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Karen Johnson
· February 14, 2018
the work they do is so incredibly important!!! thanks to them health and PE are coming back our nation's students!
Jessica Peconi Cook
· March 27, 2018
As a former health/physical education teacher now state executive director, I constantly look to the programs, products, and services of SHAPE America and am beyond grateful for the resources and netw...ork they provide!! See More
Doc Amy Linder
· February 28, 2018
Great customer service!!

Thank you Keith!!

Dr. Amy D. Linder, PhD
Ken Head
· June 23, 2017
Let kids play. They don't need to be constantly managed every moment of their lives. Humans learn from play, not being directed about by officious bureaucrats. Unless the intention is to create sheep.

“Sometimes kids may be out for recess but they’re not being active,” said Michelle Carter, senior program manager of SHAPE America

I was one of those kids. Sometimes I was active, sometimes I was doing my own thing because I loved self-education. What SHAPE advocate is thought-control, not creativity and independence.
See More
Susan Ganley
· April 17, 2015
Getting our youth to be healthy for a lifetime requires daily physical education where our children will become physically literate and learn the how's and why's of being fit.
JiJi Jonas
· February 29, 2016
Bonnie Richardson and I will be attending Speak Out Day in DC. We are looking forward to a great time promoting Physical Ed.
Charla Tedder Krahnke
· March 31, 2014
I think the new SHAPE America is going to move our country ahead and put a crunch on the childhood obesity rate.
Bernell Hooker
· June 1, 2014
I was looking for NAGWS and was redirected to Shape America. I like the site but miss NAGWS for its dedication to girls and women.
Mukasa Nelson
· June 25, 2016
SHAPE America is for devep SPORT'S industry its was interested me I this I calling to joining SHAPE America.
Kimberly Coleman
April 28, 2013
SHAME ON U @NTAAHPERD Board of Govs! #AAHE exec have maintained integrity, but u have not. U've cut off ur nose 2 spite ur face and damaged the promise of a historical partnership with @SOPHEtweets by... refusing to address the MOA. So petty and unprofessional! #2013SOPHEAAHE #AAHPERD2013 See More
Cynthia Giannini
· April 2, 2014
Great info!
Omar Salinas
January 26, 2012
contact me if the Alliance decides on south Texas as a convention site

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