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Hi everybody, here's an excellent new song from "one of our Owens" Gordon Tittsworth and his band Images Of Eden. Enjoy!

IMAGES OF EDEN- “SHIELD ME” (Official Video) Music and Lyrics by Gordon Tittsworth Copyright 2018- All Rights Reserved Produced by Gordon Tittsworth & Steve ...

Hello, AIRS family!
Here is some new music from Steve - have you heard it? No? Well, here it is!
It's classic Brockmann ... and listen for the Bonham/Jones inspired rhythm section *and* sound!

Steve Brockmann

Posted a new song: "Full Moon Rising"

Full Moon Rising by Steve Brockmann, Rock music from DE on ReverbNation

Check out this beautiful shot of a stoic, idle windmill taken by one of our AIRS community members Henkjan Bosch!

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Steve Brockmann - Fencesound Music

Hello from the studio. Well, I am working on three albums simultaneously, two of them had to be transfered from one system to another, I have to get to know som...e new soft- and hardware ...etc. So, if you should wait for one or another special album I am sorry that they are not ready yet and I don't know which album will be released first, but the good news is, that no album is cancelled.
Phew, anyway, here's a pic of the Fencesound Studio 2017.
Have a great weekend.

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Happy November, AIRS family - George here!
Well, we have had quite the influx of new "visitors" to our humble page over the past couple of months (if one is to believe all of the "insights') and, frankly, I feel more than a bit guilty and have been quite a bit remiss with the lack of activity on MY part, for which I most sincerely apologize - hell, I could have at least "popped in" to say hello, right?
I promise to be more active in the future (with what I don't know), but I can certainly fill you in on what's been happening with me and Steve (working separately and together), as well as with what the weather's like here in New England (cold & windy) and maybe even with what my 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 6 parakeets have been up to (eating and pooping), too!
Seriously, THANK YOU for your continued interest in this little rock opera!

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Amazing photo illustration by David Uzochukwu, a seventeen-year-old visual artist based in Brussels, that perfectly captures the "ocean of sky" the Owen, Annabelle, Hannah, and "we fly in ..."

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Here in the northeast of the States Sometimes United summer has had a time of it trying to assert itself though she has certainly had her way with the eternal hope of spring, spoiling any budding plans of the flora 'round here and confusing the courtship overtures of many horny woodland males (not me). But it has been warm these past two days so we shall see.

Which segues nicely into welcoming our newest AIRS family members, don't you think? Hello to RE AR, Damiano Lamendola, Michael Parsons, Kathy Lynds, Purgatory Falls, Guido Chacnama, Fizza Mehmood, and winner of the longest name contest (Steve, you can have him for Xmas card list ) Karim Antônio Dos Santos Araújo Antônio Santos!

Today, four years ago, AIRS was featured in our local german newspaper, great times.
Btw, did you know, that I (Steve) released a new instrumental album this April?
Interested? Here you mights check it out :

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Maybe you have a few minutes? Thank you.

Steve Brockmann

Here's a really epic trailer, 80s technology rocks!
It's not forbidden to share this video!

Steve Brockmann - 3 - Buy your copy here: CD Baby: Fencesound Shop (Germany):

"The ferry settles in and glides through the breakwater separating the ocean from the Great Salt Pond - Owen rises and goes to the rail ... nothing appears to have changed, time seems to have stood still; the family home sits on a small rise up from the mouth of the pond, angled on the land in such a way as to bear the brunt of strong winter winds with the long dormant windmill in the foreground by the shore, turned away from him and his return home."

The weather is turning a...gain. Perennials have broken ground and push to the sun. The birds have returned from winter grounds and are hungry. Windows are opened and stale winter air is swept out, cycled through on currents of an approaching Spring. An island should be awakening soon.

Here is the Great Salt Pond on Block Island, RI. And here is "The Great Salt Pond" from AIRS, featuring the soulful Floor Kraayvanger delivering hymn-like vocals and Christoph Brockmann (Steve's actual bro!) providing a rock solid tide of bass.

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Block Island is with Randy Smith.

Great Salt Pond, Block Island

Photo by Jeff Smith of Block Island Ocean Adventures

Dear AIRS family, in case you may have missed this - Steve premiered a track from his new upcoming solo album "3"! You'll definitely recognize the same heart & soul and song craftsmanship from your favorite rock opera!…/bravewords-exclusive-steve-brockman…

BraveWords is teaming up with German rock/metal musician and composer, Steve Brockmann, for the premiere of his new song “A Time To Stand”. The track is featured on his third and forthcoming solo studio album, entitled 3. The song can be streamed below. 3 is an instrumental album, peaceful...

Join me dear friends and members of the AIRS family in congratulating our very own multi-instrumentalist & composer extraordinaire Steve Brockmann for making this deal!

Look for his new instrumental album "3" to be released April 2, 2016 (check out the Steve Brockmann - Fencesound Music page)!…/steve-brockmann-signs-deal-…/

Stargazer Consultancy has announced the signing of German composer and musician Steve Brockmann. Steve joins the Stargazer artist roster having already released three albums, the last in 2012 being...

November rains have swept in low and heavy and stayed miserably on my street. Wind washed leaves have been pasted in patches to our walkways and walls, even windows, and great piles of paper mache clumps grow now like wet nests in the corners of our porches and doorsteps. Drenched piles collect in gutters and paste the bottom of the back fence, too. In the woods behind the house most all of the leaves have fallen, but they hang heavy and flat caught up in the empty brush, falsely, with a sheen, like the soggy remnants of a forgotten classroom’s decorations. It’s cold. Agitated November in New England.
But Cristian Depasquale has joined the AIRS family! Welcome, Cristian!
And the official AIRS website is back up and running! Thank you, Barry Thompson!
Bring on the holidays!

October, the air is turning, our dogs have invaded the bed, squirrels have taken to the feeders in migration's wake, there is a hint of color as the trees have been startled and alerted in the morning chill - we are slower to rise in our house; sweatshirts and sweaters have been dug out of their drawers, fur on the animals is thickening and no longer lost, the cars have been warmed by remote control yet still creak and moan along the street a bit as do my bones and joints dow...n the hall to make coffee (which tastes somehow better) ... another autumn in New England, another Fall, the time of year that this place was made to cherish.

Welcome to the AIRS family Adam Barber! And thank you to the many, many good folks who have taken the time to vist us in the past two months - next time, pull up a stone and stay awhile!

There is *potentially* some exciting "things" in the works regarding AIRS that I have to remain vague about and use words like "potentially" (very cautiously) because, well, it may or may not "happen" ... but aw hell, I just had to tell you all, my brothers and sisters and wonderful supporters of me and Steve's work!

Finally, I can assuredly say with conviction (and without caution) that you haven't heard the last of Brockmann/Andrade - cheers and Happy Halloween!

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August, dog days of summer, just ask my dogs, turned devil dogs.
And welcome to the AIRS family Claude Martin!
Hey, only 24 more members until we reach a "milestone" (according to Facebook) - 500 Likes. Maybe we should have a contest to drive that number?
Anyway, here are my (George's) devil dogs Wubzy and Reef.

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Here's a new lyric video for "Fateful Days".
Have a great week everyone!

Fateful Days is the first song of "Airs - a Rock Opera" (2012) written by Steve Brockmann (music) and George Andrade (story/lyrics). Paul Adrian Villareal - ...