One God - One Day - One Africa is a unique opportunity to be involved in the worlds biggest ever Gospel Festival which is planned to reach the whole continent of Africa with one mega-event held simultaneously in every possible African nation. You can be part and make a huge difference by financially supporting, joining our Prayer Network or even sponsoring a Nation!

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The latest Tweets from One God One Day One Africa (@1GDAorg). Siegfried Tomazsewski - together with Evangelist Jennifer Wilde - reaching out to all ministries and churches for a massive Gospel campaign all over Africa. Florida, USA
Invitation from our C.E.D. to partner with One God – One Day –...
One God – One Day – One Africa Celebration
Evangelist Dana Morey from Reinhard Bonnke's Farewell Crusade.
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God doesn't treat us as we deserve but rather out of His own nature. When He speaks we will always be filled with life. He is always kind, always gracious, always loving. This is His nature. This is who He is. God is love. Love always wins. Love never fails.

God is so amazing; He chased after us and captured our hearts. He loved us. He pursued us. And we love Him because He loved us first. That’s the equation, He is the prime source of all love. And now, the more of His love ...we are able to receive, the more our capacity grows to love Him in return. As we receive His love, we have more to give back to Him and to share with the world. Do you see? It’s all about Jesus and His goodness and love. Love will change a person, a city, a nation and even a continent.

And here’s the thing about love. Love can’t be contained. It’s too powerful. Love is alive. Love is effervescent. It moves. It is living. It is always on a mission. Looking for a place to pour itself out. Do you see? This is how we change the world. We get so filled with love that it just fills us to beyond capacity and then starts overflowing and splashing on everything we come close to.

Now, we have the amazing opportunity to share God’s love with an entire continent at once. Wow! What will God do when every nation from Capetown to Cairo is simultaneously rained upon with the glory of the gospel, God’s perfect expression of His immeasurable love. Join us and find out!

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Partner with One God - One Day - One Africa. Jennifer Wilde from says now is the time to reach multimillions with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Jennifer Wilde, President of One God - One Day - One Africa, inviting you to partner with us.

As we are heading into the Christmas season, let's not forget our general calling and vision. Africa shall be saved - and we can not afford to "pause". In May 2...018 we want to have three evangelistic campaigns in 3 countries of Africa simultaneously. All in preparation for the big outreach of "One God - One Day - One Africa". Let's join in prayer and work together for this vision to be fulfilled. North Africa - as well as the rest of the continent will hear the Gospel. Pray with us and partner with us. Please sign up here to get more info.

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Reaching millions with one mega event Many years ago, Jennifer Wilde (Wilde4Jesus Ministries) received a call from God to do an outreach that would impact multitudes of people. Today we have started to turn it into action and YOU can be a part in it.

Above all we need prayer. Jennifer Wilde, the visionary and president of One God – One Day – One Africa, is calling you to join our intercessory team.

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Evangelist Dana Morey sent us a video from Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke - Official Page Farewell Crusade. Join us and help us to see millions saved all over Africa in May 2019. Ministries such as Christ for all Nations are already partnering with us.

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Watch the personal invitation of our C.E.D. Siegfried Tomazsewski to partner with One God – One Day – One Africa. Watch and then share the video using #1gda.

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Light in the dark - Licht im Dunkel - Lade alle deine Deutschen und/oder Farsi -Sprechenden Freunde ein. Höre wie du aus der Finsternis ins Licht kommen kannst.

Sun 1:00 PM UTC+01Jesus-Gemeinde DietzenbachDietzenbach, Germany

Thanks Isaie for sharing these images with us.

Isaie Baho added 7 new photos.

Hallo family and friends,thank you for praying.Gisenyi Miracle Festival was so good.may God bless Ev Jennifer , Rev Siegfried and all of you.
Glory to God.Amen.

See what God is doing at our first crusade.

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Siegfried Tomazsewski added 4 new photos.

Glory to God! First night of the 1GDA Gospel crusade in Gisenyi/Rwanda. His word has still power to save and to heal! Thank you Isaie Baho and Russell Abbot for... the preparation and leadership here in Africa. Evangelist Jennifer Wilde also arrived and interviewed the healing testimonies. She will be ministering at the crusade tonight! Healing was flowing like a mighty river from the mountain. Tumors disappeared, eyes where opened and a paralyzed woman, sitting at the very end of the field was healed and came to testify. What a mighty God we serve. (Photos by Inge Tomazsewski)

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Just imagine – hundreds of millions of people hearing the Gospel during multiple outreaches and crusades in every nation of Africa simultaneously. Will you be part of it? Like and share this page and invite your friends to join us too.

