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Nikki-Nichole Cooper
· November 3, 2017
I absolutely loathe this gym. I am a person who visits lots of gyms and have been to several all over the bay area. For this to be a super sport it sucks!! 1. It has horrible reception and spotty wi-f...i service, my music streaming goes in and out 2. The machines are all over the place and placed in random areas 3. The sauna is tiny and 4. It SMELLS horrible like all the time... just terrible. I know it isnt a newer super sport but it doesnt seem well cared for... oh also you cant access the pool/sauna/steam area directly from the locker rooms �� I expected more from San Ramon... they are in desperate need of a makeover. See More
Venkat Gopalakrishnan
· March 3, 2018
This gym is way overcrowded, finding parking during evening is a nightmare. Even if you find one you might not be able fit your car in the tight space, unless you drive one of those mini-cooper. I hav...e seen many customers finding it hard to get in their car since the one next is parked too close.

Most of the cardio machines are poorly maintained, TVs don’t work or the machines squeak.

Hope someone from their corporate office notices these and does something so customers can enjoy coming here. For a gym that is just a mile from their corporate office can be maintained much better than this.
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Keith DiGiorgio
· March 2, 2018
My 14 year old daughter just finished a 3-month training session with a fantastic personal trainer Mary Jhane. MJ put together a great program with alternating activities each week to ensure my worked on specific goals but never got bored from doing the same thing repeatedly.

I highly recommend working with MJ - especially if you have a shy teenage daughter that needs a little encouragement and positive motivation to start a healthy exercise routine.

Thanks MJ!
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John Linneball
· August 11, 2017
Great Super-Sport - always lots of towels and available cardio machines (they have the Curve and treadmills with screens that apparently let you watch Netflix, etc). (at least late at night, when I'm ...usually there), Wi-Fi available. Nice clean locker rooms, large pool, tons of dumbbells and tons of machines. One problem - The speed bumps in the parking lot are a bit extreme - Do NOT go over them if you're going more than 5 MPH...they will rock your suspension. See More
Grant Ohta
· February 25, 2018
I’m from Southern Cali and was very impressed with this Super Sport, puts mine at home to shame 😒. But I have to say someone needs to keep up with the cleanliness of the locker rooms a little better,... people are dirty 🤷🏽‍♂️ See More
Steven Blakley
· January 23, 2018
What I don’t understand with the number of break-ins to gym members cars why 24 refuses to hire security
There are more car break ins here than any other 24 I’ve been to
Cynthia Neal
· May 13, 2017
I really enjoy the classes in the group x room. We have great instructors, and the members are fun to be with. However, I am very frustrated about the new policy of only being able to sign up 1 hour... in advance to get into a class. On the weekend I will do multiple classes back to back. However, I can only get 1 pass each hour. Despite bringing my bike shoes, yoga mat etc. I have to leave a class I signed up for to get another pass the for the following class. Some classes are maxed within 15 minutes of sign up time. So it is quite stressful to have to leave in the middle of a work out so I can get another pass. Even my membership agreement states classes are a first come basis. So despite the fact, I am there first, I may not get a pass. This policy is violating our membership agreements. See More
Nataliya Nadtoka
· May 6, 2017
I have been going to this club for 3+ years. It's gone through some changes. First of all, I'd like to say that the group exercise instructor level (classes Zumba, Body Combat) has been going up overa...ll. Apart of loosing an excellent instructor or two. Their older equipment got gradually replaced. Overall, this gym meets the expectations. But... it's going through a hard time at the moment not adapting it's offering to the current high peak demand (month of May) on its facilities and classes. Hence, 2 stars. If I wrote a review during off-peak period, maybe I'd give it 4.

The usual sports industry fluctuation of people hitting the gym in January and some slow down in summer is definitely there. Some other locations of 24 fitness (San Mateo) have adapted to this by introducing advanced reservation of a spot in the class (for a symbolic fee of $1, spots are freed if anyone is not showing up), doubling most popular classes and being very positive and extremely patient with their clients, gauging their feedback, adapting to circumstances. San Ramon 24 hour fitness is different. The strategy to deal with the issue seems to be to wait it out.

Right now in May we are in the pick of demand. Regularly, 58 people are allowed into their exercise room (with passes), 60 or more people are turned back. It's a sad situation for group classes. I wonder if it's the same for exercise equipment, swimming pool and basketball courts. My advice, if you consider going, maybe arrive a couple of hours in advance (my time does not permit), select some classes at odd off-pick times (if you can) or go elsewhere.

