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SLOW-MO version of PIE A BREAKER! Come down to library walk to pie your friends in AB@UCSD!
Making toothpaste and detergent!
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Bryan Lim
· October 7, 2014
Honestly, one of the best organizations I've ever worked with. The programme has developed into such a mature, complex community with its own unique subculture and traditions. Active citizens for life.
Pritha Multani
· October 8, 2014
Great, welcoming community of people! Life-changing experiences! Lots of fun :)

AB Food for Thought, who went to Sharpsburg, Georgia this past spring break to work on issues of food justice and healthy food access, is hosting a wonderful reorientation event next week.

They'll be collaborating with UCSD's Triton Food Pantry to help alleviate food insecurity in our own community!

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Alternative Breaks@UCSD added 4 new photosfeeling excited with SherMing Tan and Dylan Phan.
May 25

Happy first AB Leadership meeting! Wishing the co-coordinators and amazing year ahead of them! #SDS #StrongDirectService #abatucsd1718 #abatucsd

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Today we're spotlighting AB HKO, who went to Hawaii to focus on issues of drug addiction and culture! #reorientation #reflection

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AB HKO 2017
May 19

"Lesson of the Pond" I REFLECT post-trip

"It's not about the end product; it's about the Ha (exchange of breath), the energy, and the efforts your group pu...t in", claimed the Ho'omau Ke Ola (HKO) coordinator, Auntie Patti. She said that in response to the frustration/confusion she saw in our group and one of the staff members while working on a side project at the site- building a pond. For some context, our group went to Waianae, Hawaii to work with the haumanas (clients/students) of HKO. Some social justice issues we worked with were cultural issues, drug addiction, and rehabilitation. HKO is unique as it ties Hawaiian cultural and spiritual values into its ways of healing. Through the educational opportunities provided by HKO, I had no trouble fully immersing myself with the Hawaiian culture and exchanging stories with the haumanas.

Our group had the mindset of finishing the pond by Friday, but it turned out that our goal was not the same as the coordinator. In the Hawaiian culture, it is more about the process, living at the moment, and really appreciating every breath and every drip of sweat. In contrast, the American culture is so focused on individualism and constant stress about school, work, career, deadlines..the list goes on. It was through Auntie Patti's words (our group named it "The Lesson of the Pond") that I truly realized how important it was to not dwell on the end goal, but to take the time and really appreciate the steps taken to reach it.

This moment really stood out to me because I was constantly questioning whether our group would have an impact on the community and what our purpose was/whether we would be using more of their resources than actually helping them. It was through this tangent we took as a group to figure out our service/purpose of being in Waianae: to spread what we learned about the Hawaiian culture, to spread the aloha (love, peace, positivity), and to be a part of the haumana's healing process.

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May 18

Welcome to the Alternative Breaks movement, new leadership team! We can't wait to grow with you ❤️ #abatucsd #abatucsd1718 #tagyourself

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At the University of California, San Diego, Alternative Breaks, a non-profit student run organization is aiming “to create globally conscious active citizens who commit to lifelong service.”

AB Leadership is having an OPEN-TO-COLLAB leadership meeting this Thursday (5/4) from 8 PM - 9 PM in Center 216!

Join us for a night! Whether you applied for a leadership position in AB or are just curious about what we do in leadership meeting, you are welcomed!

In addition to that, AB Hope House will be giving a social justice warrior presentation on HIV/AIDS. Ask yourself this: Are you comfortable hugging someone living with HIV? If you aren't comfortable, you should cha...llenge yourself to learn more about it! If you already have knowledge on HIV/AIDS, swing by to refresh that knowledge!

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Come and hang out with Breakers from Alternative Breaks: Hope House! They went on a service trip to Memphis, TN this past spring break.

They're excited to have productive conversations and dialogue around the social justice issues of HIV/AIDS, Urban Poverty, and opportunities with AB @ UCSD! They will also have FREE contraceptive packages! 🎗️🎗️🎗️

When: TOMORROW at 10 am...
Where: Library Walk

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Wed 11:00 AM PDTLibrary Walk 1993
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Hello Breakers!

