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Today statement of Emirates President Tim Clark "A planned order for either the Boeing 787 or Airbus A350 is off the table for now...” is fully aligned with the current ongoing studies around any tie-up with 'small sister' Fly Dubai. Recently he was also clear related to any additional A380 : “I know that Airbus would like us to do something; at the moment, we are not at that state of readiness. We need copper-bottomed undertakings that they would do everything they need to do to keep the A380 program going. We don’t want to be left with aircraft that have no value...”

Des verites qu'il fait bon lire... Excellent Marc Rochet.

Alors que les Assises du transport aérien viennent de commencer, Marc Rochet, président de la compagnie French Bee (ex-French Blue) a estimé lundi sur franceinfo que les opérateurs français "n'arrivent pas à faire prendre la mayonnaise car les concurrents vont trop vite".

Leonard Favre was on Dubai TV about the future growth of Arab airlines, in particular Emirates and the threat of Turkish Airlines الخطوط الجوية التركية bouncing back to growth...

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