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Francesco Lamarca
· October 7, 2017
Thank you to all involved in the making and updating of this page, very nice chance to follow in real time what was going on for those who couldn't attend. Super!
Marybeth Cline
· October 4, 2017
Thank you so much for posting the photos and the marked catalogs!! Great coverage!
Ralph helps us test FB Live!
Beautiful jewelry raffle to benefit the BHCA Foundation and the dogs its serves! Don't miss your chance to buy the WINNING ticket!
Veteran dogs hanging out in the line up....

If you enjoyed 2017 Nationals - hold the dates for 2018 and 2019!

2018: September 28 - October 6
Holiday Inn Conference Center
Crystal Lake, IL


2019: September 28 - October 5
Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center
Denver, CO

Hope to see you there!

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A couple of people have asked about when they will receive ribbons that were not available at the performance events and some of the conformation events at Nationals. The trophy chair ordered the ribbons within about 3 days of getting home. The ribbon company stated they were backed up about 2-3 weeks, so he is expecting the ribbons to arrive to him shortly and he will ship out to folks right away. Thank you for your patience, and again, our apologies for not having the ribbons available on the days of your placements. Congratulations on your achievements at Nationals!


Just finishing up a few more awards that I needed to research. One Basset achieved a Conformation Certificate, which is used to allow a dog that will not be shown in conformation to earn a Versatility title. That Basset was Classic Barnyard Shake It Off, owned and handled by Debbie Hatt.

Event results for all venues except Conformation Certificate and CGC/CGCA are now posted on the National's website on each event's page. Just go to the event page, scroll down past the event info, and you'll find the results. A complete file is also available on the National's homepage.

I will post Conformation Certificate and CGC/CGCA info as soon as I receive it.

RESULTS of ALL EVENTS ! are now being posted on our Facebook page as they are made available by event chairs and in conformation, as they occur. For Conformation, Obedience/Rally, and Tracking, these...

Thank you, Maria Bivens, for these beautiful pictures of the BHCA Nationals Field Trial! Maria asked that they be shared here, and I'm just thrilled to be able to do that! If you recognize dogs/people that aren't identified, please comment with their names. Enjoy!!

Maria Bivens added 69 new photos to the album: BHCAFT2017.

Some ❤️for the Basset Hound Club of America Field Trial! Please add names of dogs in the individual pictures & tag. Denise Rushworth Belinda Lanphear Marianne V...ader Lovejoy Sara Watson Jan Allison Linda Cain Lisa Steele Miriam Tefts Patti Palmer Malisa Martinez Terri Ralenkotter 2017 BHCA National Specialty Basset Hound Club of America

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Debbie Moore pointed out to me that results for Veteran Sweeps were not posted to the Nationals' webpage. Lots going on, so I appreciate sharp eyes! I have updated the webpage to include veteran sweeps, and here they are for easy access:

7-9 Y DOGS
1-GCHTrumbull's Del Rio...
2-GCH BoBac Boss's Grand Canyon
3-GCHS Daddy Douglas V Grunsven
4-GCH Corkery's I Am The Captain
9 and over dogs
1-GCHB Corkery's Major Willis
2-GCH Rumbridge Saranade To The Sea
3-GCH Foxglen Adml A J Chegwidden
7-9 yr Bitches
1-CH Me-Don's Gambling Rose
(sorry rest of this class's placements tomorrow)
9 and over bitches
1-Laurelwood's A Novel Noreaster
2-CH Barnyard St Lo Make It So
3-CH St Lo Barnyard Sunrise Sally RN
Best Veteran In Sweeps
GCH Trumbull's Del Rio
Best Opposite to Best Veteran
CH Me-Don's Gambling Rose

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The photographer has just informed me that the albums from Nationals are all up. Here's the instructions for finding your photos:

Go to the following website:...
***when you run a search for this website, please make sure to click on the correct page to get to this site....

Once on the site:
* scroll down past the frequently asked questions to the button,
"official Win Photos"
* click on that and it will take you to the shootproof site.
* once there, simply navigate to the Basset national gallery, and click on the album you are looking for.... you may have to scroll through more than one album to find your photo.

Everything David took during the week is up on line now.

Any questions, email the photographer at the following address:

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Every photo that goes online is viewed, color corrected, and cropped at 300 DPI. This process takes time to ensure your photo looks the best it can. Depending on the show entry and days involved it can take between 2 - 5 days before they are available for viewing. If you visit the gallery and it...


And here they are - thanks for your patience!

High In Trial in Trial #1 was Nutella, owned by Jill Roberts...
High in Trial in Trial #2 was Hurley, owned by Neda Staviski-Brown.


