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Karlee Deaver
· January 10, 2018
My whole family belongs to 24 hour and we use this specific location. Not sure how this place has 4.4 stars. Rude staff/ managers, Something is always broken, especially with the cardio equipment. So ...unless you only use the weights, this place is great for you. Went in to cancel our membership and the manager was extremely rude and said that none of my issues were “their fault” and definitely didn’t care that they were losing 5 members. The whole facility is very very dirty and have had an overall terrible experience at this location. For how much we were paying as a family, this place is definitely not worth it. Super disappointing considering this location is their corporate head quarters for the Colorado branches. As a business owner I wouldn’t want to show off this location to potential members. See More
Cole Morgan
· March 8, 2018
I have no issues with the gym I’m always greeted properly by staff members, I always see at least 1-2 staff members cleaning the equipment in the hour that I am there. Nate and the rest of the trainers are friendly and can give some quick advice when asked. As for complaints about cleanliness that’s why they have cleanser next to the paper towels throughout the gym that people rarely use. It’s you and your fellow gym members that dirty the place. See More
Rose Marie
· March 5, 2018
This location is one step above and apartment complex gym. The cardio equipment is constantly broken and is outdated. The walls also look outdated and dirty. This is my least favorite location.
Lacey Young
· February 21, 2018
Best gym in town! Friendly helpful staff members, great amenities, variety of group classes & experienced personal trainers! Super clean! I recommend this location to everyone to check out! ��
Cindy Hecht Sedbrook
· August 8, 2017
I have been a member of 24 hr for almost 20 years used to go to this gym for years some time ago and it was a happening place after work lots of classes going on and lots of people there but not too m...any. For the first time in about 8 years I went yesterday at 4pm and to my surprise no one was there and no classes. I wasn't able to listen to Pandora or watch my you tube abs workout because there is no wifi. I know the new clubs that have opened near by have reduced the number of people that go to Meridian. I hope they get wifi soon otherwise I won't be back I really like this club but the vibe is so much different than it used to be. For now I'll keep going to HR and Centennial. See More
Deena Dugger Brackett
· November 30, 2017
The gym really needs some cleaning and updating along with a few more more exciting evening, after 6, class offerings.
Dan Calder
· April 18, 2018
There’s something seriously wrong with the men’s bathroom. It smells terrible all the time.
Ron Blanco
· January 11, 2017
This club is the dirtiest club in need of the most maintenance of all the clubs. I can't believe you expect people to pay you high monthly dues to use this club. Who will join your Castle Rock club ...knowing it will just be trashed after a year or so.

Maybe you should have some of the workers standing around flirting with each other and the customers do a little cleaning...
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Sam Adams
· September 9, 2016
The location is near my home, which, traffic-wise, is good for a workout any time of day. I echo the concerns I've read from others - particularly the men who have commented on the bad smell and lack ...of cleanliness in our locker room. Can we get Mr. Clean to do a few reps in there? I expect much better for my dues. And I'd like to see more than Fox News on the TV screens. Otherwise, I'm happy to be member, getting to know others on a first-name basis and hope that our men's locker room will be in much better shape, smell-wise, soon! See More
Jonathan Friesen
· August 11, 2016
It would be a decent gym if they actually took care of it. I feel like I'm going to get a virus just from being inside since they don't clean. Ever. But hey! Not only will I get a good workout but my ...immune system will be getting a good workout as well! Oh and the parking lot is an absolute joke. Make sure you bring a truck if you're going to park there! For a corporate 24 Hour, this gym is a JOKE!! See More
Wally Iverson
· June 18, 2017
Dumbells have been missing for months. On order with a 6-15-17 ETA. Still not here. And if the new ones are like the 100# that was replaced they will have a different size and shape handle renderin...g them useless as you will have to balance them differently. Barbells are bent and some are too narrow for the collars. One of the chairs in the dumbbell area is not bolted down in the front so you tip ove backwards if you try to brace your feet. 24 Hour Fitness should be ashamed. See More
Sabrina Risley
· April 3, 2017
Staff is friendly, the newly resurfaced parking lot is great, plenty of ellipticals, and treadmills are new as of late 2016. But the club is generally unkept and rundown.