There were some group classes in one of (2) basketball courts in the past, which they stopped doing. For the high peak season it may be a solution. It's a hard trade off - do you take 1 hour of schedule of basketball court (max 10 people playing) in order to accommodate 120 people or so taking a group class... Is one member more valuable than the other?... Do more people sign up for their membership because of group X classes or are more interested in basketball? How would you know unless you run a survey? In 3.5 years there was not a single email that I got from the gym asking for any feedback. Running a business in 2017 requires keeping a cool head, being data driven and adapting to change. I hope their CEO, Mark Smith, is working on making this company more modern.
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Emilse Sapiz
· October 18, 2017
Yesterday I had training with Rodney omg 😮 he know how to work out 🏋️ today all my body is very sore. I’m very happy 😃 thank you
Ahalya Desikan
· May 4, 2017
I have recently moved from Connecticut and have joined San Ramon 24 Hour Fitness. In the past, I have always succeeded in my fitness efforts because of buddy system. If anyone has any idea on how to n...etwork with San Ramon 24 Hour Fitness patrons, I would TOTALLY appreciate that. I live in Danville, close to San Ramon Costco. I would love to pair up with friends who go early in the morning (5:30 AM). I personally would take the cycle classes and we can keep each other motivated. Willing to come and pick you up if you are within a 5 mile radius. Any advice on how to meet fitness enthusiasts that go to this gym is welcome. Please help a CA new comer. Phone: 8608309967
Thanks. Lya.
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Ray Thompson
· December 6, 2016
I have worked out at clubs from San Diego to LA, in Las Vegas, and now in the Bay Area and say the the San Ramon club is about average for California.

The positive:...
The Staff was friendly!

The negative:
Prime time parking is insufficient, layout of equipment is not the most ergonomic, cardio equipment is cramed into to small of space, the locker room was a mess. Its a shame that the members are completely incapable of throwing their used towels in the collection bins.

Definitely room for improvement.
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Karen Crabb
· February 23, 2017
I've belonged to this gym for almost 14 years. It has become too crowed


I've Belonged to 24 San Ramon for almost 14 years. It's become very crowded. You need a pass for almost any class and need to get in line early to be assured to get a space often an hour before your class starts. It's filthy the women's lockerroom is piggy. It's also very hot and humid. The group fitness room floor doesn't look like they ever mop it. The parking lot often has garage laying around and there are frequent car break ins. The staff and personal trainers have no knowledge of how the cardio equipment works. downstairs.
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Lourdes Aybar Von Kruss
· March 3, 2017
Things I love:
* I love my trainer Victoria Brown she's amazing and makes it going there such a joy. 👍🏻
* they recently updated their treadmills, ellipticals and bike machines 👍🏻...
* the desinfectant wipes a a total plus👍🏻
* the variety of classes 👍🏻
* bathrooms are clean 👍🏻
* the employees are very nice and polite
Here are a few draw backs:
* Having to get towels at the front counter 👎🏻
* All the break ins to cars on the parking lot👎🏻
* the weights area smells like a dead rat👎🏻
* the room where they teach the classes is so small and gets so crowded you can get a good class workout without bumping into others and people arguing. Some of those classes NEED to go back to the basketball court.
* some of the workout machines on the top level towards the right are old and decrepit, furthermore there's only one machine for some exercises that women use a lot and it's like fighting WW3 to get on it.
* it's dirty, you need a better cleaning cadence.
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Mohsin Ali
· October 15, 2017
No non-sense facility. Friendly staff and clean environment. Come as you please they are open 24/7.
Michael North
· September 14, 2016
It's got everything you could want.

Classes, pool, lots of equipment, parking, plenty of staff, wide variety of trainers. ...

If you like a certain machine, they likely have at least two of them.

Good for lifters, class people or the solitary gym goer like me. Jacuzzi, steam and sauna, huge locker room with showers.

It's got what you need or you need to build your own.
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Micki Stary
· August 29, 2017
Absolutely incredible club, amazing GX schedule and world class instructors! I love 24!
Colleen Cieszkowski
· June 3, 2017
Crowded... need more treadmills at peak times. 3 TV stations turned on to Fox News annoys me to no end in the main aerobics area. One is more than enough and CNN and MSNBC should also be featured. to happen consistently. Fake Fox news has turned from bad to worse... pure propaganda. Please STOP! See More
Diane Walsh
· May 27, 2017
I have been going to this gym for a few months. It's not all that great. Locker rooms are not clean. Hate going in their. Some of the equipment is dated but overall not a bad place
Cynthia Castro
· February 7, 2017
I was on a three day pass and every one of those days I heard complaints about the cleanliness while talking to others and smells and supplies. Word of mouth is dangerous and I experienced it first ha...nd. I won't be going back until they show dedication to addressing members concerns. See More
Hermie Rones
· November 3, 2016
Facility is nice. It is very convenient to where I live. I get what I pretty much want to do there. I do light weights, light machines, stationary bikes, steam room, jacuzzi and mostly ZUMBA classes.... Instructors are very knowledgeable but some are not dependabe, they are late or are no show up. People are very frustrated considering everyone there were paying their dues. There were few classes that were cancelled due to no show up in the last 12 months. The room get packed most of the times. I don't have any idea why the basketball court is not being used for Sundays and evenings at least. They were used to hold in the basketball court and reason I've heard was the sound system was broken. It was broken for a long time now since early this year. I am somewhat pleased and will still recommend this facility. Everyone seems to be proud of being a member including me. I would like to see an additional classes in the evenings like ballroom and line dancing. See More
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