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June 7, 2016
Restoration can only be accomplished with the generosity of people who want to see 7200 in steam. By donating to, or joining, the 7200 Trust, you will be helping greatly with the restoration effort.

We started the day hoping to get the tube plate out first thing, even arranging for bob of the track gang to lift it out with the Manatu, but it was not to be, even with Keith with and a sledge hammer banging away from inside nothing moved, so plan B was put into motion, we will burn it out. So rather than waste Bobs time we got him to move the smoke away from the front of the boiler and place it by the cab.

Just as we where about to start cutting the plate, a ...convoy of cars appeared in in the yard, it was our guest for the day, these guys got out with 4253 sweatshirts on looking really cool as you can see from the pics. The promised not borrow anything of 72 and gave us a peace offering of Kentish beer, brewed specially for the 4253 team and the castings for a masons valve.

So as good hosts that we are, we gave them a guided tour of the down yard and museum which they thoroughly enjoyed even clambering over 72 like ants with cameras just to see how its done. After lunch they toured the rest of the site and departed back to their home at the Kent and East Sussex happy bunnies.

So we started on the on the tube plate again and as you can see we have cut the bottom away ready for Bob to lift out next week. We want to lift it, for those who think why not just let it fall, because we do not want to damage the end of the stays especially the threads, that could be expensive. Mike is still machining the super heater and should finished
next week.

Again many thanks to all our supporters and keep those donations coming in we have had some quotes for the boiler.

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We only manged a 3 hour session on the tools today, as it was the 7200 Trust AGM. We did manage to remove the last of the stay end nuts on the front tube plate which needed a lot of heat to get them of (11 tpi threads ) tight. Mike managed to machine of one of the remaining flange faces, one more to go job finished new studs and pressure test.
The AGM went smoothly a few new faces, pleased to see Dennis Howells there, a great inspiration to us all. After the meetin...g in Rowley road, all came over to look at the progress carried out over the past twelve months, with loads of questions and the usual how long before it !!!!!!!!!!!.
Next week the 4253 boys will be visiting to see how its done, been advised to batten down the hatches, we look forward to seeing them.
Again a big thanks to all our members and supporters, and donators. We have up to 55 K in the boiler fund at present and estimate another 50K to complete that part of the restoration so keep it coming.

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Bit of a wet start today, Keith and Mike managed to complete the front butt plate drilling with the last four holes being having to be countersunk as the chimney will sit on them, it is also the same on the rear plate.

As you can see from the pic's Keith is heating up the hinges on the smoke box door, this when dart is tightened up to it's max will hopefully improve the seal of the door. Mike is also still machining the super heater and now just has two the... main steam pipe faces left to do.

After lunch ( still raining)we went hell bent and started on the tube plate by cutting around the stay nuts, getting it ready for removal, still a bit more to do yet before we take it out. Once out it will allow us easier access to strip out the inside bits without having to get in the boiler via the top feed hole .
The Wednesday team have been busy on the siphon having put new steps on under the doors and getting ready to to take out the first corner post that will need replacing.
The 4253 boys will be coming on the 22nd instead next week we look forward to seeing them.
Only half a day of work next Sunday as it the 7200 Trust AGM at 2pm in the Oxford room in Rewley road Quianton.
Come and meet us, all are welcome viewing of the Loco will be after the meeting.
Many thanks to the team for all there efforts and to all our supporters

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Its been day out with Thomas for the past couple of days and with the atrocious rain we have had has necessitated closure of field that is used as one of the main car parks, so as a back up we have allocated an area around the museum and down yard shed for the extra parking.
This has prevents us from carrying out certain tasks this weekend,Keith manged a few holes drilled before we opened and await next Sunday to start on the removal of the tube plate.
...Mike is still machine the super heater and this likely to be ongoing for a few weeks yet, then we will trial fit it in the smoke box.
The good the Bad and The Ugly the (4253 team) are to honour us with their presence on the 15th and we have been advised to tie all down, as always we look forward to seeing them.
Nice picture of the boiler on its side showing the bottom of the boiler highlighting why we need a new barrel and some required work on the foundation ring.
We have set up a new donation web page which will be starting after the 6th April and also an appeal for new members, more info to follow.