Ventilation needs help in t...he women's restroom and the mini fans spinning on low on 30 ft ceilings in the gym are senseless; 2-3 of 7 stair climbers are consistently out of order, 3 others don't function properly; workout balls need inflating; the stretch area smells musty (hidden mold perhaps from the adjacent pool?); the cardio machines are generally dusty, with sweat residue and there's a collections of dust under weight machines and cardio equipment.

If this club set the example for the rest of the chain, I wouldn't have joined. Lifetime Fitness is just a few minutes away and yes, they are your competition. Please clean up and I'll be happy to leave more stars in the future.
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Kindra Burns
· January 6, 2015
I started to go to this gym because my step daughter recommended her trainer to help me finish my weight loss goals. It became my gym. My best friend and I workout at this gym anywhere from 6 to 7 d...ays a week. We come in and the roof is leaking, lights are burnt out, the equipment is often broken, and the bathroom is dirty and not stocked with necessities. The other night we were working out when approach by a new member (new year resolution member) to work in with us on the leg press. When we didnt respond IMMEDIATELY he stormed off. We continued with our work out when we were approached by the club manager and his employee to inform us that we needed to let this member work in with us. His approach was rash and left both of us feeling embarrassed and disrespected. We feel as paying members when a machine is not available we go to another one until it is. This is called gym adequate and respect. We both work long hours and have families. I feel we have a right when working on a machine to not let someone work in due to time constraints. If we let someone work in every time we were on a machine it would take hours to get out of the gym. We don't understand why management felt the need to dictate who and when we let another member work in with us. We DO Pay our monthly dues and should be able to work out with whom we want. See More
Angela Kathleen
· July 30, 2015
Pretty decent gym... Needs a little sprucing. There are always a few machines that are "out of order" one being the smith press machine that's been broke for 2+ months... Carpet needs replacing in th...e ab (floor) area... Bathrooms need a full update.. But the employees are nice and the gym has pretty much everything you need. This is a less pretentious 24 hour, been to a few and the vibe of this one is good. See More
Bryon Buenzli
· January 9, 2015
This club does not have good daily maintenance. On my last visit on Thursday night the hot tub was like warm at best the steam room was broken a shower in the men's locker room was missing a bunch of ...tile and had holes in the walls and only 1 toilet in the men's locker room was working. I sent an email to the club manager and never got a response See More
Ryan Hannon
· June 27, 2016
The staff seem friendly and helpful enough, but the equipment and locker rooms need serious attention. Men's bathroom smells like a sewer and the parking lot has been half remodeled and apparently for...gotten. We pay good money for this gym and deserve better. Get with it Meridian! See More
Harold Robbins
· October 6, 2016
Today was absolutely the worst hot tub cold and dirty steam room closed the sauna was closed the bathrooms hadn't been cleaned and the top of the morning there was no hot water
Christy Derr
· February 4, 2014
I am very disappointed that this club keeps changing the schedule and losing excellent instructors. I really wish the managment would stop acting like it should either be combat or turbo. The classes ...are very different and I enjoy both. I get my cardio from turbo and my strength training, flexability and technique from combat. Some days I want to get lost in the music and movement in turbo. I don't see why both cant be offered and if one does not have high enrollments for a month or two then cancel the class. Some people take both classes but many people only take one or the other. Heather is an excellent instructor and I hope to be able to take her class in the future. See More
Drew Keech
· January 18, 2017
Not a very clean club. Not enough lockers. Steam room is very dirty. In general locker room needs a lot of work. The gym itself is ok. Lots of machines and a fair amount of free weights. Thought about... adding my daughter on as a family add on. The wanted more to add her than I'm paying for my membership. Overall the club is ok but, I don't look forward to working out there like I used to. See More
Amber Long
· February 14, 2014
I've been a member at 24 for many years but recently moved closer to this 24. What is with the leaky roof!?! Nothing like paying a monthly membership due only to have your back dripped on while on the... treadmill. If my equipment is going to be wet I would prefer it to be because I had a good workout, not because the roof leaks! Terrible!! I've gone to many 24s around Colorado. This one isn't the worst, but definitely needs improvements, especially to match such a nice area! On a positive note I love that they still have the treadmills with the fans and I'm a huge fan of body pump!! See More
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