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RobertoJavier Lmft
· November 18, 2017
This place has its own charm. It feels like you are in NY. Staff is friendly and willing to help. It has two levels down from the ground. The swimming pool is great as well as the spa. The music can b...e loud but ok for most of the time. Sauna is good but steam room is too hot for my taste. Parking is a negative. Very difficult to find parking but gym seems full most of the time so there is parking somewhere. See More
AC Smith
· January 31, 2018
Old building but convenient from work. Wish there were more variety of classes like cardio KB and more time slots were available for early am classes. Staff are nice and helpful. Equipment is available for use not too over crowded. I totally prefer this gym in Pasadena then theLA Fitness where equipment is so out of date See More
Eli Johnson
· 16 hours ago
Machines are often broken. I’m not sure what the repairman does all morning when he is there. Seems useless. Other than that, it’s a decent.
Maral Ohanian
· July 24, 2017
This gym needs an overhaul...STAT! Everything from the machines, to the smell, to the bathrooms, to the fitness room speakers, and equipment need to get updated. The bathrooms are disgusting. Every ...time I take a class in the fitness room, the speakers crack and as most of you know, music is an important key to pump you up and make you work harder! Management!! PLEASE WAKE UP! See More
Andres Solorzano
· January 17, 2018
Amazing great staff, just go you have to see it for yourself
John Saldana
· July 9, 2017
The gym is set up in a split level Where you have to go up and down to work out. the parking SUCK!! If you want to work out for more than One hour your basically out of luck, you have to move your car... or you will get a parking ticket. I will just stick with the Monterey park facility. See More
Meher Kourouyan
· December 11, 2016
One of the worst 24 Hour fitnesses I've been to. This is where old machines from other gyms come to die. The gym is spread on multiple levels and it's all crammed and dingy. It smells moldy and nasty,... like a New York subway station during a heat wave. Parking is another disaster. only 1 hour street parking in the area, so by the time you park, change and warm up, you only have like 30 minutes left to work out. Validated parking just gives you an extra 30 minutes. They should just sell this gym location and turn it into a underground torture dungeon. Skip this gym and drive to the one in Altadena or even the one on Halstead is somewhat better (at least you get free parking there and it doesn't always feel damp and gross there.) See More
Tyrone Session Jr.
· November 13, 2017
The best regular 24hr fitness in LA hands down! It looks and feels like a super sport
Sage Bannick
· September 8, 2016
They overcharged me $10 for 14 month. I only found out when I recommend the place to a friend and he was paying $10 a month less. They told me when I transferred clubs that the Pasadena one had a charge. I just checked and both clubs are the same fee. I spent 2 hours on the phone and all the customer service reps said they agreed but there was nothing that they could do. They couldn't even give me a cup on or discount my rate. I have names and numbers if you want to waste good time and money. See More
Teresa Iñiguez
· December 8, 2016
I come here on occasion. Not bad but not good. I still haven't decided if I like the fact that there's 3 different levels. One for weights, one for cardio machines, and one for TRX (Which has is wher...e the front desk is located). Locker rooms are modern but located way down stairs. This location is kind of hidden because it's located in the back of Le Cordon Bleu chef school. Parking sucks but you're in Pasadena so what do you expect. Still great new machines. See More
Jason Robert Jimenez
· November 14, 2016
I used to work out here back in 2011. I liked it because it was more focused on working out than on other things. It has always been decent clean. Usually not crowded and I love the business locker option. Always friendly staff in a great location. See More
Aimee M. Sevilla
· March 18, 2015
how dare u charge maintenance fee when the pool is not even heated after a month of being shut down and ur group training room is under repair too... you can't just say sorry for the inconvenience... have to give a little compensation at least! See More
Lita Valentine
· February 16, 2017
They don't honor their, hook you in, prices. Good place for insomnia. There's no waiting for anything from around 11pm-5 am. The showers are not the cleanest. Now there's other places with better
And I hate that they call different clubs super sport in order to charge more. I can play tennis and racquet ball in the park for free.