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Pour nos amis de langue française!
Communiqué de presse
« Un Dieu – Un Jour – Une Afrique » Un programme destiné à toucher L'Afrique entière

 Un programme destiné à transmettre massivement l’Évangile conformément à la vision de l'évangéliste Mme Jennifer Wilde : « Un Dieu – Un Jour – Une Afrique - 1DJA »


Corona Del Mar, le 12 septembre 2017 : l'évangéliste et auteure renommée, Mme Jennifer Wilde et le Pasteur et ex-Directeur européen de « Christ for all Nations », Mr. Siegfried Tomazsewski (Président de Calling Ministry) appellent les ministères et Églises à rejoindre activement une campagne massive d'évangélisation ayant pour but la diffusion de l’Évangile au travers de tout le continent africain. Leur dessein est de se joindre aux Églises et aux ministères afin de le répandre dans l'Afrique entière au travers de méga événements, et d'accomplir ainsi la vision de « Un Dieu - Un Jour -Une Afrique (1DJA)».
Dieu a récemment dit à Mme Jennifer Wilde que «l'heure est venue de passer à l'action » afin d'accomplir la vision 1DJA. Cela fait 37 ans qu'elle a eu cette vision : atteindre des multitudes de personnes par des campagnes d'évangélisation. L'idée d'un ministère « Un Dieu - Un Jour – Une Afrique (1DJA) » est donc née du désir d'accomplir la volonté de Dieu. Mr. Siegfried Tomazsewski est la tête de pont de l'opération et a travaillé plus de 18 ans aux côtés de l'évangéliste Mr. Reinhard Bonnke.
Mr. Russell Abbot apporte également son appui à Mme Jennifer Wilde, en tant que Directeur Africain basé au Rwanda. Il a acquis des années d'expérience dans l'organisation de campagnes d'évangélisation en Afrique, ainsi que de croisades massives. Des ministères tels que Christ for all Nations, Iris Global, King Ministries et Global Outreach Day sont déjà partenaires de 1DJA pour accomplir ce travail en Afrique, au mois de mai 2019. Les chrétiens, les ministères et les Églises sont appelés à se joindre en tant que combattants dans la prière, hôtes, supporters et partenaires.
Le Dr. Heidi Baker, CEO de Iris Global affirme : « Jennifer Wilde est une femme passionnée, intègre et visionnaire. Si son nom « Wilde », en Anglais signifie « sauvage », il peut aussi se traduire par « fougueuse ». Et c'est ce qu'elle est pour Dieu : prête à tout pour que Son règne vienne sur la terre comme au Cieux. Un Dieu – Un Jour – Une Afrique est un événement unificateur, mobilisateur et porteur de fruits. ».
La première phase de sensibilisation à 1DJA commencera en mai 2018, simultanément dans 3 pays d'Afrique.
Pour plus de détails, inscrivez vous sur ; vous pouvez aussi visiter la page Facebook : .

Pour plus de renseignements veuillez contacter :
(ST) Rev. Siegfried Tomazsewski, C.E.D.
One God – One Day – One Africa, Inc.
Contact Number: (ST) +1 321 682 5196

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Please share - Press Release
“One God – One Day – One Africa” - All African Outreach Program

 Mass gospel outreach program to be accomplished as visioned by evangelist Ms. Jennifer Wilde’s vision of “One God – One Day – One Africa 1GDA.”


Corona Del Mar, Sept 12, 2017: Renowned evangelist and author, Ms. Jennifer Wilde along with former Christ for all Nations European Director and Pastor, Mr. Siegfried Tomazsewski (President of Calling Ministry) are calling out ministries and churches to come and participate in a mass gospel campaign for an evangelistic outreach all over the continent of Africa. Their aim is to join with the churches and ministries and reach out to all across Africa through mega events, to accomplish the vision “One God – One Day – One Africa (1GDA).”
Ms. Jennifer Wilde has recently heard from God that “Now is the time to act on” to achieve the vision of 1GDA. It was 37 years ago that she envisioned about reaching the multitudes through the gospel campaigns. Hence the idea of “One God – One Day – One Africa (1GDA)” was born as a ministry to fulfill God's desire. Mr. Siegfried Tomazsewski is spearheading the operation and has worked over 18 years alongside evangelist Mr. Reinhard Bonnke.
Also extending a support to Ms. Jennifer Wilde is Mr. Russell Abbot, African director based in Rwanda who has been organizing gospel campaigns in Africa since many years of mass-crusades. Ministries like Christ for All Nations, Iris Global, King Ministries and Global Outreach Day have already partnered with 1GDA to accomplish this task in Africa in May 2019. Christians, ministries and churches are called to join as prayer warriors, hosts, supporters and partners.
Dr. Heidi Baker, CEO of Iris Global, said, "Jennifer Wilde is a woman of passion, integrity, and vision. Even as her name, she is wild for God and will do anything to see his kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven. One God – One Day – One Africa is an evangelistic event focused on unity, mobilization, and lasting fruit."
The first stage outreach of 1GDA will start in May 2018 in 3 African countries simultaneously. For more details, join by signing up on You could also visit and like the Facebook Page .

For Further information please contact:
(ST) Rev. Siegfried Tomazsewski, C.E.D.
One God – One Day – One Africa, Inc.
Contact Number: (ST) +1 321 682 5196

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God called us to do a mega outreach across Africa in 2019. With the help of churches and ministries from all over the world, we are going to support local African churches and ministries preach the gospel all over Africa, simultaneously. Join us now on our website.