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An idea for tonight!

“I’m going to look up and reach out and squeeze back…that hand that is holding mine…and take flight," above the rocks where I sit and wait for Him to do for me...

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A Bundle of T-H-Y-M-E
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It is through God that I now ask not what you can do for me, but, “What can I do for you?”

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Last weekend of February coming up...enjoy some THYME, why don't you?

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I came to see that it’s not always about me. Instead of looking to others, I looked for ways to serve others even if I was given no recognition.

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Entering the adult world...after high school.

She wanted interaction and interest and imagination.

And I wanted to give them to her...

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Sometimes we do sit in different chairs to watch a movie on television, but other times we stand up and move to the sofa, grab a blanket and snuggle together with our hands entwined, my head on his shoulder, and the scent of his cologne close enough to cause me to lean in a little closer…on purpose...

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Being intentional in marriage to connect...a must!

It is exhilarating to feel such a new awareness of the miracle of life.

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Less clutter helps me see the things that matter... I thank him for boxes, for lessons, for change...for being relentless in his goodness and love, and faithful to his word.

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Two more cast iron skillet creations to try...they're scrumptuous...go on...try one tonight!

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One can learn so much about a friend by observing her closet, or what she wears. I have best friends who wear jean jackets, animal prints, and cowboy boots. Maybe all on the same day! They don’t try to press me to dress like they do, and I don’t try to adjust their wardrobe, either.


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It’s hard to ask for help when we know our friends also lead busy lives, have their own set of frustrations, and deal with struggles as well. But more often than not, our friends are happy to give and help.

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What do you hide from your friends? See what I'm revealing...


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I don’t want to ever forget that German Sweet Chocolate cake my mom set before me, or the sweetness of Jesus she presented in her words of affirmation. I don’t want to ever scorn or make fun of my dad for enjoying food a little too much, or the stories he tells from the words he reads.

It’s because they tasted something good that they want me to taste, too…because it was good.

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Our teenagers go through this phase of growing up where they want to live their own lives, have their own opinions, and be with their friends without our instruction and input and interest. However, as much as they push us away, deep inside they love it when…

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David played the harp for Solomon. That brought quiet to him. What brings quiet to you? I challenge you to find this.

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