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July 7, 2014
A Chance ForWritten bySonja RevellsonJuly 5, 2014 · Leave a CommentIt was the evening of June 25th when I learned of an interview on the local news channel WMBB about two men walking across America to raise awareness of human trafficking in Nepal. I immediately stopped what I was doing and searched…
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Destin Log is with Łukasz Mitręga and Lukasz Majcherski.

Jacob and Chance are walking across America to raise money for Tiny Hands International, a non-profit helping save women out of human trafficking. Walking through Destin looking for a place to camp tonight. Story coming soon!

Help fight against Human Trafficking today. Donate to Tiny Hands International and help Chance reach his goal.

Another TV interview! Way to go fellas. Lafayette, Louisiana.…/men-help-spread-awareness-about-human…

Acadiana is laying out the welcome mat for two young men who are walking across the country spreading awareness about human trafficking.

Chance is unable to update this page. He is locked out. But that is NOT the end of posts. Chance and Jacob want to thank everyone for their support, encouragement, donations, and inquiries about the walk. We couldn't do it without you. Lets blow Sex Trafficking out of the water. Help share updates about the walk and spread the word about AChanceFor!!!

Chance and Jacob just left Houston Texas. And before they left were able to get an interview with My Fox Houston. Watch it here…

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Austin Texas welcomes #WalkAmerica + Donation Update

Walk America
Connections are everything. Ever since Jacobs mother Letha has taken charge as my personal #WalkAmerica secretary, we have only had to sleep on the side of the road twice in 22 days. This is some kind of record without officially being a part of a couch surfing network. She has friends and family that know people! Her parents and brother took care of us this past week. If you have been paying attention to Texas weather this past week you would know that it wasn't that warm outside last week. When we hit Johnson City, Jacobs grandparents Elva and Loyd took us in and fixed us food every day. The next night his uncle did the same for us. Thanks Randy! My parents are currently driving down I-35 and about half an hour out from Jacob and I. There is also a huge festival going on in Austin called South by South West. Looks like we have something to do this weekend. $3950 raised so far and our next TV interview is with Chance Horner

Lessons Learned.

Walk America
So around 300 miles later here we are in Austin Tx. Along the way I have learned many lessons of which the following are only a few. 1. Pushing the cart is harder than it looks, ergo do not give Chance crap about it. 2. There are more generous people out there than I thought. 3. Redbull. 4. Common sense is not at all common. 5. Being disaplined on working out in the evenings isn't my strong suit. 6. DO NOT PICK UP THINGS CHANCE KICKS. 7. Redbull Redbull. 8. Gas stations are next to the greatest thing on earth. 9. Coffee. 11. More Redbull. So for all of you who are keeping up with us keep these lessons in mind if you ever decide to go on a cross country adventure.

Blog Interview with Dreaming Denver -A reporters friend in Lubbock

Walk America
A few weeks ago I was in Lamesa Texas being interviewed by an Anne Parker from KAMC news. One of her friends saw the post and asked me to answer a few questions on her blog. Click the link below to read the interview. Thanks Kendall!

Lamesa to Brady Texas -The past 2 weeks

Walk America
(Forgive me for misspelling this, I am in a rush to complete this post! I don't think I will have wifi later today) Last Thursday the 13th, Jacob and I started walking from Lamesa to Big Springs Texas. When Friday came around, people that had seen us in the newspaper or on TV stopped to donate to our cause. Within a few hours, 4 people donated a total of $220 to help us get across America. How awesome is that? Our media attention is beginning to get us somewhere. Because Big Springs is so close to Lamesa, Jacob's parents picked us up for the weekend and took us back home, then on the following Monday they dropped us off on the far side of town. My days are all running together so I honestly cant remember when we hit sterling City. I believe it to be Wednesday the 19th. The people in this town were super nice. We stayed with a pastor that night and Jacob and I had separate rooms. I told Jacob that I have dibs on all beds across

2nd TV Interview

Walk America
A few days ago, one of Jacobs parents got ahold of a TV station in San Angelo Texas. It was not before long when we were contacted by the staion and set up an interview date. Click the link below to view the video
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Newspaper Interview with Lubbock Avalanche

Walk America

Thanks for following #WalkAmerica! I hope everyone would view and share regularly so Jacob and I can get more coverage and followers.

Since my hip injury, I have spent time again in El Paso and Lamesa Texas. Speaking engagements and media coverage have continued to come my way. Please pray that they continue to follow Jacob and I as we walk.

We have made it to Big Springs Texas and will continue on to San Angelo next weekend. Under 2800 miles to go and $3510 r...aised for THI.

So far, THI can rescue 35 women from #HumanTrafficking and definite sexual slavery.

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I hope all these years of being a Boy Scout comes in handy.

Walk America
Since I was four years old I've been going to Boy Scout camps with my father and siblings, learning the ways of what some people find unnecessary, but finally after 15 years of practice and patience my time has come to be brave and reverent. After housing Chance for a few days.. ok two weeks but the man has an injury, I have decided to go on adventure to help him raise awareness and help prevent human trafficking in Nepal through the organization Tiny Hands International (THI). After all the years I have been in the Boy Scouts I have found that the most important points of Scout Law and Oath are reverence and doing my duty to God. This journey isn't just to get out of the house but it is to strengthen the faith of myself as well as whoever may cross my path... and get out of the house. My funds will be separate from Chance's so for those of you who are/will/have supported Chance those funds are for him and him alone. I am gatherin

"I have been a wolfpack of ONE, but now there are TWO" -Enter Jacob

Walk America
For 5 months and 1200 miles I have only been joined by another walker once, but for a short amount of time. When I arrived in Lamesa I had such a warm welcome by many from the First Baptist Church. One particular couple took me in and they have a son. He is about to be 20 years old and is has spent as much time outside in his lifetime as I have. Jacob Leonard has been a boy scout since the age of 11 and I'm sure he has a few tricks up his sleeve that I can bum off him. Jacob is a decided he would join me a few days ago for reasons similar to mine. When we were interviewed by the Lubbock Avalanche Journal a few days ago he told the reporter that he wanted to spread the word about THI and be a disciple for Christ. Since I have been joined by another walker, I felt the need to tell my supporters that Jacob is self funded. Any donations that have been given to me in the past or future for myself will remain my own. Jacob has his ow