Trying out luggage setups

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Todays top tip;

Why pay $70 for an "adventure motorcycling tool tube"

When you can call up the local farm/tractor supply store and buy the same part for $20

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My first instagram video! Riding through snow in the Himalayas on Chang La pass. Check out the blog posts for this ride. |
New blog post online! How to deal with touts while traveling. Video is my evening hanging out with my new 'tout' friends in the night market of Luxor, Egypt |
Growing up in an Arab country I have always been familiar with the idea of Ramadan. However it was by pure luck that I have visited Istanbul during Ramadan. Inadvertently, I have stumbled into some amazing evenings where families will gather after sunset to break their fast, crowding the open grasses between the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque


This amazing trip took place on August 2016. Our goal was to visit one mystery lake on the border between Kyrgyzstan and China. The name of it Kelsuu lake. You…

A lot of people ask me what happens if I break down?

Not being a mechanic by trade or hobby like many other travelers, this should be a genuine concern for me.

However, when the world is full of good people, it's usually the least of my worries.


This was a mantra I was able to see in action when my GSXR broke down in Montenegro on the way from Holland to Turkey

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While riding from Holland to Turkey (and back), my brother and I were passing through the small nation of Montenegro. A country that was supposed to be no more than a days transit on the way to the nights camp in Albania.

A sneak peek of what's in store. (I gave up on sportbikes and decided to get a proper adventure bike with knobbies 🤷)

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Another day, another visa; Pakistan!

This was the visa I had the most concerns about getting as they not only required a large amount of paper work but also stated a 4 to 6 week turn around with no options for a rush fee.

In addition to the standard paperwork of confirmation of employment, bank statements, justification of not having flights and hotel bookings (cancellable of course); I was also able to boost my application with a personal letter of invitation (LOI) as oppose...d to a tour agency invitation as well as an invitation from a Pakistani motorcycle club as a guest of honour.

It must have been a solid application as I had the visa back in my hands within 3.5 weeks with no questions asked even when I mentioned that I would be traveling by motorbike to the sometimes difficult northern Gilgit-Balistan region which nearly had further travel restrictions imposed by the Pakistani government by way of a No Objection Certificate (NOC) requirement which would have all but barred me from the country.

For more on my visa journey, check out the latest blog post over on

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Ever wondered what a Mongolian visa looks like?

After sending my passport and all the necessary documentation to the Embassy in Canberra I waited patiently.

3 weeks in, I thought I'd better call and check, only to be told that they didn't have a record of it ever arriving!


Thankfully, with the reference of a postal tracking number, they confirmed that they did in fact have it and that it would be sent the next day 😐

Check out the latest blog post for details on visa processes for the countries I will visit in my first 6 months.

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Before the adventure comes the paperwork.

Here's a rundown of the processes and perils for the visas for the first 6 months of my journey through Russia, Mongolia and the Stans

When I dreamt of a round the world adventure, I never really thought about the amount of work (and paperwork) that would go into acquiring visas.

Spotted something today that could have meant HUGE problems before even crossing my first border

Turns out that the engine number listed on my registration papers doesn't match the number stamped on the block

Now for a slightly more local, yet equally bureaucratic process to get this fixed up

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Mongolian visa application

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June 22nd 2017 > October 22nd 2017

South Korea, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, China, Pakistan & India

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Nearly 3 months to the day before I leave for my next ride; a brief outline of what I'll be doing and why I'll be exploring these particular parts of the world.…/…/from-dreams-to-reality-the-big-trip/

The definition of this trip has evolved over the years; what started off as a vague plan to ride around the world for 2-3 years has now finally become a more targeted plan and most importantly, reality.

Whilst I have been busy with the tremendous amounts of research and paperwork required for this trip, I've enlisted the help of the guys at TNT Motorcycle Care to strip down my bike and go through it with a fine tooth comb to ensure that it is in the best possible shape with a few added "farkles" to make it Mongolia-proof

TNT Motorcycle Care added 14 new photos.

Started an interesting little built today
Creating a dual purpose GSXR600 for an out of this world adventure

Photos of subframe getting removed to box and str...engthen up

Removed tank and air box to get to the injectors for cleaning and do the valves ect

More pics to come as we progress with this one

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As parts start rolling in from all over the world, the preparation of the bike begins

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Procrastinating on preparation so may as well procrastinate with Long Way Round.

One of my first introductions to adventure riding besides reading ride reports on ADVRider

Many people criticise their big bikes, whinging and support vehicles but still a good watch.


Seeing the big BMWs struggle in the mud makes me wonder what kind of mess I'm getting myself into

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Always learning.

Just downloaded a new offline GPS app (Maps.Me) that has come highly recommended

But best of all, having never used a dedicated GPS before, managed to import over 2000 waypoints from a Garmin file collated by travelers over the years.


Fuel, accommodation and food fears for Russia, Mongolia and the Stans somewhat diminished!

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