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Tanya McGill Freeman
· December 23, 2016
Alexandre has a rare gift in that she possesses impeccable branding, design, and marketing talent while simultaneously possessing a brilliant mind for business. She's always three steps ahead of other...s in her space making her everyone's natural go-to person for all things branding. She's a focused visionary who is continually offering helpful, strategic insights in her field. See More

Excellent advice on best practices for using Powerpoint for presentations.

If you use Powerpoint, a few principles and tips to keep in mind when using type on a slide: Don't read the words. It's bad enough that people use Powerpoint as a sort of teleprompter. Much worse that you don't...

Passion is essential to building a strong brand. What's your motivation?

Seth spotlight's a new book to help clients get what they need from creatives. Looks like a win-win!

White space is your friend No, you can't watch us work Be open to things you didn't imagine Be confident, not arrogant Nothing takes a second Don't be rude Tell me the problem, not the solution Decide who will decide...

Love this product name!

Whisker Dams keep your facial hair dry in most any beverage situation.

One of my friends and customers operates a very wonderful, historic bed and breakfast in Ephrata, PA. She's competing for a small business loan to grow her company.

If you'd like to support a deserving small business (and a fine lodging) please vote for them. You can vote once an hour.

VOTE for Historic Smithton Inn Bed and Breakfast to be a Small Business Champion #BizChampion. Grand Prize is $15,000 each for three businesses, courtesy of Sam's Club and SCORE. Businesses can win a trip to a small business Championship Networking & Training Celebration, and lots of national public...

Are you clear about why customers choose your brand over that of your competitors?

Are you protecting the jewel in your branding crown?

I need space. No this isn’t a relationship break-up, it’s your logo crying out for help. So often companies invest in an outstanding logo that

Does your logo project the message about your brand to potential ideal customers?

Projecting the value your brand brings to its constituents helps your ideal prospects self-select your company.

Words are a powerful tool in your brand toolbox.

Are you really clear about what bonds customers to your brand?

I love these rules. When you work in a corporate environment, sometimes a very toxic, competitive environment ensues. The RULES in this blog is what we all need to strive for in a creative environment. Thank, Seth Godin for the inspiration.

Don’t hide your work Offer help Ask for help Tell the truth Upgrade your tools Don’t hide your mistakes Add energy, don't subtract it Share If you're not proud of it, don't ship it Know the rules of your craft...

Just Like Me: Why project stories matter::::Are you using testimonials and case stories to build trust with your brand?

Think of the big picture and the needs of your client.

Do you protect your brand with honest communication?

pro•mis•cu•ous: demonstrating or implying an undiscriminating or unselective approach; indiscriminate or casual. I think most of us think of something

Keep your messaging congruent with your brand and speaking the language of your ideal client.

I always enjoy seeing good branding in action. And, it’s really fun when a regular reader, customer, and friend sends me an example of such because

Well done, Struck and Snowbird!

‘Too advanced’ for Greg might be just right for you.