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June 7, 2016
Restoration can only be accomplished with the generosity of people who want to see 7200 in steam. By donating to, or joining, the 7200 Trust, you will be helping greatly with the restoration effort.

With the half term now over and after a busy week at Q we have started a couple of new projects.

The main one being the main super heater header which will need to be hydraulically pressure tested up to 400 psi, this will mean sealing all 32 holes to carry this out. Some of the main face is a bit rough so a decision was made to machine it flush which will help when we come to set the test rig.
As you can see from the pictures it's a big lump and not easy t...o manoeuvre around a tight work shop but we finally got it to the Kearns machine and Mike bolted it to the bed ready for machining to start next week.

Meanwhile Keith was out on the the smoke box drilling more holes this time for the front butt plate, this will seal the joint.

We also had an unexpected visit from Dennis Howells one of our trustees and owner of 9466 who complemented the team on the standard of work carried out on the smoke box, so smiles all round.
The boys from 4253 also phoned us this afternoon inviting themselves up in April to take some measurements for their loco and do some swaps so a busy day all round.

Again many thanks to all our followers and contributors.

Last pic one of my favourites of 7200

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Mike and I spent the morning fiddling with the smokebox door trying to get a tight fit all round, this is important as to prevent cold air being drawn inside the box when running. As you can see Mike is cleaning up one of he hinges faces on the lathe so the hinges will sit flush to the front of the ring, this did improved things slightly but there was still a 5 thou cap in places.

So after lunch we went to visit the 6989 crew in the up yard who were fit...ting their safety valve bonnet and asked Steve Underhill for some advise, so next week we will heat up the hinges and tighten the dart and leave to cool, hopefully this will work

Keith has several projects on the go at the moment, one is the the whistle bracket that sits on the boiler and the one which he completed today the fitting of the steam lance valve as seen in the picture.

Mike has also been busy in the garden shed at home having machined the warming valve and fabricating the whistle chain runners.

Again many thanks to all our supporters and please keep the donations coming in.

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Things did not go quiet to plan today as the weather turned out to pretty bitter and cold as you can see from the pictures, so the planned works for Mike and I to Finnish lining up the smoke box door did not happen.

Keith luckily had an inside job which was to clean up the superheater header and re tap the 1" stud holes we discovered that the two front one's either side are in fact 7/8" anybody know why.


We are also going investigate the best method of pressure testing the casting any ideas on this would be appreciated and whether to mill the face smooth, job's for the future after we have trial fitted it to the smoke box.

I have posted a couple of items ( blow down valve and centre pin cover) for sale or exchange on the gallery please contact us if interested. there is also a photo of 7200 in the up yard taken a few years ago, there is a clue to the date as it looks like the kings tender being filled up with water behind.
Look forward to your comments

That's all for now thanks for your support and donations new member always welcomed.

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At the last GCR Auction in December we managed to pick up a GWR train heating gauge, It allows the crew to adjust the amount of steam required for the number of carriages you have on tow, it will need servicing.

We have now moved the Smoke box to the other side of the rail and placed it in front of the boiler, this allows more manoeuvrability for lifting etc, many thanks to Alan Hogg the Driver and Adrian for their help.
As you can see from the pic'...s we have now also fitted the door with the new hinge pin, this will still need further adjustment to get the fit perfect.

last Sunday we brought the Superheater down from the Romney shed and drilled out the two studs that hold it to the the support bracket on the inside of the smokebox, our intention is trial fit and then prepare it for hydraulic testing.

When we get round to placing the smokebox on the saddle we shall keep the superheater in so we can then trial fit the steam pipes down to the cylinders.

Finally a special thanks to Mike, John, Keith, and Alan for all their efforts today.

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7200 Trust updated their cover photo.
January 1
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It was the final day of the season with a couple of tasks to complete ready for the new year. Mike took the sacrificial ring home and machined the 45 degree angle on the front then filed the ends round to finish. We then gave it a coat of primer and Mike and Keith fitted it to the smokebox, we may have to fettle a bit when the door is fitted in the new year.
Keith had to bend the front hand rail which took a ding when the boiler was turned over a few years ...back and must admit the result was better than we expected as you can see from the pictures.
Being a Thomas weekend there was lots going on at the centre, I managed to cadge a ride on Mike Patterson's Sentinel No 11, what a fabulous experience can't wait until Peter Mitchell's is up and running, as you can see we have to race with Thomas on the down yard with Thomas on the up line.
John and the boys have now started cleaning out the inside of the siphon having completed painting the outside, this should keep busy for a while in the new year.

May I take this opportunity to thank all our supporters and followers for your support, those wishing to make a donations towards the boiler fund can do so on the web page.

Next working day is the 7th of January 2018

Have a great Christmas from the 7200 team!

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Having left home this morning on my Sunday trip to Quainton, as you can see from the picture of the Railway line by Boxmoor common, I wasn't going anywhere in fact I spent 4 1/2 hours there before I could get off the A41 as the slipway was closed due to not being gritted.

I rang the team to let them know the situation, Mike actually made it but he skirts the Chilterns which is always bad in this situation and after a coffee he wisely headed home. Keith couldn't out of the street in Aylesbury.
Unfortunately the weather affected our Thomas the Tank Engine engine event and it had to cancelled at short notice, this was due to health and safety reasons. A big well done to train crews who fired up Thomas and the volunteers who managed to make it to Q whom I am sure were as disappointed as the kids.

