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Bryan Lim
· October 7, 2014
Honestly, one of the best organizations I've ever worked with. The programme has developed into such a mature, complex community with its own unique subculture and traditions. Active citizens for life.

Hello all!

Participant applications for our Winter Alternative Weekends are now open! We will be partnering with Happy Period and addressing homelessness and menstruation on the weekend of Feb. 2nd and 3rd! Apps are due WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30TH @ 5:00PM.

Wondering if Alternative Breaks at UCSD is the org for you? Interested in collaborating alongside non-profits and doing impactful local service during the Winter? Then this is the form for you! AB Alternative Weekends are weekend-long events that provide UCSD community members the opportunity to wor...

The Winter Alternative Weekends is finally here! If you're interested in collaborating with Alternative Breaks and learning more about menstruation and homelessness, click the link below and sign up by this Friday, Jan. 26th at 5pm!…/1FAIpQLSfpNkEJ1_Lodlyoa_…/viewform

Wondering if Alternative Breaks at UCSD is the org for you? Interested in collaborating alongside non-profits and doing impactful local service during the Winter? Then this is the form for you! AB Alternative Weekends are weekend-long events that provide UCSD community members the opportunity to wor...

Didn't have time to apply? Didn't get accepted to a trip? Well you're in luck, we have a few trips that are reopening their applications!! Apps will be due this Friday, November 17th at 5pm! Check out the link below and become a future breaker!!

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Join us today for Trip Reveal! Get to know our Service Leaders and learn more about the trips they planned for this year! Hope to see you there!

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Couldn't make it to an info session? Come on down to Trip Reveal anyway! YOU CAN STILL APPLY, EVEN IF YOU DID NOT MAKE IT TO AN INFO SESSION!

Location: Fourth floor of Price Center in the Forum
Time: 6:30-10 pm


*You do not have to stay for the entire event. You are free to come and go as you please, but don't forget that this is your opportunity to meet our incredible service leaders!

Hope you are as pumped as we are. Our leadership team cannot wait to meet you lovely humans!

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And here is our second AB Once Upon A Time service leader Valeria Moreno!

"Hello, my name is Valeria and I am a co-service leader for AB Once Upon a time I was a participant last year for AB HKO (Ho’omau Ke Ola - to perpetuate life as it is meant to be), we addressed alcoholism and rehabilitation. Alongside my team, I was able to learn about a social justice issue that I was aware of through my family’s experience, but I never had the opportunity to learn about the recov...ery process. During my AB trip, I was introduced to the way HKO incorporates western practiced rehabilitation practices with Hawaiian culture. It was an experience I will always treasure, because it showed me how healing can look differently through a cultural perspective. I hope this year as a service leader to give my participants an opportunity to learn about social justice issues they may have heard about, but have not been given the space or people to help them understand it at a deeper level."

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Today's spotlights go to the service leaders for AB Once Upon a Time! First up we have Haley Higa:

"Hi my name is Haley and I am a service leader for AB Once Upon a Time! Last year I had the privilege of going to the Pine Ridge Reservation to learn more about the intersectional impact of social justice issues pertaining to rural poverty and Native American cultural issues. I hope to continue my path towards active citizenship as a leader this year, and share the same passion for service and amazing memories I found with my previous trip."

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Today is our LAST DAY of info sessions!! If you're still interested in joining, but need to learn a little more about AB@UCSD before Trip Reveal tomorrow night, stop by the ERC College Room (PC 2nd floor) between 12 and 4pm (last session at 3:30)!

Next up is AB Empower Hour!!
"Hello world!! We are Sabrina Law and Nicole Morris, Coleslaw for short. Our mission this year is to give visibility and support to women and their families who have been, and continue to be, affected by the prison cycle. Many of these women are single mothers who are victims to cycles of domestic, sexual, and substance abuse. We hope to provide strong direct service to support these women so that they can successfully reintegrate into society and escape this system. But we can't do this without you! Join us in service and learn about the movement that is AB@UCSD." #BETHECHANGE #REDUCERECIDIVISM

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Still trying to squeeze in an info session? Or just can't get enough of AB@UCSD?

Join our coordinators today from 4-5pm in the ERC Room. They will be speaking about the Alternative Breaks Program for Changemaker Day! Hope to see you there!

Today's spotlight goes to Daisy Rios who shares about her experience being a participant last year and a Service Leader this year!

"Last year I was a participant for AB Serve to Sustain. Our trip's social justice issues were environmental sustainability, rural poverty and education. My team went to Yunguilla, Ecuador. We got to do both hard and soft service that ranged from working on reforestation, restoration, restaurant construction, cheese and jam production and in the community's school teaching english. It was a very rewarding experience getting to learn more about this community and practicing sustainability.

This year I am excited to lead a trip with my Co-Service Leader and work with the same non-profit. Our trip's social justice issues are youth empowerment, education, poverty and community development. We are excited to go to our community and get to work on strong direct service that combines both hard and soft skills."

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Please help in welcoming the Service Leaders for AB Harvest Hope!

"the opposite of poverty is not wealth; the opposite of poverty is justice. ...equality cannot be measured by how we treat the rich, the powerful, the privileged, and the respected among us. The true measure of our character is how we treat the poor, the disfavored, the accused, the incarcerated, and the condemned.”

-Bryan Stevenson


Our society has treated addiction, homelessness and poverty as moral failures, and this has justified the shunning of some of the most vulnerable members of our communities. The intersection of these social justice issues is complex; a week long service trip will not solve homelessness or addiction. But there is an opportunity for our participants and ourselves, to connect with those we so often ignore. We hope that these next few months will lead us to address and reflect on these issues thoughtfully and compassionately. We hope to bring what we learned from our service back to our own communities. We hope to become active citizens, conscious of the injustices around us, engaged with others in our communities, and committed to making positive change.

In Service,

Christopher Magana and Michelle Vuong

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Haven't made it to an info session yet, but still want to apply? Don't worry! We have many more for week 4, including right now! Can't wait to see you there!

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This next spotlight goes to the Service Leaders for AB Sharing Love!

Nhi Lang : "Nhi Lang was a participant in AB Damar last year. AB Damar focused on serving children and young adults with developmental disability and special needs. Inspired by her Alternative Break experience, she... decided to be service leader this year. This year, Nhi will be co-leading a trip that focuses on human trafficking. Human trafficking is a pervasive issue and affects thousands of people every year. Furthermore, it is an industry that makes billions of dollars from these kinds of exploitations. In this trip, you will gain a deeper understanding about this issue and learn to how to effectively respond to human trafficking by participating in awareness and prevention workshops as well as spread this knowledge to the local community. "

and Samaneh Nawaz:
"My first experience with AB was during my second year when I traveled to Indiana with AB Damar to work with mentally disabled children. This experience was one of the greatest learning experiences of my life. Working alongside peers who had the similar goals and ambitions as mine helped me create a lifelong family. During my first year I was only a participant but my love for AB and the environment which AB fosters, which continually motivates and challenges you, made me apply to be a service leader. In this upcoming year I, alongside my co-service leader, will lead a trip to work with the issue of human trafficking. In my opinion AB has always challenged me to become a better person; a more involved, more motivated peer educator as well as give me of the best experiences of my life!"

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