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What is the future of Army Emergency Relief?

In 2018, Army Emergency Relief enhanced its emergency leave policy, with assistance as a 50 percent zero interest loan/50 percent grant, with the potential of increasing to a 100 percent grant, depending on the Soldier's needs. AER improved the company commander loan program, by including the First Sergeant as an additional approval authority and increasing the max loan to $2000. AER continuously evaluates and improves services to... ensure that AER meets the valid needs of Soldiers and their Families, while ensuring the long-term viability of AERs ability to execute its mission.

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Army Emergency Relief (AER) provides interest free loans, grants, and scholarships to Soldiers, Retirees, and Families since 1942

What is Army Emergency Relief?

Army Emergency Relief (AER) is the Army's emergency financial assistance organization and as part of the Army team is dedicated to "Helping the Army Take Care of its Own." AER was incorporated as a private nonprofit organization on Feb. 5, 1942 by the Secretary of War and the Chief of Staff of the Army with the mission "To relieve financial distress of Soldiers," which is directly related to combat readiness.

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