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Active Resistance to Metrication made the FRONT PAGE of the Wall Street Journal Tuesday. I drove to seven newsstands, as I didn't hear about it 'til lunch, but I found one. I should ask Tony for an autograph!

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October 19

From our friends at Active Resistance to Metrication

Complete VICTORY over Burnely Council - They have GIVEN IN and will convert their metric footpath signs to ...Imperial
Dear ARM members, supporters and BWMA

As some of you will already know, there was a 'weekend of action' by ARM at the weekend in Burnley, in which 43 distances on 13 signs were amended from metric to imperial (see before and after sample below). This followed Burnley Council's decision, shortly after the Brexit vote, to erect 43 signs with some 180 approx. metric distances on them in a country park east of the town centre.

This was widely reported in the media earlier this year. It represented a challenge.

After an exchange of correspondence both before and after the action, today Burley Council gave way,

Thank you all for your continued support.

Tony Bennett
for the Council of Active Resistance to Metrication

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Here is a 2017 loaf of bread label we spotted recently, with apologies for the level of censoring made necessary by the actions of certain obsessive-compulsive former engineers.

26 oz. (1-5/8 lb.)

Please send us a message for information as to the company, and places where this delicious bread may be purchased.


To the aforementioned engineers: Have fun trying to find this one, assholes. : )

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Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

This year noticed a half-gallon apple cider bottle. No metric whatsoever.

Due to past abuse, no photos will be provided, and I enjoyed every last drop, and this company will not receive a single complaint and continue to bottle USC only.

The Metric Martyrs have had payback a long time coming.

Article in Danish. A rough Google Translation follows:

BRITISH EU VOTE OF GREAT BRITAINMADS BONDE BROBERG FOLLOWJyllands-Posten correspondentLONDON - When the B...ritish say goodbye to the EU, they should also tell continent measurement units gram and kilo, and return to the ounce (28.35 grams) and British pound (0,454 kg).The association believes British Weights and Measures Association, BMWA, after a newspaper article on the subject a week ago has been endorsed by a large morning newspaper and the largest share in a poll.Ounce and pound are part the so-called imperial system, which in the 1820s provided the measurement units of the British Empire. Since fell the vast empire apart, and the British joined the EU and became subject to regulation, which meant that Britain should follow the metric system of weight indication - ie kilograms, grams, etc. In 2000, the direct offense for shopkeepers not to settle in grams and kilograms.It is the maximum allowed to have ounce or pound as additional information outside of goods, for example. vegetables in a supermarket. But the price should be in grams and kilograms, and it is also to be weighed after - otherwise violate the store Act.Now brexit utilized to bring ounce and pound back, says the BMWA:"It's part of our culture, like Shakespeare. We are opposed to anyone coming from the outside and says that "it must be no more '," says press officer Warwick Cairns to Jyllands-Posten.He explains that the imperial units came from the old English goal, which was further developed since the Romans."We Britons prefer things that have proven practical for many generations and does not go up so much in the major theories," he says, adding that the metric system certainly is good for scientists, but for ordinary people imperial system centuries proved its worth: eg. equal a pound of apples about what you can have in one hand and an inch corresponding to the tip of the thumb, says Warwick Cairns and compare it with the British do not have a written constitution, but rather a collection of custom and traditions that have evolved over hundreds of years."Metric martyrs"Warwick Cairns was occupied by units of measurement, as he as an expert in market research was a witness in a case against one of the "metric martyrs" a greengrocer who went all the way through the legal system in protest against a fine for selling bananas in pounds. Since then, Cairns written a book about the British måleenheders bliss."We Britons prefer things that have proven practical for many generations and does not go up so much in the major theories."He does not believe that all others must move to ounces and pounds. His point is rather that countries themselves must decide. Quite generally, he goes in for that not everything should be as standardized."I do not think that Denmark should be like Britain. Or that Britain should be like France. One of the great pleasures in life is to travel around Europe and experience the different countries, "says Warwick Cairns in a phone from Scotland, where he is on summer vacation.Outside the supermarket Waitrose in the London district of Marylebone, supports two friends a return to imperial goals."It would be wonderful, because I still raining in ounces and pounds in his head," says the 86-year-old Jack Lipitch while Peter Phillips at 83 years sees prohibition ounce and pound as a small example of how the EU has gone too wide."It has become too large and bureaucratic. It reminds me of the former Soviet. "The two friends are not alone. According to a measurement from the institute YouGov supports 45 per cent. Of the more than 5,000 respondents ounce and pound, while 39 per cent. will retain gram and kilo. 16 per cent. says 'do not know'.Support for ounce and pound is clearly greatest in the elderly. 66 per cent. backs of people aged 60 and over, while only 10 per cent. of 18-24 year olds.The survey also shows that the imperial system has the most support among people who vote for the EU-critical party UKIP. Here hills as 74 per cent. Also for the Conservatives is that the majority (53 pct.), And in Labour support 46 per cent. imperial system, while 38 per cent. want the metric (the rest is 'do not know'). At the Scottish National Party SNP and among Liberal Democrats, which is a little like the Radical Left, pointing the largest share in grams and kilograms. Finally, the survey showed a slight tendency for the old target has the most support in the lower social classes.The world famous champagne producer Pol Roger, among other Winston Churchill preferred (every day), has announced that it will no longer settle for standard bottles of 0.75 liters, but also will provide a imperial unit, namely pints (dddd) which should be equivalent to four glasses.It Pol Roger not done since Britain joined the EU in 1973. The champagne must, according to The Telegraph met bottled at the beginning of next year and will be sold in 2021, when the British expected to have left the EU.The breakfast newspaper The Telegraph in an editorial backed ounce and pound, because the prohibition on using the old units was "a classic example of bureaucracy run amok."The newspaper believes that "consumers, not bureaucrats, should decide which units they prefer."When it comes to distances, the Brits never gone fully over to the metric system and still use the mil (1.6 km) and yard (91.4 cm). It has a pro-metric-unification, UK Metric Association, in turn struggled to change for years.QUOTEIt's part of our culture, like Shakespeare. We are opposed to anyone coming from the outside and says that "it must be no more".Warwick Cairns, press officer of the Association British Weights and Measures Association

