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Taka Rowe Tanner
· August 20, 2017
Ok where do I begin.........only one of the bouncers at the door was nice and new what providing good service was all about. The rest were rude and acted as if ...they were doing you a favor by letting you in as if there aren't many other clubs you could attend in Vegas. The place was too packed to even move. Dance floor was small and packed. You can't get a seat unless you spend $1200 on bottle service. The drinks were way over priced. $20 for Titos and Club Soda. To top it off!!!! can't get a regular cup of tap water. My husband ordered us a couple of shots and we were given water as a chaser, no problem there but when I later asked for a cup of water, I was told I have to buy the $11 Figi water. The bartender stated she wasn't allowed to give me just a regular cup of water. I made her repeat it because I couldn't believe what she said and she said it again. Now this club owner would rather you throw up from dehydration than give you tap water. I made the best of the night because it was my husbands birthday but I hate that I spent my night here. Go to Tao nightclub. The music is good and you can have all the water you want. See More
Paw Paw Laflare
· September 1, 2017
Club is racist against people of color, but still want our people to perform there lol. My friends and I was there mayweather fight Weekend and purchase a booth... space. Took 45mins to get in, security extra rude and aggressive. So we're in the booth next thing u know security is telling us to leave for nothing. Come to find out they smelled marijuana and assumed it was us instead of the white people next to us. We're asking what's going on and security tell us to get are black asses out there, they don't want our kind anyway. Smh. Worse club ever, also music was trash. Save your money Black People and go elsewhere. Ended night at club chateau �. � Oak1 not all Black people smoke Fags. I will be reaching out to my Casino Host also. Read the Reviews a lot of racist shit go on there. See More
Tekkita Parks
· September 24, 2017
Nice club, great security, but if you don't have VIP you'll have to stand all night and being that I'm from Georgia I wasn't use to that...oh I was also on a gu...est list(so was hundreds of others) and was told to be at the club by 9:30 and I ended up standing in line for almost 2 hours because the club wasn't officially open...I was upset about that but I was there helping my sisters celebrate there birthday so I stayed... So besides the long wait in line, and it wasn't any available seating, the club itself is great See More
Camille Mahlknecht
· July 1, 2017
Hey Vegas-goers! Not usually one for a PSA but encountered a situation I felt needed to be shared. Last night we headed to One Oak. We were all having a great ...time until Security began to harass and scold women in our group for dancing as a couple. Basically if it's not a guy and a girl they don't want you in their establishment. Not only was I personally offended, but multiple women in my group left the club in tears simply because they were showing affection to their SO's. I don't think this is acceptable and hopefully neither do you. Discrimination sucks and awareness is key. So next time you're in Sin City cross One Oak off your list. See More
Paige Amanda
· July 16, 2017
The music was great just no place to sit literally can't move because they let in a lot of people it can be overwhelming to the point where you are inches away... from someone right in your face it was bad dance floor was packed no air the performance took all night to even happen I left beforeYG could come out just tacky I don't recommend this place unless you wanna have to play painful feet for ladies and cramped room for guys and girls it's bad See More
Waneki Fawaz
· September 12, 2017
The DJ was so lit, everyone was dressed very nicely, bathroom was very clean, and the drinks actually had a nice amount of alcohol. It was crowded but thanks to... getting invited into VIP I had enough room to dance and have a good time. I got in free with only standing in line for 5-10 minutes so no complaint's here. See More
Catherine Waalkes
· May 29, 2017
Bartenders were friendly but the guy tending our bottle service table was incredibly rude. They definitely let WAY too many people in the club - I know it's but 1oak is a pretty small space. Taking a trip to the bathroom was an absolute nightmare - tried to get back to our table and the security guy tells us to go around. We go around to another security guy and he tells us to go around. No See More
Stephany Rodriguez
· May 1, 2017
Overrated, over priced and way too crowded! In understand its Vegas and if it wasn't my friends birthday I would've never gone. $32 to get in like ok a but pric...ey but we in Vegas! As soon as wr walked in though it was like that's it? It was super small! I ordered 2 shots of henny and it was $40. We couldnt even dance we were packed in like sardines. The dj was ok I feel like he only played like 30 secs of every song. I will never go back or recomend it to anyone. See More
Danyelle Atkins
· May 23, 2017
I booked my bachelorette party at this club. The night of the event I went to the club to find out they could not find my reservation. No one at the club wanted... to help resolve my problem. Everyone was so rude. I had read many of the bad reviews on Yelp but want to give Bryan a chance. He seemed nice over the phone. When I got there everyone was cold and could care less that my bachelorette part was ruined. I truly believe in Karma and understand some people are heartless. Please learn from my mistake go else where for your special event it is not worth it. See More
Taran Hundal
· August 29, 2017
Overrated, over priced and way too crowded! we spent little over 5K last week. it was one of my best friend s bday party. Staff was hella rude except for bartenders.i dont think i will ever go back to this club.i will never ever recommend anyone.
Jade Shaw
· August 1, 2017
All and all I had a good night HOWEVER when I enquired about a booth I was snubbed off and wasn't taken seriously until I pulled out my credit card. And the one... night i was there the photographers decided not to upload any photos from that night (06.10.17) the only night where photos were not uploaded. I'm not from America and probably won't ever be back in Vegas so that pissed me off a lot!! See More
Nicholas Gacomi
· June 18, 2017
Waited hours and hours for mobb deep only to find out hours later that they cancelled. Found out from the toilet assistant. No-one else had the courtesy to make the announcement. Paid good money to see them. Very very very unprofessional. Not respectful of paying clientele at all.
Mimi Shannel Raheem
· August 14, 2017
Very upset went to see Tory Lanez 08/12/17 and the artist was a no show sad because it was my birthday weekend and I was really looking forward to seeing him. ...There was no where to sit my feet hurted all night it was really packed my husband and I paid good money for nothing. If you dont have 500 or more for a table with bottle service I suggest you not to go mind you all drinks are 20 dollars and up. They should have tables for regular paying customers. And affordable drinks other then that I had a OK TIME. See More
Elyse Christine
· July 8, 2017
We were told we couldn't go in because of my fiancee's Jordan's. No Jordan policy? Not no gym shoes, which would make sense, but specifically Jordan's. Seems a way to weed out black men. Very disappointing. I will be spreading the word about this, believe me. And it is his 40th birthday! See More
D'Vere J. Thompson
· April 3, 2017
The music was good, it was too crowded to dance on the dance floor yet there was very limited space for you to stand outside the dance floor.
Drink prices are ...ridiculous. I was charged $37 for 2 drinks in a short glass. When i read the receipt later it was really $36 and change but i never got my change. Is that legal? See More
Rodriguez Mario
· August 4, 2017
For the hotel is it in ... I have seen better ... too small, too crowded, they never put a wait at the door and the place was packed ... for what vegas is know for there are better places than this one
Luis Gonzalez
· May 12, 2017
Table service was well worth it.
The staff was great and very attentive.
But the music....that's what makes me come back...shout out to the dj.
Julie Stewart
· June 8, 2017
It's soooo small !!! No room on the dance floor ! There was spilt drinks & glass all over the floor. I expected better, to be honest !!!
Lilian Aguilar
· October 15, 2017
If you want to have a great time.. go VIP.. best place.. nice people.. I love it � thanks 1 OAK we had a super fun night
Antiwan Walker
· April 14, 2017
Overrated. Too crowded. The dance floor was too small. The music was dated. If you don't ask for well drinks, you automatically get the top shelf. Best thing: the security. They did not play.
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