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See some of the how's and why's behind shooting aerial 360º video in Provo Utah's Rock Canyon. Learn more at


Special thanks to Chris Newman at CineChopper and CineChopper Drone University and 360Rize.

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Very excited to share a fun project I’ve collaborated with Provo City on. Stay tuned!

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This is by far the best use of VR I've seen to date.

Share TweetThe VR64 retro virtual reality headset is as cool as it is totally unnecessary. Remember the Commodore 64 home computer? No? That makes sense. After all, the revolutionary device was released all the way back in 1982, a year some of you younger folks probably consider the stone age. Howev...

A really fantastic use of 360º video.

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Imagine Dragons
September 13

excited to share our trippy (360 degree) lyric video for "Whatever it Takes".... get it

A Finnish company says it has a VR headset with 70 megapixels of resolution.

These kind of analytics will definitely bring 360º video marketing to the next level.…/youtube-shows-off-vr-centric-vide…/

Google may have a few VR projects lined up across hardware, but for now one of its biggest selling points for mobile VR is YouTube. Today, YouTube announced..

Looking forward to trying this out!

If you wanted an all-in-one 360-degree GoPro, here it is.
Avatars gathered to witness the first couple to legally say "I do" in their headsets. It got a little awkward

It was great chatting with Indie Film Hustle on the podcast this week, check it out!

I know just enough about 360 video to be dangerous, and not in a good way. I wanted to bring Josh on the show to really break down the myths...

Another incredible use for VR and 360º media in healthcare!

In the UK, terminally ill patients are being transported from the hospice to other worlds.

Once this technology gets polished, I believe this is where the future of 360° filmmaking. This is *true* VR filmmaking.

Facebook's new 360-degree cameras promise to make VR videos more immersive than ever.

So awesome.

This will change the way you book your next holiday.

Very cool!

The 2017 New York's Tribecca Film Festival, which opens April 19, features a Virtual Arcade with 29 virtual reality and immersive experiences.

Very interesting, I'll definitely be checking out these guys at NAB this year.

SyncBac Pro wirelessly syncs GoPro HERO4 with pro camera and audio.

Really cool to see VR being put to such incredible uses. It goes far beyond entertainment.

We’re still a long way from from being able to provide timely treatment to everyone who needs it, but we could be on the brink of change thanks to VR