It seems to me that 'Three Millimeter Bleed' has run it's course as a thing. Having become more focused in areas like DIY Music and now Audio Plugin Guy, the name and page aren't really relevant any more. Gonna start gradually phasing out some accounts.

3mm Bleed may stick around in some form or another but I haven't really decided yet.

In the meantime...


Stay tuned for news on Stu Smith Audio and Stu Smith Media among other things.

Check the comments below for links to my other endeavours.

Thanks for your support!

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Three Millimeter Bleed updated their cover photo.
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Three Millimeter Bleed updated their profile picture.
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Something new is brewing in the 3mm kitchen... It's a digital kitchen... I'm brewing up a new website.

Ok, the metaphor isn't really working.

New website coming!


More later.

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There may be some thinking about branding going on...

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Haha... So you can buy a Three Millimeter Bleed mug now. If you wanted. Not sure why you would, but you can... (I'm investigating merchandising).

Merchandise from Three Millimeter Bleed

Did an interview. First one. Kinda liked it. Maybe you will too?

This is the first DIY Music interview, in which I speak to an odd little creature called Grimbit.

Latest post from DIY Music. One of those 'top 5' jobs the internet loves so much.

Please share anywhere you think it might be appreciated.


The five best microphones for a new home studio. From vocals to drums these are the mics you'll need to get started recording in your home studio.

I've swapped my soundcloud account over to DIY Music as that seems more relevant. Actually I'm kinda shifting all the music side of things over to DIY Music now. Three Millimeter Bleed will remain the parent of these projects and is my actual registered company, but I think it's cleaner to keep the music in it's own department so it can be more focused.

I'm sure this is fascinating for all of you!

Anyway. All the old soundcloud links will have stopped working because I chang...ed the account URL. It's now:

So there you go.



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Music and sounds from

New blog series following the creation of a new song...

Part one in a series of blog posts charting the development of a new song. Hopefully you'll enjoy the journey and maybe learn something along the way.

The latest home studio article on DIY Music.

This is an article about the top five home studio books that I have found most valuable in my journey. Hopefully you will find them useful too.

New post: My Home Studio Journey - Part 2

The second part of a series of blog posts about my own personal DIY home studio journey. Check it out If you want to know a bit about me and my history.

Recording a new tutorial... Screwed up three times. Fourth time I get it right but my PC throws a wobbler at the end... I think that's allowed at this stage...

Quick poll... Which version of the DIY Music logo do you prefer?

Chunky bars or skinny bars?

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Here it is... I'm hoping I get better at this! Really... I hate my own voice!

Maybe next time I'll put it through a vocoder.

In this video I explain how to set up a new MIDI device and quickly link it to any available parameter in FL Studio 12. Transcript to follow soon. This is my first ever tutorial video and I realise I’ve got to do a bit of work with my setup so the vocal levels are …

Just recorded my first tutorial video. I hate the sound of my own voice! I'm sure I'll get used to it though...