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Anna Vu
· September 10, 2017
I wanted to write this review to point out how disappointed I am with 24 hour fitness customer service in Pasadena. I use to a be a member twice. First time was in 2003 back at the Rowland Heights l...ocation as well as when i was living in Sherman Oaks in 2007. The first time I had cancelled my membership I was a member of the one gym only which was the Rowland Heights location. I signed up just for the one location and believe it was 19.99 a month during that time. In 2007 I moved to Sherman Oaks and had canceled my membership to focus on work since I just got a new job in the valley. I took a year off and re-signed at the Sherman Oaks location which at that time was the Magic Johnson sport and went a few times until I moved to downtown Los Angeles. As you know the downtown LA location is under the Paul Hastings building and it was always so crowded and never enough equipment's and it was just not my cup of tea and the hours on the weekends were off since that location catered to the working DTLA crowd. I was also doing boxing full time which I was already paying $180 a month and I didn't want to shell out an additional $29.99 a month if I was always having to wait for machines or have to deal with crowded classes. Fast forward today I moved to Pasadena last year and wanted to see if I wanted to re-sign another membership with 24 again. It's been almost 6 years that I have stepped foot in a 24 hour fitness. I read the reviews about the Pasadena location on yelp 50/50 liked the gym so I wanted to check it out before i signed up. I went to the 24 hour fitness website and it had a free 3 day pass online which specifically states this pass would apply if you haven't been a member of 24 hour fitness within the last 6 months. I signed up and showed up today around 9 am Sunday 9/10/17 with my boyfriend. I gave the front desk girl with the long brown hair my ID and started to fill out my information on the computer screen. She approaches me and says sorry this is for new members only. I pointed it out to her and said it doesn't. She kept arguing with me it does. I pulled up my cell phone and showed it to her and said you can read it but specifically states as long as you have not been a member within the last 6 months this pass applies. AGAIN SHE'S LIKE THIS IS FOR NEW MEMBERS ONLY. Here I am point it out to her it doesn't state that. She states to me in her snarky attitude that I have been a member twice and that I should know by now if I like 24 hour fitness or not. As a member you know not all locations are the same. Some are old some are new and sometimes there are different crowds that go to different locations. I want to make sure I like this location before i commit to signing up for a contract. I don't think I was in the wrong and when i tried to show her counterpart next to her what was stated on the 24 fitness website and pass he basically shunned me and told that my cell phone was my property and basically he didn't want to read it. So the girl tells me she cant honor the pass and that i have to pay $20.00 for a drop in as it is 24 hour fitness policy. At this point I'm already here and I'll pay the $20.00 drop in. I asked to speak with a manager but she stated that the manager would not be until around 10 am. So I pay the $20.00 to workout and later asked to speak to a manager but the manager hadn't come in yet. The assistant manager Danielle M was in and I spoke with her and advised her i didn't like the way the 24 hour staff had treated me this morning and showed her what was noted on the website on my phone that the pass applies if you hadn't been a member in the last 6 months. She was kind enough to hear me out unlike the front desk girl in the morning. She even offered to refund my $20.00 back from this morning. Btw the 2 staff members this morning left because i believe their shift was over and didn't even print out the contract that stated it was 24 hour fitness policy that i had asked them earlier to show me. I am giving one star to 24 hour fitness for poor customer service specifically the young brunette that worked today around 9 am and her counterpart for not even wanting to look at my phone to see what the fine print noted when I got there and 5 stars to Danielle M for being true customer service and actually reading the fine print on the pass. Regardless after I was treated earlier by the 2 earlier front desk staff I will not be signing up for this location.

Photo of 24 Hour Fitness - Pasadena Downtown - Pasadena, CA, United States. Fine print states as long as you have not been a member in the last 6 months. Tell the two front desk people who shunned me when i told them
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Maria Telleria
· July 13, 2017
Great Customer Service and Students who enjoy a great Zumba Workout with Me
Daniel Rodriguez
· July 13, 2017
It's ok it's got service compared to the other one in a new building in Monterey park
Stacey Bell
· March 23, 2017
Staff is nice, place is dated but it has everything I need to get my workout done.
Raven Harrington
December 19, 2012
My Trainer (Michael Harrington) helped me to win three 1st place trophies in my first year of competing as a fitness Bikini Competitor! Plus... I get to look at a cute guy for an hour. Its a win-win s...ituation for me. Lol See More
Viktor J Toth
· June 24, 2017
I usually came here to swim. The pool and its area is always clean. The crew is friendly.
AJ Galloway
· April 2, 2015
Horrible place.
Everywhere is filthy.
I had to quit because the ...
are all broken for several months now.
I tried to find out when they would be fixed, but nobody who works there knew anything about when OR EVEN IF things would be fixed.
I was told by an employee there that they do not have a Manager because he got promoted out.
I called 24 HF "Customer Service" in Las Vegas: their solution was to go to Altadena or Arcadia, they did not care about fixing anything in Pasadena.
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