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Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the Universe, and it experiences extreme pressures in stars and in gas giant planets. Now researchers at the Carnegie I...nstitution for Science have managed to accurately measure hydrogen's melting point at pressures up to 300 GPa (3 million times atmospheric pressure) finding results that contradict theoretical predictions, explain physicists Peter Celliers and Jon Eggert of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

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Measurements of the melting curve of hydrogen at unprecedentedly high pressures call for a refinement of the theories describing the material.

Aeroices: Newly Discovered Ultralow-Density Ice

From The Journal of Chemical Physics

Researchers from Japan have discovered a new form of ice crystal from theoretical modeling of its formation under negative pressure

Congratulations to Professor Changqing Jin (Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences), elected Chairman of the Commission for Crystallography of Materials, a permanent commission of the International Union of Crystallography. Professor Changqing Jin was Chairman of the 2017 AIRAPT Conference, which has just finished in Beijing, China.

Water and methane do mix, but at high pressure

At low pressures, the solubility of gases in liquids is governed by Henry’s law, which states that the saturated solubility of a gas in a liquid is proportional to the partial pressure of the gas. As the pressure increases, most gases depart from this ideal behavior in a sublinear fashion, leveling…

Researchers demonstrate 'diamond showers' forming in the ice giants of our solar system. Using an ultra-strong X-ray laser to simulate conditions inside the cos...mic giants, they observed the fission of hydrocarbon and the conversion of carbon into diamonds in real time. The results are published in Nature Astronomy.

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Intern. Assoc. for the Advancement of High Pressure Science and Technology added 2 new photos to the album: AIRAPT 2017 — with Tetsuo Irifune.
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Rice University materials scientists have created a light foam from two-dimensional sheets of hexagonal-boron nitride (h-BN) that absorbs carbon dioxide.

The Joint 18th International Conference on High Pressure Semiconductor Physics & 2nd International Workshop on High Pressure Study of Superconductors (HPSP18 & WHS2) will be held in Barcelona, Spain, July 23-27, 2018. It will be chaired by Alejandro Goñi and Fernando Rodriguez . Webpage :

We normally consider liquid water as disordered with the molecules rearranging on a short time scale around some average structure. Now, however, scientists at Stockholm University have discovered two phases of the liquid with large differences in structure and density. The results are based on expe...

Several historical AIRAPT documents (1966-1982) have been made available at the Academie François Bourdon (AFB). Read more at http://www.airapt.org/?q=node/404

In April 2016, the AIRAPT Executive Committee was contacted by M. François-Yves JULIEN, archivist of the Academie François Bourdon (AFB).
Flowing particles in liquids act as a filter to suppress long-wavelength waves but allow short-wavelength ones to be supported, according to physicists at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).