Many thanks to all our supporters

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Bit of a slow start this morning, something to do with the clocks I suppose.
So Keith fitted some attachments to his ariel on top of the fire box wrapper and don't they look good! It'll be a while before they will be used for what they are meant for. Keith then went on to finish drilling more holes for the butt plate and as you can see, it was easier to roll the smoke box upside down to carry out this task.

Mike has now fin...ished machining the face of the super heater and as you can see from the picture he has now started on the end flanges for the main steam pipes, a bit fiddly setting this up as they are 45 degrees to the centre and there in not much room in the workshop to carry out this task with ease.
I have been grinding of the heads on the set screws on the foundation ring outer side sheets. Having been let down by our sub contract labour and with our decision to purchase the front ring , this means that we can remove the front tube plate which will give easier access to strip out the rest of the boiler internals before it goes away.

Well thanks again to all our supporters and keep those donations coming, better still sign up for a monthly donation of a fiver it will go a long way to helping us complete this project.

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7200 Trust
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As always after a lot of hard graft at the office your mind is always looking forward to the weekend hobby and with the weather man (person) saying we have had our snow for this part of the UK and it would all be in the South West, so went to bed last night thinking of all the things the team could achieve this Sunday, only to wake up to this white sheet across the graveyard next door at 6 am this morning.

After some strong Italian coffee I text M...ike and Keith to see if they could make it,Keith was snowed in, so after my last trip to Q in this sort of weather which took six hours I decided to cancel this Sunday working party and look forward to next week.

I hope the weather clears up as it is work week at Quainton where the members contribute their time carrying out jobs that a needed to keep the centre running. We did have a special diesel train in yesterday from Hertfordshire railtours which was on a round robin tour and brought some well needed revenue for the centre.

Just a few pic's this week 7200 at Barry the Wednesday team and Keith and John pulling 7200 with a chain back in the shed.

Again many thanks to all our followers

keep the donations coming

Watch this space

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Having gone over to the upside yard to have a nosy at 6989 with its tender connected this is on loan from Owsden Hall 6984 while their restoration continues and 6989 complete theirs.

So we did not get started until about 10.30 this morning Keith had called in sick, John was painting the siphon, that left Mike who is on the last leg of machining the face of the super-heater and as you can see from the picture it is being done in sections, as ...the table is not not wide enough to do in one go.
I spent the day grinding of the rear foundation ring set screw heads ready for removal and weather permitting do the front ones next week.

The trustees have taken the decision to replace the front section of the boiler barrel rather than repair it, this means that we will have a totally new boiler from the fire box which will also include the new tube plate and smoke box. This decision was based not just on a cost bases, but it it is easier to to put new bits together and save time. the cost is just short of 2K so any donations would be gratefully received.

Nice picture of 7222 notice the patched up bunker and the chalk writing on the back, the young fireman thinks he is driving a Ferrari.

Again many thanks to our followers keep the donations coming

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Sunshine and no clouds all day -6 in the wind +1 out, watch this space for more snow.
Earlier in the week we had a visit from Andy and Rob from Heritage Boiler Repairs who have been awarded the contract for finishing the build on the Unknown Warriors boiler, we have an issue with our side tanks which they think they can help us with, will update later.
Mike managed to get the old Kearns machine working today after a few trials and tribulations it started to cu...t the face of the header, another ongoing project.
Keith has been busy making a new aerial for the boiler which he has trial fitted to the top of the fire box, this is for radio controlled running on foggy days.
If the weather is better next week he will be back on drilling the but strip holes.
I spent the day grinding rivet heads of ready for burning/drilling out, in preparation for the big rebuild. One thing that did come out from Andy's and rob's visit was that it may better and cheaper if we also replace the second short ring on the boiler which would mean a complete new boiler from firebox to smoke box , I shall get a price for this next week.
Finally a great shot,we believe of 7200 speeding around the Mulsanne bend ( La Mans)with a load of cattle trucks.

