We continue working on ABLV Annual Report 2014. The photo shoot of our Senior Private Bankers was held at Dizaina Fabrika. The result of shoots will be first published in our Annual Report 2014.
A bit more of beautiful memories and interesting facts on our Christmas ball: 900 light bulbs were replaced for the event, more than 30 people worked on sound editing and assembling of stage decorations. Scenography was comprised of more than 100 diamond-shaped decorations of different size and material. The production of the decorations started already in November, one month prior to the event. All the transformations of the Riga Latvian Society House required 2x24 h of hard work 😮😮😮Wow… we mean, WOW! 🤗🎄
ABLV Blood Donor Day 2017 goes full speed! 😊 So far, 35 colleagues donated blood 👍🏼

On 19 April, our letter to the FinCEN providing a response to the notice released on 13 February was published. In the letter, our attorneys refer to more than 50 documents, which are provided as the attachments.

From the very start, we have always expressed our readiness to cooperate with FinCEN to provide it with any additional information that may be useful in the course of its deliberations. The reputation of the bank, its employees and partners, as well as the financial system as a whole, were the main reasons why the bank has carried out this enormous work after announcing voluntarily liquidation.

See the letter and the attachments here:

On Tuesday, 17 April, ABLV’s attorneys from WilmerHale law firm’s U.S. office submitted a letter to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) of the U.S. Department of the Treasury providing a response to the Notice FinCEN released on 13 February 2018. The letter is published on website ...
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March 5
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Dear friends! A little time ago, we were really happy and shared our achievements in various areas of ABLV activity. However, on 13 February, we were maligned and had to deal with the hardest accusations in the financial area. We still can’t believe it. The fate of our bank was determined in less than two weeks. Our precise mechanism constructed by us with love and gaining its financial power with time is paralyzed now.

We would like to show you one of our last days at ABLV. The day we were still together, had hope and fought for our truth. We are almost a thousand: bankers and constructors, accountants and methodologists, brokers and lawyers, IT specialists and architects and many others — we are leaving with our heads up.

Our Chairman of the Board Ernests Bernis: Not a single cent is asked from the state; we ask them to buy high quality securities that we have.

ABLV Bank emphasizes that for the stabilisation of the situation the bank is not and will not ask a single cent to be invested in it from the state budged. The case is about selling the high quality securities that the bank owns in order to let the bank stabilise situation and return to normal operation shortly. Therefore ABLV Bank asks... Bank of Latvia to do a favour and buy ABLV Bank securities or issue a loan on securities.

Currently, the bank is facing certain technical difficulties in quick sale of the securities it has, even despite that the bank’s liquidity and capital adequacy is on a good level.

As reported earlier, under the steps being taken to stabilise the situation, the bank has made a decision to pledge a part of the high quality securities it has at its disposal. Right now, the bank has at its disposal securities amounting to EUR 1.57 billion.

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February 16
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February 16
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February 1
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Last year, December fell short of investors’ expectations for serious global “Christmas rally” and the key global stock markets closed the last month of the year mixed. See management company comment about ABLV open-end mutual funds in December, 2017 on our webpage.

This year, December fell short of investors’ expectations for serious global “Christmas rally” and the key global stock markets closed the last month of the year mixed. The majority of European market indexes closed the month negative (for example, the Germany’s main stock index DAX fell by ...

Ernests Bernis, CEO: We have excellent financial condition that we didn’t squander even in the so-called “fat years”.

They say there is no place like home. A respectable mansion built at the beginning of the last century on Elizabetes Street, where the headquarters of ABLV Bank is located, adjoins the house where the father of Ernests Bernis, Chief Executive Officer at ABLV Bank, was born.�...

Tonight we have the Christmas ball, an event which ABLV employees have been waiting through the whole year! Congratulations to our long-term colleagues, speeches by top-management and workshops — all this is about to start! But the biggest surprise is going to be a unique performance by someone adored by Latvians and foreigners! Can’t wait! The first guests have already arrived, and the night promises to be fabulous!

ABLV Bank in Riga is feeling festive.

Today all ABLV employees received their Christmas presents: calendar for 2018 and magnificent decorations made from Murano glass specially for us. Two tenders and our teamwork resulted in each bauble being a little hand-made piece of art able to bring big joy! But the presents aren’t over! More surprises to come tonight, at the Christmas ball for ABLV employees!

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ABLV Bank in Riga updated their cover photo.
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Our headquarters and Mortgage Loans Service Department at Elizabetes Street have been delighting the eye with Christmas decorations for several days now! Thousands of lights remind us the holidays are coming. We really enjoy special hand-made candles by Estonian craftsman! In the façade decorations almost 12 thousand LED lights are used.
The interior of the headquarters this year features nature vibes. Flora and fauna are about to come over you from garlands and flower arrangements, while elegant atmosphere reminds that true happiness is found in simple things such as attention, love and care which each one of us is capable of.