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Why are you not debt free today? There are several likely reasons:

1. You just got married, just bought a home, a car, started having kids and you have not had any time to pay all this off yet.
2. You or your spouse overspends. Yea, debt only happens by spending more than we make.
4. You are living beyond your means. Instead of steadily saving money, you have too big of home, too nice of cars, or eating out regularly is costing you more than your income....
3. Bad luck things have hit you out of the blue. Had to replace tires, transmission went out, family vacation came up, splurged on Christmas, repaired your roof, repaired your water heater or dishwasher, suffered unexpected medical expenses, etc.
4. You and/or your spouse lack some financial discipline. You know exactly what you should be doing to get out of debt, but life keeps getting in the way as the years go by.

So if you have a mortgage, auto loans, student loans, and credit card debt, Nine Year Mortgage can change your life starting today. It might just be time to get your free personalized Total Debt-Elimination Analysis from Nine Year Mortgage to see exactly how soon all that debt can actually be eliminated -- guaranteed. Order your free CD today at

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Quick Question and a Favor to ask...

How many of you have tried to pay off your debt with the Debt Snowball method? How did it go?

We'd love to hear your story. If it worked, how much did you save and how fast did you get debt free?


If it didn't work for you, why not?

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When you embark on a new debt payoff plan, you need to focus on the big things first. For most people that means their housing. Your mortgage or rent is probably your single biggest monthly expense, so it's where you can get the biggest benefit by making an adjustment.

Getting off to a good start is the single most important thing you can do and it will increase your chance of reaching your goal of debt freedom exponentially. Seeing quick success will motivate you to do more ...and stick to your plan when you're faced with challenges, which you most certainly will face. Here's a few housing related tips to help you GO BIG!

1. Downsize - With real estate prices strengthening around the country now might be a great time to sell your house and downsize. If you're "house-poor" this could save your hundreds of dollars per month that you can use to retire other debts or begin to save for the future.

2. Take on a renter - I just built a new home and we put a small one-bedroom mother-in-law apartment in our basement. I was able to get a young newlywed couple to rent it and the money covers all my utilities and property taxes for my house. If you've got a spare room, it could help you finally get ahead.

3. Refinance - With mortgage rates at all-time lows under 4% if you're still paying on a mortgage that's over 4% you may want to consider refinancing. A lower interest rate could cut your monthly payment by hundreds of dollars. Try to find a no-cost refi option so you don't give up all the savings in fees and expenses.

4. House-share - You're not the only one struggling with high housing costs. Perhaps you can share a home or apartment and cut your housing costs in half. Pretty easy to find others willing to share on local classifieds like Craigslist.

These four simple tips could create hundreds of extra dollars a month in your budget. They may seem extreme, but by tackling your biggest expense first, every other decision will be a piece of cake.

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While getting out of debt is a huge accomplishment for most people, it's only the 50 yard line of life's financial game. You still have 50 more yards to go before you can do the touchdown dance and celebrate a secure retirement.

I've seen too many people make the sacrifices to get out of debt only to blow all that hard work by falling back into the same habits after the debts are paid off. A common question we get is, "what do I do next?"

The answer is that you need to r...edirect all that cash flow that has now been captured by getting out of debt and channel it into a solid retirement plan. Don't fall back into that "spending trap" that got yo you in trouble in the first place.

That's phase 2 and we'd love to help yo with that as well. It all starts with a simple safe savings plan where you can't lose money and you're always moving forward.

If you're down to only your mortgage and a few smaller consumer debts, we can help you get started on both at the same time. Contact us and we'll do another analysis to show you how to start making your money grow while you're paying off the last few debts. You won't believe how well this works!

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Here's a simply way to slow down the interest freight train on your credit card debts

Credit card balances are the financial anchor for most American families and there is no quick solution if you've built up a big balance on your credit card. Here's a way to get a little help to pay it down faster.

Many credit card companies are offering 15-18 months of 0% interest on balance transfers and all new purchases. If you have a balance on a high interest credit card, you can tra...nsfer the balance to one of these cards and avoid an interest payment for that introductory period.

This will allow you to apply more of your payment to the actual principle balance of the credit card to lower the amount that is used to calculate the interest payments.

You'll need to have decent credit (700+ FICO) to qualify in most cases so this tip isn't for those that are already not the edge and falling behind in their payments.

Best places to see the current offers are and credit

If you really want to get out of debt, but lack the discipline to stick to your plan, we'd like to help. Contact us today for a free debt analysis and we'll prepare a 9 page analysis to show you exactly how much time and money you can save with our unique service.

Good luck and remember to live within your means!

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