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Gi A Gold
· February 28, 2018
past dancer exerciser and now dance it out inst loving the classes they have so many and all good really lthe gym and the machines are good cycle room awesome and the studio where they h...ave hop pilates, yoga, pump bbareless, strongby and reg zumba , kick, bootcamp , and turbo kick that is and more it goes on is popular we have tina h here that is great and bodycombat also nice staff protein bars , personal training, and pretty good spa and all they do well they are good g/ gold See More
Richard Snail
· January 6, 2018
I pay over $60 dollars a month for membership and you fuck heads have the nerve to put a 2 hour limit on parking yet it takes 20 minutes to walk from the parking lot and change �real cute ,I joined in... the antelope valley not once was I told at different clubs you fuck your paying members on a time restrictions, I'm 53 years old and still power lift and bench over 400lbs not because I workout fit 45 minutes a day �just my take my business to a real gym � See More
Angela Rushing
· December 5, 2017
This gym desperately needs an upgrade.
The employees are barely functioning.
Horrendous teeny booper music BLASTING, yet everyone wears a headset. ...
When I brought this to their attention I was told that the people who worked here liked the music and liked it loud. Really?
Equipment is old and many machines are broken.
I am going to LA Fitness. Newer and nicer.
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Ceci Le
· February 18, 2018
I live near here and wanted to come but as a real gym head-2 hours limit on parking ain't enough so I head back to my og gym in west hills.
Robert Joseph Ahola
· December 6, 2017
On top of constantly failing equipment, they were the only gym in the entire area and only one of two businesses in the fireproof Galleria that closed during the fire warnings seven miles away. Week-k...need and gutless. And obviously they're open 24-hours unless someone gets a hang-nail. See More
Al Castillo
· August 16, 2017
Homeless people sleep in the gym at night. Pins are missing from weight machines. Sometimes there is paper in the paper towel dispensers. Bathrooms are disgusting. Dumbells are scattered thru out the ...gym. And make sure you secure your vehicle and don't have valuables visible, or you will have your vehicle broken into. Other than that, great gym. See More
Katie Goodhart
· October 31, 2017
Great gym would
Love to have 3 hours parking like NOHO 24
Us gym rats need our gym time ...
Towels would be awesome too
Overall great gym lots of equipment and free weights
Friendly staff
Great classes
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Erin O'Brien
· September 26, 2017
A lot of the equipment is always broken. Paper towels and cleaning spray bottles are often empty as well. I've already let the staff know multiple times. Oh well :(
Jay Corson
· July 24, 2017
The only reason I am providing 2 stars is that it is only 2 blocks from my home. The fitness equipment is old as well as the disgusting steam room/sauna/spa. It took a year to fix a drinking fountai...n, and still many of the machines are on the fritz. See More
Ash Mansukhani
· August 31, 2017
Gym is ok a little to cramped up. We walked in no one was in the front to greet/welcome people in.
The parking is horrific. Something needs to be done about it. Toke us 15 minutes just get on Ventura Blvd.
Phillip Walsh
· August 10, 2017
Most of the comments here are insane .. quit whining it's a gym ... only complaint is fix the equipment a little faster .. staff and management are perfectly fine . People stop complaining and start w...orking out See More
Brenda Aguirre
· June 24, 2017
I like 24 hour but this location from the five I've been to has the nastiest showers and restrooms. The restrooms always and I mean ALWAYS smell like urine and old caked on feces. They apparently are friends of cleaning supplies, I try to use the Galleria restrooms just outside this location if I need to go. I end up here a lot because it's so close to home but I sincerely wish someone clean the place up, it's an easy fix to make your customers happier! See More
Javier Contreras
· December 31, 2017
People please stop complaining it’s just a gym, I think all those complaining are the ones out of shape.
Anivram Cdro
· April 24, 2017
Dont sign up. Better to go hiking or take your bike outside than being charge annually and monthly for sweats? Ridiculous. Never again.
I lost weight with diet and exercise at home. Plus you'll get s...tuck for a year. $200 cancellation fee. So you will spend almost $70 and $80 3 months later. Also, when you call their customer service that it wasnt explained to you of how much to expect. They will blamed you for not reading the contract. First of all your contract is electronic and its a busy place where there are so many interruptions so when i ask if i will get charge annually i was told no just first and last. So instead of getting frustrated i will cancel my contract when due and never sign up again. To those who are going to sign up. They will charge you first and last month plus tax. Then annually $49.99 3 months later + monthly. It sucks but im gonna eat that price and knowing this bad experience im just going to buy my own equipments and exercise at home. See More
Nicky Scor Pio
· February 10, 2017
This is the dirtiest gym I have ever been to. The sauna area smelled like urine, the water faucet had layers of dirt on it and the floors are disgusting and dirty. I really do not understand how Oaks can have such a dirty and disgusting gym. Staff is rude and there is no sense of community here, clearly because no one wants to stand around in filth. Never again will I go to this location. See More
Steve Knoll
· March 7, 2017
Called to get directions and the phone just kept ringing. When I finally got there the worker was putting on her makeup with her bags of crap all over the counter. Asked her if the phone was working a...nd she said "yes" as she dismissed at least to others calls while I stood right there. Locker room looked like a tornado hit. No gaskets for the toilets not to mention the gross packages left in them. Weights left everywhere, no paper towels in the dispensary. Sanitizer was gone and or course, this must be one of the 24's where people like to steel the pins out of the machines. Pins missing in half the equipment. See More
Lilian Wright
· November 9, 2017
I experienced bad customer service , unwelcoming, negative attitude and very unprofessional. The reasons why did not sign up.
Tash Evans
· August 22, 2017
The Classes at Sherman Oaks are amazing!! I truly enjoyed the Body Pump Class this past Monday as well as the Zumba class. I'll be back for sure !!!
Rayson Esquejo
· July 17, 2016
I read all these reviews about the cleanliness and equipment of this gym and so I decided to get a free day pass to check out the facility. The one in the neighborhood I live in is not so great so why... not check out a nice one to get the feel for it. I didn't get that far. The guy at the front desk told me I couldn't use the pass because I didn't live in Sherman Oaks (even though I spend most of my time in the area for work)...and that's company policy Then proceeded to tell that if I supplied him with 10 names and 10 numbers that I can refer him to, then he'd let me in...and that's company policy. I luckily saw a friend of mine who is a member at the gym and he said he would talk to the guy. He told me that the desk guy said if I was nicer maybe he would've let me that company policy? The front desk deems who ever is nice or who they are okay with letting in? Never again, just got into LA Fitness, and I like this place better already. P.s. you owe me $3.00 for parking for the time I wasted there. See More
Derek Fuller
· January 27, 2018
Lots of unnecessary bitching in comment section anyway my only complaint was no towel service.
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