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  • Sous-chefJuly 11, 2017 to presentAbbeville, Louisiana
    We are a great restaurant who serves tradition Italian food with a little cajun flare. We offer many delicious dishes like a Cannelloni,Lasagna,and many more. If you are ever in Abbeville and want to try something old and something new come meet us at Midway...we will take care you.
  • ManagerJuly 2010 to June 1, 2017Abbeville, Louisiana
    A fun and relaxed place for traditional cajun food and more. We have a friendly atmosphere and a great staff. One bite and you will be hooked so come on over and have lunch the door is always open. I have no hard feelings. It's still a great place with a great setting sure to please everyone. When I'm Abbeville halts a must as well.
  • CookIn 2010Abbeville, Louisiana
    It's Subway.....enough said lol
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  • Class of 2017Abbeville, Louisiana
    I want to take the Hiset to better myself as a person and become who I want to be. It's been a long time since that kid in high School and I'm seeing now that sometimes you just need to grow .
  • In 2005Abbeville, Louisiana
    I had quit school because I had lost my grandmother and fell off pretty bad on drugs.
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About Chris
  • Hello there my name Chris and Christopher by birth :).I have no kids but I do own two beautiful pups...Koda and Bubs. I am a cook by means of employment and I enjoy my job very much. It can get crazy and real bits but that's what happens when you feed over 200 people a night in a restaurant made to sit 90 at a time lol. I am a simple but whom love the simple things like boat rides,canoeing,hiking,laying in bed all day,traveling,and other fun things. My dreams are simple yet difficult at the same time lol. One I want to make my own horror movie one day and i don't care of people like it or not because at least I did it. Two I want my own food truck one day. I know I know alot of people have one but it's my dream and I will have it. My finale to be a nurse. That's right a's the closes I can get to being a superhero and saving the world. Enough about all that I'll tell you a few more things I like. I happen to really like older music like Sam Cooke,Otis Redding,Conway Twitty,and just music that speaks to you. If you haven't guessed it yet I LOVE horror movies. They are my personal escape in a way lol. Well that's all I hope someone would like to be my friend. Until then live love and prosper.
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  • Please, tells me about those fucking golf shoes!

    Say what again motherfucker!

    You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.