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Debbie Cockrell
· August 26, 2017
Overall, it's a decent gym with a good selection of equipment . The staff so far has been super friendly and helpful . The only thing I was absolutely disgusted by was the condition of the steam room.... I wouldn't sit down in there if you paid me. It's moldy and patrons had left behind their trash of water bottles and paper towels. Don't be lazy and clean up after yourselves people. Your mother doesn't work there. See More
Ramona Carter
· February 26, 2017
I have being a member of 24 Hour Fitness for the past 17 years. I have taken various different classes and was there when round 1 launched for turbo kick boxing. Yesterday I took a Zumba class at 9.30... after a very long time and loved it. The instructor was great, and I really felt like I got a work out. I love to dance and there is nothing better than doing what you love abd getting a work out at the same time. The class was packed and yet evryone got what they came for. I will deffinitely be back next Saturday. Thank you 24 Hour Fitness!! See More
Cindi Powalski
· October 28, 2016
I have been a team member of 24 (originally Family Fitness) since it's inception in 1976 in Lynwood Washington. It has given me a place to seek physical fitness and social friendships. We started with... Pickleball and racquetball and have morphed into a place where various forms of fitness can be had. Individual fitness trainers have many more options for helping members achieve their goals now and the X classes are ever evolving. Foothill Ranch has produced some of the best instructors I've seen..Kerry, Marcey, Dex and Bobbe being some of them! See More
Annette Arceneaux
· January 30, 2018
Love the UJam class and teacher on Monday and Thursday at 9:35
Jim Sewell
· October 15, 2017
Good place with a lot of up tp date equipment and helpful staff.
Desiree Eidlhuber
· December 23, 2016
What can I's "my gym". I say this with pride, love, and a bit of ownership. When it's "my gym" I look forward to being greeted as I walk in, I say "hello" to the dozen or so friends that I ru...n into, I find my favorite bike as I clean it and set it up for the class that I'm excited to take. I hold the door and smile at other friendly faces. I rerack the weights and wipe off my equipment to keep "my gym" as clean or cleaner than I found it. I look forward to going to "my gym". I've been to "the gym" in the past and it was lacking in one way or another. "My gym" could be cleaned better, they could enforce the towel rule better, but there are so many great instructors (Bobbe, Sandra, Jennifer K.) that care about their classes and those that make up their classes that I can look past "my gyms" imperfections and embrace the fact that when I go to "my gym" I feel happy, strong, surrounded by positivity, and thrilled to be healthy enough to work hard each and every time I walk through that door. See More
Christy Blair
· January 13, 2017
Foothill Ranch is THE BEST. Why? Nice place. It's clean. But the clincher is THE STAFF. From the Kid's Club, Front Desk, Mgmt, Trainers...highest praise to the GRX Instructors. Madison - Zumba, Robert... - Master Trainer/ Treat While You Train, Kelly - Trainer (always positive, encouraging), Bobbe - Anything she puts her skill to, Kerry - Body Combat/ Body Pump/ U-JAM Fitness & many others she jumps to help, when asked. Never been upstairs, haven't needed a treadmill or any machine. In closing, FR24 is ma JAM 5 days a week, to get right. Thank you, FH24. See More
Clistenes Nava
· April 25, 2017
If you are planning on doing a full work out do not come here. It's way too crowded on the weekdays, despite of the size of the venue it's not big enough for its clientele.
It never fails, all 24 hr f...itness locations neglect their restrooms and it seems like they're all always out of toilet paper.
This location will not take your $100 dollar bills, FYI.
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Donna Iliescu
· April 3, 2017
Good location for the Lake Forest/Foothill Ranch area. Women's locker room much cleaner than Bella Terra in HB. Good layout of equipment on both floors, most machines are updated. Congrats to the staf...f of this gym, well done! See More
Wes North
· December 19, 2013
Close to home which is probably why I give you 3 stars. You have got to fix your equipment. Falling flat on my face because your treadmills are old and decrepit is a sure fire way to lose members. Als...o your sign outside, can you get facilities to fix that? It shows a horrible sense of pride.

Maybe I should switch to LA Fitness.
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Evelyn Wallach
· January 19, 2017
I really enjoy coming to this gym-I had been going to ladera for 12 years but I live so close and finally during summer I started coming and I love it. I love the fact that there is someone always cle...aning the gym. And God knows we need a clean gym� would love a bigger area downstairs to workout but I use the basketball � area to do that � See More
Patrick Taylor
· March 19, 2017
I am completely turned off that the club lets animals on leashes out on the workout floor. Very unprofessional setting and no help from the staff. Other members I talked to felt similar. Change this policy!
Jason T. Tran
· December 3, 2016
A place to truly gather and find yourself, if that make any sense. In with the old and out with the new you.
Tom Page
· December 23, 2016
I have gained weight (fat) therefore this is a good place to stop that trend and become healthy.
Kimberly Rountree Johnson
· January 17, 2016
I've been a gym member for 20 years and this location is DESPERATE for a total remodel. With all the development in the area I don't know how this location expects to attract new members. The equi...pment is OK but it's long overdue for paint/flooring/decor update. See More
Benjamin Christy
· January 17, 2017
Can't complain. Large gym, large basketball court, plenty of exercise machines upstairs and downstairs, cycle room, pool, steam room and sauna, what more could you need? I'm satisfied!
Maryana S Massoud
· March 2, 2017
Laura was so great!! I she kicked my butt, but I felt like I wasn't lost. Fun and killer.
Nancy Shab-Warth
· March 1, 2017
I did Zumba and really like the fitness room and stereo!!
Christina Profancik
· October 31, 2016
Turn the air down!!! If I'm shivering still at end of my cardio there's a problem.
Jeff Lawson
· September 10, 2016
Great gym. Friendly staff and has all the equipment I need. You meet a lot of nice people here. Pretty clean facility as well.
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