Watch this space next week

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Today we have been working inside, having picked up the water gauge casting from Premier in the week we were looking forward to seeing what it would look like on the post. After a bit off fettling it fitted nicely into the seat, which allowed us to drill the holes to hold it into the post and I think you will agree it looks great.

Mike and Keith have been continuing work on the ring sacrificial plate, Mike has now countersunk all of the holes ready fo...r fitting, Keith as you can see in the picture is cutting the curved shape at each end and then Mike will mill the edge to fit the door.
The Wednesday team have also been busy in lousy weather and have nearly painted all of the Siphon G outer panels.This is purely to protect it from further deterioration which will allow us to start to replace the wood panels as and when.

Again thanks for for your continued support.

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Definitely had to get the fire going this morning everything was covered in frost! As we progress with the re construction of the smokebox, the new plate which Keith has made has now been fitted, this sits above the the superheater but as stated before not quite sure what it actually does.

As you can also see in the pictures we pulled the superheater out of storage so that we can see how we are going to remove the bolts from each end that fit into th...e bracket on the barrel, it looks like a heat and tap job but we need to be careful as to not damage the casting, once completed we will try to fit the super heater into the barrel on the bracket.
Mike has now completed the drilling out of all the bolts on the door ring sacrificial plate, they will need to be countersunk then the plate will need to be shaped to fit the door, new tube has also been ordered to complete the hand rails which will be ongoing.

The Wednesday crew are working on the Siphon if you want to help I am sure they will find something for you to do.

Thanks again to all the team for their help

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Arrived early today, blue sky's above the Aylesbury Vale but very cold, so first job to get the fire going in the work shop which is Keith's job as he is an ex Boy Scout.

After we had deiced the smoke box we continued to drill the holes for the steam pipe flange which we have now completed and as you can see from the pictures fits nicely.


Mike continued with drilling the holes for the door sacrificial ring ,this is a long job as you have to keep taking it on and of to drill the holes on the post drill.

Keith continued with remaking the steel plate which sits between the regulator box and on top of the superheater, to be honest we do not know what it does,( answers on a post card please)

Final job of the day was to fit the front hand rail to see if we need to replace it as it does have some damage on the corner where it hit the deck on a boiler lift might try a heat and bend job.

Thanks to you all for your continued support

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Dial Plate for the water indicator has been cast and ready for collection.

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7200 Trust
Charity Organization

We have been lucky with the weather again today, having poured down all night until first light this allowed us to carry on with more works outside.

Keith having managed to get rolled, a new smoke box front ring sacrificial bar which is designed prevents erosion to the rear of the door, we have now started marking and drilling ready to fit.


As you can see from the photo this would have been riveted to the the ring but we have chosen to use countersunk bolts, as this will make it easier to replace in the future.

I have also started on the the main steam pipe gland flange by drilling all the pilot holes ready for the Mag drill to Finnish, next, we will then make new glands use the old flanges.

My thanks to Mike, Keith and John for all their efforts today and all our followers.

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Winters nearly here, today it was the first time this year that we have lit the fire in the workshop even though we are working outside it's just somewhere to go and warm our hands.

Couple of jobs on the go at the moment, Mike's still drilling holes in the smoke box, with the oil feed valves and the screen bar now trial fitted, this now leaves just the saddle holes and the steam pipe seal to do.


I spent all day grinding weld of the old steam pipe covers ready for making them fit for refurbishment with new 6" inch pipe. There is an internal butt ring which is inside the pipe as part of the sealing arrangement and as you can see in the pictures Keith is heating the ring up to remove three screws which fix it to the inside of the pipe amazingly they are still welded it in, possibly to seal.

The way things are going we may be looking to fit the smokebox door by Christmas would be nice to get it on the saddle as well.

Many thanks to all who have donated to the boiler fund we are now over the 55K mark just keep it coming in, it all helps.

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What a great day to be working out side, Mike was on the mag drill all day drilling out the final holes for the superheater header brackets and the handrail pillars. Keith knocked up one of the butt plates for the smokebox front seem, retrieved from the cutout from the sacrificial plate, you will note from the photo it has the slight curve of the barrel.
Chris then brought the moth eaten main steam pipes sleeves from the store for stripping and rebuilding, K...eith has now started on this process and once completed a new piece of pipe will be fitted, the top gland rings will need to replaced or recycled.
John was working on the Siphon getting the locks fixed as he said lucky they are made of brass. I have also added a few more pics of bits yet to fitted inside the smokebox.
Finally on the last day of the season, a big thank you to the sales team who have had their best year ever and through their hard work and dedication they have played a major role in the fund raising for 7200 in 2017.

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Just received an email from Premier Castings with some pictures of the pattern for the water dial gauge for 7200 which will be cast in gunmetal, for those who don't know, this records the amount of water in the tanks which is very important as it will inform the driver when he'll need to top up with water.
7200 is unique in the sense that all but six of the 72xx's only carried 2400 gallons max, but at some stage 7200 had been fitted with the experimental scuttle bunker, which increased the water capacity by another 300 gallons to 2700 allowing her to travel further without the need to top up.

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Bit of a weather change this weekend with a strong wind and the odd shower. Unfortunately we did not have the large Mag drill available so work was limited to drilling out the small pilot holes and believe me there are many to do and hopefully this Sunday we will be able to enlarge them.
We did a trial fitting of the super heater header support bracket and hope to fit the other one this weekend, we then propose to do a trial fitting of the header to make sure it sites on the brackets squarely.

The Wednesday boys are getting on with the painting of the Siphon and as you can see from this long shot from the bridge only the slates are left to paint on this the windward side which takes the worst of the weather.

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