Std Nov P 8 inch
Q w/score 100, time 71.57 - Tink (DC Bluefence Dancing Bear, Owners: Jan Allison & Harley Swedyk; Handler: Sara Watson)

Std Open P 8 inch
Q w/score 90, time 80.98 - Navy (CH Kaskade Dress Blues at Air Command, TD, BN, RE, CA, NAP, NJP, CGC, TKN, Owner/Handler: Teresa Ralenkotter)

Std Nov P 8 in
Q w/score of 90, time 87.75 - Leila (Soundtrack Almost Paradise, Owner/Handler: Miriam Tefts)

Std Nov P 8 in
Q w/score 95, time 47.77 - Hurley (Hurley, Owner/Handler: Neda Staviski-Brown)

Std Open P 8 in
Q w/score 90, time 58.56 - Nutella (Stitch's Ohana, Owner/Handler: Jill Roberts)

Time to Beat

T2B Pref - 8 in
Q - 58.00 - Hurley (Hurley, Owner/Handler: Neda Staviski-Brown)
Q - 34.95 - Nutella (Stitch's Ohana, Owner/Handler: Jill Roberts)


FAST Nov P - 8 in
Q w/score 64, time 29.63 - Hurley (Hurley, Owner/Handler: Neda Staviski-Brown)
Q w/score 64, time 37.88 - Gilda (Olde Fashion Prime Time Player RE, NAP, NJP, BN, TD, Owner/Handler: Janis McKoski)

FAST Nov P - 12 in
Q w/score 58, time 36.62 - Rumble (Are You Ready to Rumble, Owner/Handler: Neda Staviski-Brown)

FAST Open P - 8 in
Q w/score 65, time 36.35 - Xena (Soundtrack Warrior Princess, NFP, RN, TKA, Owner/Handler: Cheryl Cieslinski)


JWW Novice P 8 in
Q w/score 100, time 28.27 - Hurley (Hurley, Owner/Handler: Neda Staviski-Brown)
Q w/score 95, time 59.36 - Olympia (GCH DC Bluefence Thrill of Victory, CGC, HH, TKN, Owners: Sara Watson, Jan Allison & Savannah Aitken; Handler: Sara Watson)

JWW MAS P 8 in
Q w/score 100, time 41.30 - Nutella (Stitch's Ohana, Owner/Handler: Jill Roberts)
Q w/score 100, time 52.00 - Darcy (DC Crossroads Darcy Luckyshot Remington, Owners: Vicki LePenske, Desiree Johnston & Karen & Phil Spillane, Handler: Vicki LePenske)

JWW Novice P - 8 in
Q w/score 85, time 65.85 - Gabby (GCHB 3 Oaks Silver Bell Bombshell, CGC, RATO, CAA, NAP, TKN, Owners: Susan Fink, Tony Fink & Vicki Shepherd, Handler: Susan Fink)
Q w/score 100, time 29.81 - Hurley (Hurley, Owner/Handler: Neda Staviski-Brown)

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So Nationals is wrapped up - although there are a few questions I will answer as info becomes available - especially - contact to review photos by show photographer and agility results...

In the meantime, I am interested in any feedback about what worked best for you, and what you would have liked to have seen more or differently in our website and social media presence. I will pass on these notes to the 2018 and 2019 website/social media folks...


Update on agility results...i spoke to the Agility Chair, Anne Testoni, this evening. She will ask the trial secretary for a PDF of the results, which usually just go straight to AKC. When I get that, I will post it...but probably won't receive until sometime next week or so. Thanks for your patience!

These are the catalog pages featuring photos and bios of the Top Twenty-Five exhibits, for those who asked...

Judges for 2018 Nationals

Image may contain: text

Board and delegate election results

No automatic alt text available.

Top 25 Results - By U Cal's Monkey on the Bayou takes it all home!

Image may contain: text

BOB: GCHP By U Cal's Monkey on the Bayou
BOW: Silverado Space Cowboy
BOS: GCHG Blossomhil's Topsfield Sanchu ALittle Princess
SD: Br Lake Park Sullivan
SB: GCH Birnam's Irish Dream O'Shea...
AOM: GCHS Topsfield-Sanchu Poppycock
AOM: GCH Classic Barnyard Bentley By Design
AOM: DC Vision Raspberry Cream of Cloverhill
AOM: GCHB Classic Barnyard JuJu
AOM: GCHG Barnyard Classic Penelope
NOHS : GCH Birnam's Irish Dream O'Shea

And that's a wrap for the week!

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I'm so sorry! It got crazy with awards and clearing the room - here are the final awards!!

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