Interview with Michael Siegel of Alameda County Against Drones (ACAD) on Al Jazeera
The City of Los Angeles continues to reward and equip one of the most murderous police departments in the country. But people are fighting back and continue ...
Proposal offers jurisdictions that are enthusiastic about drones to push ahead quickly. It does not give skeptical communities a clear path to curtail flights.

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Hamid Khan

Sheriff Civilian Oversight Committee- majority says to "Ground the Drones!" #Nodronesla

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Hamid Khan

Top Ten Lies By LAPD on Drone Use!!

1) "It's just a small drone."

Weapons of surveillance do not have to be large to have an impact, and far smaller drones are ...being engineered to provide surveillance that is nearly undetectable. The physical size of a drone is of little consequence; what’s important is its instant capacity to cause harm.

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The LAPD is holding four community meetings re their Drone program - ON THE SAME DAY - at different locations in the city tomorrow (Wednesday Aug 23rd) from 6:00 to 8 PM.

Dont let them deceive us. Los Angeles Fire Department drones would end up providing a “backdoor” way to share information with police!

The Los Angeles Fire Department could soon seek federal permission to fly drones, a tool that officials say could help them track down missing hikers and gauge the risks in burning buildings.

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"...attendees at the hearing, some of whom argued that use of force from helicopters could serve as a pretext to the increased use of helicopters for surveillance, or the deployment of drones by Los Angeles police"

The LAPD will discuss its policies following a fatal shooting earlier this month marking the first time a SWAT officer fired from a helicopter
Tue 6:00 PM PST838 E 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90021-1028, United States
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Roughly 20 people took to downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday and called on the Los Angeles County Sheriff ’s Department to immediately suspend plans to deploy a drone in emergency situations, saying they feared the device will be used for warrantless surveillance.
Police’s lethal use of bomb-disposal robot in Thursday’s ambush worries legal experts who say it creates gray area in use of deadly force by law enforcement

Alameda County sheriff quietly expands drone fleet to 6, flown dozens of times

In June alone, sheriff's deputies in Alameda Co., California flew 3 drone missions.

Alameda County Sheriff using drone to chase a "gambling and drug" suspect.

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office flew a drone over San Leandro on Monday, which helped authorities follow a suspect who fled after authorities arrested 14 others on gambling and drug charges.
Santa Clara County supervisors Tuesday approved a catchall policy governing electronic surveillance that advocates called a 'future-proof' model for others