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Zach Moisey
· November 14, 2017
This location used to be very nice but now its is disgusting. Very dirty gym with little to no cleaning effort. The bathrooms are very unsanitary as are the spas and pool area. Broken equipment that t...he staff fixes sometimes up to 2 weeks later. Will be canceling my membership very soon if this location does not change See More
Bethany Rose
· January 16, 2017
I had been to this location before and didn't experience a problem, but I tried going with my friends the other night (2 of us had a membership and 1 didn't). We were not even acknowledged when we wal...ked in and when we asked for a day pass for our friend, the girl up front (Alexis) told us it would be $20 to work out. We thought that was ridiculous, especially because there was a sign on the door that says "Bring a friend!". We decided to leave and called our other friend who works at 24. He told us that she should be able to get a 3 day pass for free, so he set up an online pass for her and we decided to go back to the gym to use it. We went straight to the computer and my friend started filling out her information, when we were approached by the Sales Manger, Ariel. His attitude towards us was very unwelcoming and cold. We told him that our friend had a guest pass and was just filling out the information. He then, very rudely, told us that it would still be $20 to work out. We all looked puzzled as to why he was refusing to let our friend, who in fact, WAS interested in a membership, work out that night. We were disgusted by the way we were all treated, especially my friend who is not a member. Clearly the sales department at this location needs to improve on their knowledge on policies and customer service skills and realize that you will not get more business by being unbelievably rude and smug. My friend had such a bad experience that night and told me she will not be joining 24 if that is the way she is going to be treated. I am completely mind boggled as to why this location shunned my friend, a potential customer. So disappointed. See More
Courtney Miwa
· February 3, 2017
I started about a month ago and love it! I began my fitness journey with running but outside of that knew nothing about fitness. I wanted more but didn't know how to get the results I was looking for.... I spoke with Lisa and she paired me up with Lisi. I'm so happy with where Lisi has gotten me in these last few weeks and am so excited for what's next! She's an excellent trainer and awesome motivator! Her knowledge on healthy eating and appropriate training level is incredible! She has inspired me to make life changes! So thankful! See More
Kristin Thielking
· January 3, 2017
This gym is in terrible condition. It is run down and frankly, very dirty. There are holes in the walls that have been there for over a year. I hear the reminder for staff to start their cleaning r...ounds and NEVER see anyone move to begin cleaning a thing. The floors in the Group X room are full of dust bunnies and hair. And, the equipment is in terrible shape. At any given time, there will be upwards of 5-7 pieces of equipment that are broken, and will stay that way for weeks at a time. At one point, there was a leak in the roof and a yellow bucket in the middle of the gym catching dripping water for over 3 weeks. I wouldn't recommend this gym to anyone. See More
Eric Keith
· December 23, 2016
Definitely my favorite 24 hour fitness in all of the Denver metro area, and I've been to all of them over the last 10 years that I've been a 24 hour member. Great staff, great updated equipment, and o...f course quite a sexy crowd. It gets a little busy from 4-7pm, but all gyms are busy during those hours. Will miss having this as my home gym now that I'm moving out to Lake Tahoe for a while. See More
Sarah Baker
· February 3, 2016
I like the gym but now that there is more traffic, I find it difficult to use the equipment. I was recently there this week and a lady was using a machine and between her sets was resting on the I touched her arm and asked if I could work in. She seemed bothered by me asking such a question and answered " I'm almost done." Three sets later I was able to use the machine. I wasn't going to saying anything to the employees but she felt the need to. I was approached by an employee who said a member told her "I made contact with another member". I explained my side of the story and the employee replied "you're fine". After that, I felt like I was being watched closely by the employees. I just wanted to leave....finished my workout but I won't be back to this gym for a while. See More
ValyDeima Cofaru
· August 21, 2016
Great place to visit but no great when you cannot use it because they are under staff

For the 4th week, they charge us for the kids club but we cannot use it , because they are short people....
They are so happy to charge my credit card but ...
Their excuses are: we're hiring soon somebody, some people called off for today
How about you don't charge me until you can provide me the service that you charged me?!?

Sat and Sun it is not SCHOOL.
Your members that are putting money in your business will bring their kids with them .
Do you think that you need to be prepared for more personal in the kids club?!?
For rhe 4th week we turn and walk out of the gym , because we cannot use the service that we're paying for.