We hope that your trips and Service Leaders and E-board friends have inspired you to want to help continue our movement. For those of you who will still be students next year (undergraduate or graduate), we strongly encourage you to apply for Leadership! It may sound cliche, but our organization literally would not be possible without leaders and active citizens like yourselves.

If you are interested in applying, you must first attend a 30 minute info session.... This is a mandatory part of the application process. Here you can learn a little more about AB Leadership and speak with some current members of our Leadership team. The info sessions will be at the following times and locations:
Thursday 4/27, 2PM-4PM: SSC 554 (The Student Services Center is the building by the Triton statue)
Friday 4/28, 6PM-8PM: SSC 260
Sunday 4/30, 2PM-4PM: SSC 300

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If you're looking for more ways to stay involved and continue the process of Reorientation, check out these events and opportunities! They're also great ways to learn more about what AB Leadership does. 😉

You can:
1. Apply to be a Facilitator for the upcoming Spring Reorientation, which is on NEXT SATURDAY April 22nd! Come get a taste of what it would be like to lead small group activities by clicking this link:


2. Come to our AB Issue Night: Sexual Health, which is on NEXT THURSDAY APRIL 20th FROM 6-8PM! You can learn more about sexual health, as well as getting a chance to talk to our current AB leaders to learn what it is like in AB Leadership! ALSO, FREE FOOD!!! AND A FREE PIZZA PARTY FOR THE GROUP THAT HAS THE MOST PEOPLE SHOWING UP:))

3. Apply to be a Service Leader for our Spring Alternative Weekend, which will be on Friday, May 5th and Saturday, May 6th (the weekend after week 5). There are more details about the event in the application attached, which will close TOMORROW, APRIL 14th at 11:59PM.This will be a great opportunity for you to experience what it's like to lead a service trip and meet awesome new people! And all you need to do is just by clicking this link:…/1FAIpQLScfYLtHHM0d2pD-i…/viewform…

Apply and come hang out with us!!! We look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces in these events ^ ^

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Hello Alternative Breakers! Spring Reorientation is right around the corner, and we would love to invite the collaborative to join as facilitators! This is an opportunity to gain leadership experience while making Spring Reorientation an exciting and educational event for everyone. You will lead sma...

Continue your journey in active citizenship and reorientation through starting a local project! Learn about UCSD's Social Innovation Fund and the CGI U (Clinton Global Initiative University) at an information session this week.

When: Thursday, April 6th from 3:30-4:30pm
Where: Sixth College Room, 3rd Fl. PC East

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Welcome back Triton Breakers!

We hope you all had a great time learning and unlearning about your social justice issues! While we hope that you were able to stay fully engaged on your trips, remember that the path to active citizenship and allyship does not end here. In this period of transition back into work and school we hope you are able to find support in the AB collaborative to help process your experiences and share them with the community. Remember that Spring Reorientation is coming up and we can't wait to hear all about your trips. Until then, happy week one and don't forget to tag us in posts about your trip @abatucsd #alternativebreaks #abatucsd2017 #bethechange

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Welcome back from spring break! Whether you went on a trip, spent time with family, or had amazing adventures, we hope you've had a strong start to your spring quarter!

We can't wait to catch up with you all!

With love,...
💌 🇦🇧 💌

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Murphy's law says that "whatever can go wrong, will go wrong." But we hope you can remember to #TrustTheProcess and see the silver lining in every bad situation that should come up.

Happy Alternative Spring Breaks trip and we can't wait to hear all about your ups and downs!

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TAG US!!! We are so excited for your trip and we want to see all about it on the #Gram (aka instagram). Tag us @abatucsd and Break Away @activecitizenhq so we can live vicariously through you all!

Remember to #hastag #BeTheChange #ABatUCSD1617

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