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• OUT NOW: 8BP137 - Aonami: Robokick Is My Copilot EP Vol. 1 • "Styles and moods collide in a beautiful C30 free-for-all. Hit the auto-reverse."

Building on a decade of immersion in the obscurest corners of the Japanese musical underground, Tokyo's Aonami emerges from the shadows to drop the white-hot Robokick Is My Copilot EP Vol. 1 chip mixtape. Styles and moods collide in a beautiful C30 free-for-all; where tracks like the subdued, percol...

• OUT NOW: 8BP136 - Corset Lore: Graces and Furies • "intricate arrangements that intersperse urgency and tension with dramatic hammer-of-the-gods thunder"

Blending the simplicity of the Game Boy sound palette with the programming of a seasoned composer, Corset Lore's second release Graces and Furies elevates the traditionally humble platform with an uncommon sophistication. From the pensive…

We're still feeling the power while never dying!

[US] NEW YORK NY • tomorrow night, Saturday 12/19 • strong 8bitpeoples representation at Palisades in Brooklyn as Nullsleep, Bit Shifter, and exileFaker shake the walls all night long to help you dance away the horrors of modern living. • Full info at

Sat 11:55 PM ESTPalisadesNew York, NY
174 people interested

[MX] MEXICO CITY DF • this weekend, don't miss 8BP crewmembers Kris Keyser and Radlib performing live and loud in Mexico City at Format DF, alongside heavy-hitters Analog, jefftheworld, Chema64, and more. • for more details.

Fri 7:00 PM UTC-06Laboratorio Arte AlamedaMexico City, Mexico
533 people went

• OUT NOW: 8BP135 - ZEN ALBATROSS: SIGINT • "an imperfect anthem for our contemporary dystopia"

In this long-awaited transmission, ZEN ALBATROSS summons massive black monoliths of low-fidelity dance floor anxiety. Screaming cassette decks provide air support for slow-building Game Boy drones as waves of radio static and percussive noise hit lik

• OUT NOW: 8BP134 - Orloc: YOAKE • "contemplative atmospheres that are deceptively complex"

Orloc's YOAKE presents a softly shifting landscape, colored by droplets of a signature bell-tone sound that those familiar with her former guise of Coova will immediately recognize. YOAKE's delicately percussive tones pair gentle urgency with reassuring melody, building contemplative atmospheres tha…

☆ New website ☆ New digital storefront ☆

• In addition to our free offerings, now select 8bitpeoples releases are also available for purchase in high-bitrate or lossless audio formats.

• About ⅓ of the catalogue currently available in high-quality editions, including killer releases by knife city, Mr. Spastic, Sulumi, The J. Arthur Keenes Band, Rainbowdragoneyes, glomag, minusbaby, exileFaker, Kris Keyser, and Radlib — many with upgraded artwork, extra content, and bonus tr...acks. More releases to be added in the coming months.

• And don't forget we offer tangible items too — t-shirts, hoodies, CDs, DVDs, and even an album that plays music straight off of a microchip.

• Thank you for your support over our 15 years!


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• OUT NOW: 8BP133 - knife city: precious jewel • "these are more tracks from knife city!"

these are more tracks from knife city! produced by luke silas. additional mixing and production by jon baken. mastered by gabe liberti. artwork by alex friedman. also amazing remixes from great friends. goodbye! goodbye! goodbye! ♥

• OUT NOW: 8BP132 - L-Tron: Konnekted • "Even if your feet haven't moved by the end of it all, you will have gone somewhere."

L-Tron delivers a tightly packaged box of wrangled insanity tied together with disarming potency and four-on-the-floor beats. This is more than dance music, this is don't think about how you dance music. In motion it's equal parts beauty to blister. Opening the blinds, L-tron gives you a glimpse of the demons at his doorstep and the sword he uses to slay them. In this four track EP, dance music structure is melted down and recast, leaving your ears to search for a sound that isn't. Even if your feet haven’t moved by the end of it all, you will have gone somewhere.

SHADOWTRAVEL • new Nullsleep / starpause split 7" is OUT NOW on Radiograffiti. Featuring tracks from these two 8bp alums, along with a slew of remixes from other familiar names. Art by Francoise Gamma, minusbaby, and mikrosopht. The soundtrack to your sweaty summer dance parties (of death).

Physical purchase includes: large sticker, download card, three-color hand-screened canvas LGPT patch, art sheet, tri-fold cover and text file (immediate) with link to audio remix stems for use in your DAW of choice. Hand-assembled/hand-numbered.

NOTE: Save those DL codes when purchasing. More remixes are on the way.

Includes immediate download of 17-track album in the high-quality format of your choice (MP3, FLAC, and more), plus unlimited mobile access using the free Bandcamp listening app.

◤◢◤◢ TOUR ALERT ◤◢◤◢
We're excited to announce Nullsleep (NYC), starpause (SF) and Stagediver (MKE) will be embarking on a US tour from May 31 – June 7 • Hitting San Francisco, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Chicago, New York and Philadelphia • Full details at ::
8bitpeoples updated their cover photo.

Wallpaper pattern by minusbaby for Paza Rahm's "The Slaphappy Bee III EP" [2008].

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• OUT NOW: 8BP130 - Kris Keyser: Kris Keyser • "It's dark, though still hopeful. It's loud, but nuanced."

It's been a few years since Kris Keyser's last EP, and the incubation period seems to have done him well — this eponymous EP sounds like equal parts fire and water, danger and safety. At times it's dark, though still hopeful. It's loud, but nuanced. This is the sound of one LSDJ cart stretched to it...

• OUT NOW: 8BP129 - Yerzmyey: Brutal And Aggressive • "A six-song foray into the YM/AY dimension's darkest atmospheres."

ZX Spectrum poweruser Yerzmyey emerges from the shadows with Brutal And Aggressive, a six-song foray into the YM/AY dimension's darkest atmospheres. Serrated arps flank cold, phasing tones and punishing low-res rhythms, challenging you to either join the darkness, or meet your end resisting.

• OUT NOW: 8BP128 - Sulumi: Music Offers The Third Eye • "Download, plug in, be enlightened."

Beijing powerhouse Sulumi crashes the 8bitpeoples party with the long-awaited international triple-threat maxi-single Music Offers the Third Eye. The lead-off track "Jurchen" sets the stage with spacious, thunderous Nanoloop beat machinery, and then gives rise to its own pummeling genetic variants c...