Very disappointing !!!
Looking forward to hear from you , to see you resolution.
Thank you.
See More
Hsi Hsi Pine
· May 4, 2017
Honestly when I went I was getting glares from anyone who wanted to use the machine I was on. This old man didn't care I left my water bottle on a machine, came up and moved my stuff and started using... it. Don't think I'm gonna go back like ever again in my life lol everyone was so rude. See More
Joel Hillan
· May 9, 2017
Love this gym! Boko and Adam started me on a path to better fitness here and now I find new ways to challenge my body every day. Also, there is both a stream room and a sauna which are beautiful ways help with recovery. See More
Michael Gomez
· September 9, 2016
The equipment is nice, but the gym is VERY crowded. The child care staff are nice and seem to try to keep the area clean. Just like any other place some of the staff loaf and some do a good job. Good ...luck if you want to go after work! Get in line. See More
Brian Makowski
· May 14, 2017
BUYER BEWARE!!!!! Before you sign: Walk the gym. How many machines are broken? Are the lockerooms and restrooms clean? Really clean? Are the weights re-racked? Are the check in machines clean? the floors clean? Is the water the right temperature? Are there spiders in basketball court. Are the rims and nets safe? How often is the pool down? The spa? The wet and dry saunas? Is there mold in the showers? Is there water leaking from the roof in the courts or the gym itself? Are supplies checked out in a friendly manner? Are the mirrors clean? Do the water fountains work? Do the virtual systems work in the X Room and Spin Room? Does the printed X Schedule actually reflect was is offered and actually given to members? Are the bikes broken? Do they have good instructors for classes or do they assume you want virtual instructors? Are you allowed to use the sound system in X room when no one else is using it? Are the free weights and other equipment arranged appropriately? Do they constantly pressure you for more referrals? To use easy pay? To give passes to your friends and family? Did they tell you about the annual fee? Annual rate increases? Did they tell you they would return your phone call calls in a timely manner? Does corporate return your phone calls? Management is terrible. Call Melissa their OM will ALL of your concerns. You pay for the gym, you deserve the best. They work for you, you don't work for them. Peace! See More
Amber Marie
· January 17, 2018
Just went to Zumba the. Instructor was amazing absolutely love 24 hour fitness
Jay Cismaru
· February 25, 2016
The gym is busy in the employees try to do the least that they can I wish management would be more on top of cleanliness that's the worst part of it cleanliness I mean the fact that someone died and t...he steam room and no one knew about it the next day shows you a kind of cleanliness were getting See More
Shannon Boone
· November 7, 2016
I try to avoid Kipling. This gym is so crowded that I find myself waiting to use the weight equipment if I try to follow my pre-planned workout. You can improvise but don't ever expect to get a bench ...or get in the machines in the order you want. Good selection of cardio machines but it is still a hassle. See More
Ashley Korfhage
· June 14, 2014
As the new year is about to start and everyone is wanting to get healthy beware how busy this gym is! I have been coming to this gym for 5 years now and I've never have seen it this busy before. I in about 10:30 on a Wednesday people were waiting for cardio equipment to be free. The weight equipment was just as busy. If you want to workout on top of each other so close where you can't do much then this is your gym. Since 24 bought and then closed Bally's the gym is way over crowed. The staff and members aren't as friendly as they used to be. Good luck on your fitness goals!! See More
Rick Clappisi - Clapes
· August 21, 2017
This Club is badly in need of a remodel and some new equipment. 24-Hour Fitness needs to step up!
John Carrillo
· June 29, 2016
This gym has state of the art equipment, it's new up to date with the latest and the greatest!
- Clean facility, great ventilation, no smells and friendly employees. Overall very pleased with this 24... hours and highly recommend it! See More
Sarah Smith Dimino
· November 20, 2016
I love the group classes and both members and staff at this location are very friendly. The group x room is well maintained and a nice large space.
Matt Spinks
· March 1, 2017
By all means, if you feel like spending money in order to stand in line this is your gym. Plan on not working out at all and bring something to read.
T.J. Eichelberg
· April 27, 2016
Impossibly busy. Good luck getting your heart rate up or following any workout plan without waiting hours. They closed another 24 hour fitness and combined membership to this location. They keep doing... membership promotions with no intentions to expand. Can't wait to find an alternative See More
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