Recently returned from conducting a helicopter inspection on behalf of one of our American clients. Refreshing to be inside an S76 again. To prove the point, some ladies, as is the case with this helicopter, do age beautifully. 😉

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22 South is pleased to announce that we recently become corporate friends of the Netherlands-based non-profit foundation, AviAssist who promotes professionalism in African aviation and champions aviation safety. Therefore, a very good cause for us to join as Tom and his team plays a significant role in developing aviation in Africa. We have been involved with AviAssist since last year when two of our advisors were invited to speak at the Safety in African Aviation Conference held in Livingston, Zambia. We hope to be involved again at next years’ conference scheduled for Kigali, Rwanda. Keep up the good work guys!

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All 22 South employees, subcontractors and friends, we are extremely proud to introduce our newest member, a ‘little’ one with a bit of a temper. She is exceptionally qualified. As a pilot, she can reach heights we are not capable of, well at least not our ground hugging helicopter guys. She is extremely graceful in flight and will outshine any known glider pilot. She loves nature, so I doubt that we will see much of her in the office.

Sadly, her family is facing extinction,... and we became aware of her plight through monitoring the bird activities reported by a group of our pilots; subsequently she was adopted by 22 South and named Mort-Ma’a. All employees will show Mort-Ma’a the utmost respect, just consider her to be the BOSS.

Thank you VulPro ( for your tremendous world-renowned efforts in the rehabilitation and conservation of these magnificent birds. It was refreshing to talk to you and understand more. I know we can all give a bit more, therefore an invite to all our friends, how about contacting the Centre for a visit or a chat? Individual membership to this absolute great cause is possible at a mere R150 annually.

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This post is dedicated to our employee, Martin.

We considered our latest third party RPAS audit as very special as Martin did his qualification audit during this visit and was signed out as a Company RPAS Lead Auditor. He successfully completed the 22 South internal training program and distinguished himself in this discipline.

Well done and congratulations Martin! ...
Keep championing safety and continue to be fair in your adjudications. We thank you for this and wish you the very best with all your Auditing activities! The 22 South Team.

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Again, we can celebrate as one of our clients recently received their Ghana Drone Operating License or in Aviation language RPAS Operating Certificate. Good experience for us as a company as no two sets of drone regulations in any country are the same. Good dedication and research and what a splendid reward to get this certificate in record time. Well done Rob, you did a great job in working with the Ghana authorities. Where to next…?

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Always great to discuss the topic of Safety Culture and how it applies in an Aviation Environment. We had that opportunity last week with a team from Anglo Platinum. What made the interaction more interesting is the various levels of representation where low, middle and top-level management shared ideas. Great teamwork and the passion as well as understanding were evident. 22 South looks forward to the journey ahead with this esteemed client!

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This week it is with extreme sadness that we learned of the passing of Chelene Koekemoer. What a pure, unselfish and beautiful soul and how sudden has her passing been. Louis, one of our oldest and best friends, you brought us all together, I still remember the nights sitting on the helipad staring up at the sky, wondering what will happen next and your wisdom helped us through some difficult decisions. It is our turn now. We are there for you, old friend.

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Great job Elana for sorting out an Air Service License issue in less than two weeks where the client struggled to do so in over 10 months!! We are very proud of you and having your excellent capabilities added to our team! It seems if you have challenges with your Air Service License there’s only one place to go…Elana below, after sorting out this "little" issue.

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Another day for 22 South and another audit. However, great to see this team performing to ensure compliance and conformance to often very difficult requirements. Great to see and experience the hard work and subtle inputs to advance safety within this industry. Understanding and accepting the legal route and the effort operators must put in to meet these standards are not easy, especially with potential clients holding the carrot and not really caring whether you are legal or not. Sad but true. Therefore, well done Darkwing Aerials and keep it up!

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Mr. Fuls, welcome to a very small team of legal drone commercial operators in SA. Your dedication without doubt assisted in this achievement. We are so proud of you and in addition to call you our friend! Keep safety first and foremost as you have done throughout the whole process and you will become a force to be reckoned with. Congrats to Compact Aerial Services (

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July 28

Sometimes being an MD of a Company can be really frustrating. You send out two Advisors, for a seemingly innocent preparatory drone (ROC) audit as the Client required thorough preparation before their upcoming regulatory audit from the SACAA. The MD requested a couple of photos for two reasons:

a. As evidence the work was done (very important); and
b. To post on social media thereby keeping all our friends, Clients and colleagues updated.


The photos below reflect the reason for the frustration. One Advisor seems to be doing a brilliant job while the other…in Middelburg (Bear Country)??!!

Subsequently, the ‘other’ was let go from 22 South Aviation. I believe you all will agree. We were very regretful to see Mr Martin Roberts leaving the employment of 22 South Aviation.
However, the apparent diligent employee of 22 South (in photo below) decided to immediately start his own company and rehired Mr. Roberts, offering him a better salary! Really!!

Now what can I say except welcome to 22 South Unmanned!! We are so proud to introduce the sister of 22 South Aviation and with Rob and Martin running the show, what can go wrong…

Gents, the competition is ON between 22 South Aviation and 22 South Unmanned!

Elana / Werner, we need your help and support in 22 South Aviation!

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22 South would like to express our appreciation to one of our aviation friends. We had the opportunity to spend some time with one of the great oil and gas rotor-wing experienced engineers in this industry, having worked with him for a very long time. Thanks Warren for a lovely visit!

As expected, the conversation quickly turned to our favourite topic: Aviation and associated challenges. Initially, I could see my business partner struggling to grasp the fundamentals of maintaining a Sikorsky 76 resulting in a lot of confusion. No big problem, right? Within 5 minutes, Warren assisted in attaching blades, doing tracking and balancing as well as a thorough wash of our very own S76. Although, Warren, you did need a wee bit of help with some of the more difficult aspects…

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July 19

So, let us tell you the story of Scarlett. About 7 months ago Scarlett was introduced to us by one of our clients and obviously, yes, we had to find a position for her. Believing that women should be promoted in the field of aviation, especially as aviators, she subsequently was appointed as co-pilot. We ensured that she was included in the Base Operating Handbook. (For those sad souls deprived from having knowledge in aviation, it is a procedural manual we generate for our c...lients with various bases of operations but specific and unique to each one. Basically, who is who and how to do what, including management of toilet paper…) But let’s continue, although doing very well and coping with the cyclic and collective, we did notice that she struggled reaching the pedals. As such she was moved to the Operations Office and wonderful to see how she excelled. She was introduced today to the satellite tracking system. We wish all of you could see that little finger following the track of the aircraft and the alarm she subsequently raised when it stopped. Absolutely brilliant. Well done to our youngest flight follower yet!

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From all of us at 22 South, we wish Martin a very happy birthday and a stunning year! It seems he is starting the year in style. You better be sharing Martin, else…
Cheers from the 22 South Team! 🤗

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July 1
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Another week in the life of 22 South. We were invited to assist one of our clients in a Mozambique CAA audit. Off to the beautiful Vilanculos. Hard work but magnificent views from the hotel. Some of the photos below demonstrate fun and work, including dining with the regulator (IACM). Well done to Archipelago Charters for successfully passing this process!

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