the way you would like to be treated, but do not let anyone mistake that for weakness, be a leader not a follower. Unless your in a learning mode from a multi achiever, to learn. and Most of all to be strong, Believe in our Jesus Christ and always be able to trust and be trusted. Be able to read your fellow friend, college, and always Love your Mommy. She would never ever steer you wrong or hurt you. unless it;s your butt because you didn't do the above. God Bless my Beautiful Baby's Love Mommy
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  • So Happy Now for the first time in a very very long time. Rick Wentz is my very very very best Friend. He is a great Man that thinks of others, very unselfish, Has dignity and respect for others. Is great with my son Jaice, he is a great Roll Model and goes by the rules when teaching my little man to be a MAN, respect others. Jaice Loves Rick, loves working with him. And Rick is teaching Jaice about Gardening, Rick have a vegetable Garden that beats Martha Stewart. He has integrity, and is so good to me. Jaice and I are very blessed to Live in this wonderful home in Lehighton, PA, He is a best Friend that I've asked God for my hole life. To except me for me, to love my children and Boy God is GOOD. I have been through so so much since I've moved to PA and Rick has been there for Jaice and I, Just because he is a great man. And boy can that Man cook. yummmmy home made cooking, again we are so blessed, a little over weight but I'm happy. Thank you Jesus for all your wonderful blessings. He has a wonderful Daughter Ashley & Her Little boy Connor that I'm just falling in love with he is a doll..... We all get along very well, he has a great family, sisters and a 90 yr old Mother that is just cute as a bug and sharp as a tack. Again I'm very blessed that Jaice and I have been excepted in there family. Great People.
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