This month's photolog.

Tweet TweetThis week has been nice weather. I hope it stays that way and does not get too cold again. This was how today went around here:1. Daylight Savings has made it hard to get out of bed this week. I guess that could be because I am getting to bed to late. I hope to change that to "early to...

Something new on The Stage.

Who is 7as1: 7 people becoming 1. We take each day at a time and strive to become more unified as a family. To be a force for each other that cannot be broken. My Pearls have a good friendship and I want it to become stronger. And stronger with me and Daddio as well. For a long time we have dre...
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Farmlife doesn't rest on the Sabbath.

Tweet Tweet Happy New Year of 12of12! Yesterday (the 12th) seemed hectic. Maybe because it was Sunday. It probably wasn't anymore chaotic than normal, but it was Sunday and I feel those are supposed to be, you know, a "day of rest." Some Sundays feel anything but that. 1. I have a reminder fo...

Last night I worked on a mixed media art piece that I had been wanting to work on for awhile. I was so glad that I did, it was very refreshing.

More Word Power.

Word Power

Dear Kids, Saw one of you boys sitting here in a messy house last night, reading a book by the light of the Christmas tree. Reading words. My heart about burst. A guy I know often mails books. And every time the postal clerk asks him the obligator

Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas from our Family to Yours!

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On the blog. It is amazing that 2013 is almost behind us.

Country Living.

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Stick bugs, school day and fairies. How was your 12th day of September?

Tweet TweetI spy a Stick Bug! Oh my goodness! Fall time is here. It doesn't feel like it weather-wise (90's), but the tree leaves are falling. Though, that might be because it is dry here. My Pearls have been talking Halloween for a couple of weeks now and before we know it, it will be here. …

Enjoying Texas!

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Travel plans have changed, but the adventures continue.

Tweet TweetMany people ask us what is happening with us now. So here it goes. Soon after leaving Utah, Rob and I felt that we would not be returning to live there. We felt that Heavenly Father wanted us somewhere else. A few months into the trip we felt like it was going to be Texas. A few month...

And More Progress ~

Tweet TweetMirror, mirror (almost hung) on the wall. This fun tri-fold mirror was given to us because the previous owner had no use for it. We were so excited to put it to use, but first I had to beautify it. I love paint. And spray paint comes in handy for certain projects. This was one of them.…


Tweet Tweet After searching and searching we finally found, not only one, but two decent quality dressers for a great price. We found them at a yard sale. They weren't out to be sold, but I had asked if they had dressers that they were wanting to sell. The owner was so nice. She even gave me so...

99 degree Texas weather today. Working in the shade with a nice breeze makes it seem a lot cooler.

On the blog: Easy Bread Recipe

Tweet Tweet We love bread, especially homemade bread. Included in our weekly chores rotation is soux chef. My older girls are going to learn to do this so they can help make bread often. We want to get away from buying store bought bread. HOMEMADE BREAD From start to finish in 1 Hour 5 ¼ Cups W...