Today is the birthday of our brother Formado Manteiga! Parabéns!!!

Follow his YouTube channel 'jpc' to find more #Capoeira videos and tutorials!

Selección de golpes más usados en Acdp. Guía para alumnos nuevos.

Mestre Pantera Acdp Capoeira is a pioneer on teaching Capoeira out of Brazil. This video shows a bit of capoeiristas with less than 4 years of experience that learned with him in Spain.

Trainings use to be every day and tough, but them paid off.

In Australia we're trying our best to follow Mestre Pantera's steps.


Join us and be part of this invaluable journey. One day you'll look back and will be proud of yourself.

"Meu chapéu de palha
Minha massapê"

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Buscando en el #BaulDeLosRecuerdos ACDP, #FormadoManteiga nos trae este vídeo de la roda de final de entreno en Plaza de España allá por 2003! 💪👏
L@s que os reconozcais en el vídeo levantar la mano 😉

Looking in the #memorybank acdp, #formadomanteiga brings us this video from the end of training in plaza de españa back in 2003! 💪👏 L@S you recognize in the video raise your hand 😉
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Gabriele Gregorio D. Cadoni
· March 18, 2017
I've been training in different classes and capoeira associations, and this one it's one of the best i've been to! Energy is all around the class, nice and crea...tive warm up, instruments practice before the lesson brings you to the perfect mood, and for whoever is new to this culture, art, fight, camaleao its ready to explain and share all of his knowledge. Excellent training method that fits every level, and super friendly environment! Well done! See More
Meera Fernandes
· May 23, 2017
Came for a class while visiting Australia, usually practice in India. It was so comfortable and i slotted right in as if I was back home. Will definitely come whenever I'm in Aus.
Niona Diaz
· May 24, 2017
Great Capoeira group! Varied classes focusing on all aspects: Music, acrobatics, kicks and defences. The first class is for free.
Elias Lorca
· November 22, 2016
Tried this with intention to challenge the body and increase mobility... after the first lesson I was hooked.
Nico Jetsports
· September 17, 2016
Such a great team. Enjoy and learnt so much about Capoeira. Can't wait to try it again.
Big thumb up to You guys ✌️️
Soufian Moukrim
· June 2, 2017
es imposible encontrar mejor professor en Australia,,grán capoerista,grán profe y mejor persona y lo mejor es que es de nuestro grupo ACDP..
Our Mestre Pantera showing how it's done :-) Iê, viva meu Mestre! #capoeira #defesa #ataque #ginganocorpo #malandragem #acdp
Entrevista da @west1_intercambio no VIVA Brazil Festival em #Melbourne, #Australia Muito obrigado pelo apoio à nossa arte #Capoeira Interview by @west1_intercambio at the VIVA Brazil Festival in Melbourne, Australia. Many thanks to support our #Capoeira art. "Todos podem aprender General, também doutor" #queenvictoriamarket #vivabrazilfestival #capoeira #capoeiramelbourne #capoeiragem
Entrevista da WEST 1 Austrália no VIVA Brazil Festival