What can we make with our bodies? Is it a house? Is it a statue? Who cares, it's art! The students of Manorama Pathshaala make theatre with their bodies, in a workshop conducted by Shruti Sridharan, as part of our initiative, Arts for All - At the Theatre.
When The Akanksha Foundation came to watch Arts for All-at the theatre, the auditorium reverberated with their laughter and shouts. 400 children sat on the edge of their seats, wide-eyed and in rapt attention as the performers of 'Dhara Ki Kahani' enthralled them with music, song, dance and an engaging story on how to preserve nature. We can't wait to have them back with us for our future progammes and enjoy their excited chatter and uninhibited laughter.
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Not only for the duration of the play, but even for discussions post the plays, children will sit with such intent! This was a particularly great experience where the little ones of Asha Kiran Charitable Trust gave some really thoughtful and intelligent answers.


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Arts for All - At the Theatre, is an initiative by Akshara Foundation for Arts and Learning to get children into the theatre; perhaps to be enriched by the experience, perhaps to consider a future in the field, or even to just have a fun experience. We hope you support our initiative, and if you do, please do support us in every way you can!

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"Theatre is a form of knowledge; it should and can also be a means of transforming society. Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it."
Augusto Boal

With their contained smiles and determined steps, can't you almost see these kids going ahead to build their futures anew?

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A collection of some of the notes students left for us after some shows of Bird's Eye View by Tram Arts Trust in Nagpur, last month.

From drawings, questions, to simple "very good show" notes, there were smiles all around as we read their reviews!


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Audiences with children have no shortage of volunteers; this eager lad kept his hand raised high for as long as he could, so enthusiastic was he!

A very happy new year to all, and may out lives be full of great art and enthusiastic children!

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Smiling, happy faces after a marathon run of shows from last month! Look out for the feedback they wrote for us, coming soon!


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In shows such as this one, when kids are told it is key for them to *watch* the play, you can almost watch their eyes widen, and the attention they lavish on every moment before them. Who said kids can't sit still too?!


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Some animated faces before they enter the theatre show that they don't need too much of a push to express themselves!

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Akshara High School added 4 new photos.

AKSHARA HIGH SCHOOL once again presents PRIMARY ANNUAL DAY 2017-18.
Std. I - V on Saturday, 23rd December 2017.

A young girl, only 11 years of age, shared this opinion at the end of a play we presented to young students in Nagpur. And we wish we could have given her a bada wala thank you for such a wonderful message!


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When students are asked their thoughts/questions post the show, the often giggle, hide their faces behind someone's back, and shy away. When they're given the opportunity to write those same thoughts, we find them charging up to us with all the enthusiasm in the world, and their thoughts and minds in fact a wonderful place we'd love a peek into!

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That awesome feeling when a play turns into a physics experiment!

The kindergarten children of Akshara High School had a fabulous morning with the show "Nal Jal". Many many thanks to Dhanendra Kawade for a great show!

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Here's a little peak into the theatre workshops conducted with the students of The Akanksha Foundation. What do you think is the story they are making with their bodies?

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An important aspect of our programme 'Arts for All - At the Theatre' is the workshops conducted before and after the performances. The aim is to take the children through some of the processes and methods of the theatre. With every workshop, we find that children instinctively pick up on a lot of these methods, even if they aren't always able to articulate them.

A big thank you to the many workshop conductors who've come on board to add their talents and passion to the Arts For All vehicle!

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Working with children means instant feedback. The gasps, the giggles, the shocked looks: you know what they're thinking with every passing second of your play!


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