Many thanks to all for your support

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7200 Trust
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With the half term now over and after a busy week at Q we have started a couple of new projects.

The main one being the main super heater header which will need to be hydraulically pressure tested up to 400 psi, this will mean sealing all 32 holes to carry this out. Some of the main face is a bit rough so a decision was made to machine it flush which will help when we come to set the test rig.
As you can see from the pictures it's a big lump and not easy t...o manoeuvre around a tight work shop but we finally got it to the Kearns machine and Mike bolted it to the bed ready for machining to start next week.

Meanwhile Keith was out on the the smoke box drilling more holes this time for the front butt plate, this will seal the joint.

We also had an unexpected visit from Dennis Howells one of our trustees and owner of 9466 who complemented the team on the standard of work carried out on the smoke box, so smiles all round.
The boys from 4253 also phoned us this afternoon inviting themselves up in April to take some measurements for their loco and do some swaps so a busy day all round.

Again many thanks to all our followers and contributors.

Last pic one of my favourites of 7200

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7200 Trust
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7200 Trust updated their status.
February 4


Mike and I spent the morning fiddling with the smokebox door trying to get a tight fit all round, this is important as to prevent cold air being drawn inside the box when running. As you can see Mike is cleaning up one of he hinges faces on the lathe so the hinges will sit flush to the front of the ring, this did improved things slightly but there was still a 5 thou cap in places.

So after lunch we went to visit the 6989 crew in the up yard who were fit...ting their safety valve bonnet and asked Steve Underhill for some advise, so next week we will heat up the hinges and tighten the dart and leave to cool, hopefully this will work

Keith has several projects on the go at the moment, one is the the whistle bracket that sits on the boiler and the one which he completed today the fitting of the steam lance valve as seen in the picture.

Mike has also been busy in the garden shed at home having machined the warming valve and fabricating the whistle chain runners.

Again many thanks to all our supporters and please keep the donations coming in.

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7200 Trust updated their status.
January 21

Things did not go quiet to plan today as the weather turned out to pretty bitter and cold as you can see from the pictures, so the planned works for Mike and I to Finnish lining up the smoke box door did not happen.

Keith luckily had an inside job which was to clean up the superheater header and re tap the 1" stud holes we discovered that the two front one's either side are in fact 7/8" anybody know why.


We are also going investigate the best method of pressure testing the casting any ideas on this would be appreciated and whether to mill the face smooth, job's for the future after we have trial fitted it to the smoke box.

I have posted a couple of items ( blow down valve and centre pin cover) for sale or exchange on the gallery please contact us if interested. there is also a photo of 7200 in the up yard taken a few years ago, there is a clue to the date as it looks like the kings tender being filled up with water behind.
Look forward to your comments

That's all for now thanks for your support and donations new member always welcomed.

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7200 Trust updated their status.
January 14

At the last GCR Auction in December we managed to pick up a GWR train heating gauge, It allows the crew to adjust the amount of steam required for the number of carriages you have on tow, it will need servicing.

We have now moved the Smoke box to the other side of the rail and placed it in front of the boiler, this allows more manoeuvrability for lifting etc, many thanks to Alan Hogg the Driver and Adrian for their help.
As you can see from the pic'...s we have now also fitted the door with the new hinge pin, this will still need further adjustment to get the fit perfect.

last Sunday we brought the Superheater down from the Romney shed and drilled out the two studs that hold it to the the support bracket on the inside of the smokebox, our intention is trial fit and then prepare it for hydraulic testing.

When we get round to placing the smokebox on the saddle we shall keep the superheater in so we can then trial fit the steam pipes down to the cylinders.

Finally a special thanks to Mike, John, Keith, and Alan for all their efforts today.

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7200 Trust added 7 new photos from January to the album: 2018.


7200 Trust added 2 new photos from January to the album: 2018.