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Gram og kilo skal erstattes af ounce og pund, mener en stor del af briterne.

More support for Britain's Metric Martyrs post-Brexit.

Early on the morning of Friday 24 June, Darren Gratton went into his butcher’s shop in Barnstaple and changed his…

It looks as if, after Brexit, scenes in UK Butchers and Groceries are going to become almost UBIQUITOUS, like in Canada.

I made the paper!

Customary Only Sighting: We did not buy this, or know anything about it, didn't even eat it, but, left over from the Father's Day Weekend, two dips, which beautifully, from Michigan indicate "Net Wt. 11 oz."

Even has a code designed for the overreliant on smartphones.

Modern, too modern even for my tast, completely oblivious, and not held to task for using avoirdupois only.


Fortunately, as we view tradition and backwards compatibility as a STRENGTH, rather than relying solely upon the latest generation of smartphone, we will be distributing this via our new print-only customary newsletter.

Our shampoo from last year is still customary-only without any sign of interruption, showing that no one in the United States really care about any of this, even regulators, just a few fixated on controlling other people.

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Noticed the funny sizes for ENTRESTO (Valstartan/Sacubitril) in a CNN commercial today. The ethics of prescription-only ads. to patients aside, looks like 3/8 grain, 3/4 Gn., and 1 1/2 Gn. in this drug but only for the first size (active ingredient?) but a non-round amount for the second ingredient.

It is interesting, albeit ethically questionable for forced-metricators not including, countries, items in their lists of things that aren't metric. We certainly make no attemp...ts to hide metric products, on our end. Yet we're the ones who have to point these things out for them to be, begrudgingly acknowledged. Kinda sad, seeing our forced-metric, anti-democratic rivals resort to the same low class of American Presidential candidates on both sides.

Back to the drug of topic, we are not sure if that's the first drug component, second drug component in the split sizes, and what the history of this is, but also, Canadian pharmacy, which seems to label by the tenth of a milligram, seems to use rounder metric equivalents of the grain size, unlike the US, UK. Bit these are only round grains with the FIRST component, as the Canadian sizes seem to give less-round grain sizes with the second component.

Valsartan/Sacubitril - "Entresto"

24/26 49/51 97/103 - US mg sizes

24.25/26.32 48.60/50.62 97.20/103.27 Milligram equivalents of US sizes to the nearest hundredth.

3/8 13/32 [12.69/32 - 0.397] 3/4 25/32 [25.38/32 - 0.793] 1-1/2 1-19/32 [1-18.77/32 - 1.586] Grain equivalents of first and second size (split sizes?) with the bracketed from the Canadian pharmacy amount to 32nds and decimal grains to three places.

24.3/25.7 48.6/51.4 97.2/102.8

Source of Canadian sizes:

There are two or three odd things going on here, but, this appears to be yet another drug that retains the grain sizes, at least with the first ingredient.

We are not experts in pharmacy, but are making the assumption that these are split ingredients, with the first being even grains, the second not, and apparently Canadian law requiring more resolution than US or UK sizes in drug active ingredient amounts.

More research on our part is indicated, but we thought that we would volunteer this now, and try to post more when we have had a chance to look into it, as this information seems to be suppressed, hidden, not volunteered and we wanted to volunteer it right away as an apothecary-sized pharmaceutical product.

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Another victory for our British colleagues, Active Resistance to Metrication.

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Active Resistance to Metrication

VIRIDOR WILL COMPLY WITH THE LAW >>> SIGNAGE TO BE CHANGED TO FEET AND INCHES - thanks to A.R.M. activism by Steve Speakman of Manchester

"PANTS ON FIRE" award: A pro-metric posts suggests a kilogram-pound mixup caused a crash, whereas it was completely unrelated and had to do with planes in holding formation.…/plane_returning_to_kennedy_after_…/

Amazing that planes, equipped in feet and knots, that fly to the United States, would not be equipped to measure pounds and kilos.


Also, what's the conversion from liters to kilograms again? Ten, one hundred? A thousand? Because aviation fuel is still pumped by VOLUME, not by weight.

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A portion of a 6-1/2 column inch (6-1/2x10-7/8") Dillard's fragrance ad for Valentine's day. Note no metric equivalents, even though this industry is almost entirely metric. US customers are only advised of the USC equivalences.

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Since apart, they produced no response, we provide again, side by side, two products from the same brand, same type, one of which the USC is primary, the other of which the metric is primary, under American labeling law.

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Isn't 32 fl. oz. supposed to be 94*6* mL? Letter-of-the-law inspectors are slackin'!

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