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You're not the only one feeling colder weather -- your tires feel it too! Make sure you've got the right pressure levels. #SafetyFirst

Cold weather can make your car tires will lose air pressure which has several consequences.

There is an actual reason why your brake lights are red. Learn about it here. #KnowMore

There is a reason why are brake lights red
A rattle from below might be as simple & inexpensive as replacing clamps on a loose exhaust system. Bring it by AAMCO! #MaintenanceMonday
AAMCO has been known as the transmissions experts since 1962! #TBT
Weird noises, shifting problems, slipping gears, or movement delay, come see the experts at AAMCO! #MaintenanceMonday

Think there might be something wrong with your car's transmission? Check our list of common warning signs to see what may be happening with your car. #AAMCOCares

AAMCO is the most trusted name in transmission repair and has been for over 50 years. What sets us apart is our comprehensive diagnostic approach, ...
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Michigan produces the most cars out of any state in the USA. Can you name the other two in the top three states for auto manufacturing? Check back tomorrow for the answer. #TuesdayTrivia

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Check Engine' light not turning off? Your local AAMCO can make sure your car gets the treatment it needs! #MaintenanceMonday

When your Check Engine Light comes on or starts flashing, trust the AAMCO experts to check it thoroughly.

Should you actually be waiting for your car to warm up? Check out both sides of the debate here:

As long as your car's windows are clear, your car just needs about three minutes to effectively warm it up

For new and experienced drivers alike, everyone could use a good "highway rules" refresher.

Driving on an interstate highway takes skill and knowledge. The following 3 key facts about highways can help young drivers feel at ease on those r...

We all have a favorite movie car stunt. Does yours make the top 10?

Just don't try to pull any of them off at home.

There are different types of both automatic and manual transmissions. Learn the basics here:

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Windows fogged and in a hurry? Try these NASA engineering tips to defog quickly!

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When was four-wheel drive invented? Check back tomorrow for the answer! #TuesdayTrivia

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An oil and filter change is often the first step for regularly scheduled maintenance. Swing by your local AAMCO to find out if your car is due. #MaintenanceMonday

AAMCO is your one-stop shop for all of your car, truck or SUV’s repairs and maintenance needs. From changing oil, fluids and filters, to the most c...

Kids -- and their car seats -- grow up quickly! Make sure you're getting the right seat for their age.

Information for safely installing a car seat for your child.

You don't see them unless you need them. Airbags -- do they need to be replaced? #SafetyFirst

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