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Magdalena Lola Lewandowska
· January 8, 2018
I’m planing on going here. By reading some review they scared me . Is it true they can force you to another program without you approval ? Please be honest with me ? I’m not going to place where they ...gone force me . I only have 3 weeks off from work I’m from CT . I can’t stay in there for Moe then my off time respond to me ASAP please !! Honestly please See More
Adrienne Shirk
· April 1, 2017
dr. mehler is a very kind, very smart doctor. on the first night i arrived, he literally sat at my beside for over a half an hour & talked to me [this was at like 9pm]. i would not be alive if it wasn...'t for his research & treatment protocols - particularly for SMA syndrome & refeeding syndrome. you will not find anyone in the medical field who understands these two issues better or more compassionately. i will always look back on the four weeks i spent here (feb '15) as a serious privilege & nothing short of a miracle. thank you again, ACUTE & staff. See More
Ashley Eliza
· November 2, 2017
I honestly really really like this facility as i’m here now and have been before but i’m extremely tired of CNA’s falling asleep on me. It’s so unprofessional and makes me feel unsafe. PLEASE ADDRESS THIS NOW.
Janice Bauer Kretzschmar
· March 12, 2017
Never have I found a place more supportive, nourishing and encouraging as Acute in Denver. The staff is PHENOMENAL - warm, understanding and very compassionate about what they do. Their expertise is l...ike no other!
Acute has provided me a springboard for the rest of my life...and I feel certain it's one with a strong foundation of RECOVERY from this condition - FINALLY.
They truly "get" eating disorders...they seem to understand it all and accept you as you matter how "flawed" YOU may think you are.
I encourage anyone with this condition who feels "lost" and "stuck" to attend this facility. Most of all, one needs to be READY and WILLING to let them help you - they are on OUR's not "them against US" !! If you let them...they'll guide you through and give you that helping hand to move FORWARD.
I only wish there were more Acute facilities out there to influence and help our population...
My gratefulness to this facility is endless...
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Daniel Gil de Lamadrid
· July 14, 2014
Been a year now since I was released.....thinking about this place and all the friends I made. Although I still struggle this place really opened my eyes up and helped me take steps to recovery.
Tabby Yancey
· November 18, 2016
This place is a JOKE.

And I've been to MANY treatment facilities over my eleven years struggling with various eating disorder's....

There are NO "eating disorder specialist's" (simply untrained CNA's, mainly float pool staff, who have a one day "orientation" shadowing staff on the unit) that sit with you 1:1.

There is NO therapeutic aspect to the program (that "5 days a week of individual therapy?" More like 10-15 minute's of BS only to determine if you can make decision's for yourself.)

WARNING: You can easily be trapped by the mental health system in Colorado, so even if you come in voluntarily they will threaten to get a court order, put you on a commitment, restrain you, and force a feeding tube down your throat, if you try and leave, and are (well, obviously�) put on an involuntary status. Medical stability law's vary from state to state, so be sure to look Denver's up before admitting. They force you to go through "refeeding syndrome" and continuously weight restore EVEN IF you are medically stable regarding everything else that's measurable.

This place is why I'm refusing to continue treatment, though I had planned to finish inpatient-PHP after completion of acute. It has stolen any and all hope I had for possibly recovery away, after stealing my right's away, threatening me, and having no decent eating disorder programming of ANY sort.
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Lauren Bottner
January 31, 2013
Out of over 18 inpatient and residential tx centers and hospitals this place is by far the best ive ever been. If you want to be somewhere where you're treated as an individual and listened to and rea...lly seen, go here See More
Jessi Davin
· August 15, 2015
I can't say enough good things about Denver ACUTE. As soon as I arrived, I felt welcomed and cared for. Dr. Gaudiani is phenomenal. She let me know how important it was that I be there and getting the... proper care. Amy, my dietician, was SO incredible and very easy to talk to. Dr. Bennett the psychiatrist was also AMAZINGLY top notch! I felt like for the first time in my life, I was a part of my treatment team, not just a patient. It was an incredible experience that was so refreshing, having been in other treatment centers before. I never felt unwelcome or like I was being a burden. The CNAs for the most part were incredibly sweet and caring as well. If you get accepted into ACUTE - GO! It's amazing treatment and world-renowned medical care. See More
Halley Walker
· July 14, 2016
Your staff truly saved my life! I will forever be in your debt. Thank you.
Brittanie Basileo
· May 16, 2015
Currently here. First time ever accepting treatment so this is very new and scary to me but they treat me well.
Lindsay Morgan Brenner
· February 6, 2015
This place has saved my life....several times! I wouldn't go anywhere else!
Melissa Shapiro
· May 29, 2014
Currently here and I have never been so miserable. Not much different from a regular hospital! Can't wait to move on to ERC!!
Brooke Aurora
· March 21, 2014
I'm currently here and it surpasses ANY treatment center I've been to before
Debbie Lesko
· October 20, 2015
They saved my life.
On set with Dr. Phil Mehler, Founder of ACUTE discussing the needs and the innovations for eating disorders for the providers of today and tomorrow. #WeDoActTogether for #EatingDisorderawareness. ACUTE and our partners have taken the pledge today and everyday. #WorldEatingDisorderActionDay #AngelMedFlight
We were delightfully surprised with over 100 amazing ‘Recovery Cards’ that were sent to our unit for patients and staff to enjoy! Thank you #neda and those of you who wrote heartfelt messages with inspiration for those struggling with #eatingdisorders and sharing this activity with us! #youarenotalone #youareworthfightingfor #savingalifebeginshere
Margherita Mascolo, ACUTE's Medical Director is educating the local IAEDP Denver Chapter about Medical Complications of malnutrition for all genders and ages. #iaedpdenver #savingalifebeginshere #MascoloEffect #DenverHealth #ACUTECenterforEatingDisorders

Inside ACUTE you'll find the world's leading experts who provide life-saving medical stabilization for patients who suffer from the most severe forms of eating disorders and the resultant medical complications. Check out our video and help us spread the word!
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The ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders offers a comprehensive program for patients that suffer from the most severe forms of malnutrition and the medical comp...

Here is an interesting study that was completed in 2017 and published by the Journal of Psychosomatic Research.

A few highlights:

•Female AN patients are more likely diagnosed as digestive, endocrine, and mental disorders.


•Female AN patients use more outpatient services, mainly due to psychiatric visits.

•An earlier diagnosis of AN causes lower medical utilization and lower expenditure.

•We advocate the increasing alertness of physical illnesses with AN among medical professional.

This study also suggests that a person will suffer from a AN for 4 years on average BEFORE the eating disorder was recognized and treated.

**How many times have you seen this be the case? Early detection, proper identification and less unnecessary tests can make a huge difference in someones life who suffers from an eating disorder. Do you know what to look for and the appropriate questions to ask?

Call us at 877-228-8348 or email us at, we're here to help!

#EatingDisorderAwarenss #EarlyDetection #SavingALifeBeginsHere

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