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Sketch walk India Street and Kai Joo Lane. Live feed brought to you by Digi Malaysia.
Day 2 sketch walk at water front Kuching. Live feed brought to you by Digi Malaysia.


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Ang Sar Lee to Urban Sketchers Kuching

A piece of kuching in Hong Kong! The urban sketches of the Asialink sketchwalk kuching have been displayed at the entrance lobby of the Singapore international school Hong Kong!

Dear All,

Over the 36-hour voting duration, 31 chapters / groups voted in all, with 25 in favor of Taichung, and 6 in favor of Hanoi for 2018.

Congratulations to the city of Taichung for being the host of ALSW: 2018!

Get to know Kuching through the eyes of sketchers and wordsmiths! Catch the exhibition featuring sketches by participants of the recently concluded Asia-Link Sketchwalk: Kuching and poetry by @wordsmithsofkuching at @thegranary_kch. Monday - Friday (5-11pm), Saturday - Sunday (11am-11pm)

Photo credit: Maria Regina Tuazon

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Hi Sketchers! One week had passed since our wonderful time together! It is true that time passes even faster when you are having fun. We missed all of you!
Here are some more videos of the Sharetalks, recorded & compiled by Teoh Yi Chie, otherwise famously known as Parka. If you missed the chance to join us in Kuching, this is for you too! Enjoy and relive it again.
Day 1 - William Sim (Singapore)
Day 1 - Alvin Wong (Hong Kong)...
Day 1 - Ch’ng Kiah Kiean (Penang, Malaysia)
Day 2 - Twin Krisadaphong (Bangkok, Thailand)
Day 2 - Muhammad Thamrin (Bandung, Indonesia)
Day 2 - Tia Boon Sim (Singapore)

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William Sim is from Urban Sketchers Singapore. Check out his art at All the talks from AsiaLink Sketchwalk K...
ASIA-Link Sketchwalk: Kuching 2017 added 63 new photos to the album: Asia Link Sketch Walk 2017 Kuching Day 1 — with Elena Klimova and Yulianto Qin.
October 12, 2017

Photo of the first day of sketch walks and workshops.
Feel free to tag and share.

Photos by Jee Photography

Peggy Wong

300 people from 17 countries, 4 days but forever memories ...
To the people who tirelessly and selflessly volunteered their time and effort, 🙇🏻‍♀️ thank you all... for making this Asialink Sketchwalk 2017 Kuching, successful and memorable for all of us. From photography, design, merchandise, registration, music, IT, setting up exhibition, sign language translation to answering questions like where is the toilet.
(in no particular order)
Jee Foong
Annette Chung
Aurelia Liu
Kho Ah Thong
Jean Voon
Gabrielle Lim
Tan Peng Hee
Jong Fui Kien
Azie Morni
Jaron Sim
Helena Goh
Sue Yen
Christophe Alliel
Tan Siaw Chia
Angelina Anthea Bong
Sheila Si
Michelle Lim
Sophia Tan
Liying Oh
Ying Xieng
Lance Vun
Aleph Tav Art Lee
Veryy Voonie
Kong Yean Wei
Kelvin Tan
Mark Curtis Josem

Thank you to our instructors who volunteered their time to selflessly impart their skills:
Donald Saluling
Paul Artsg
Sanjeev Joshi
Mor Thiwawat Pattaragulwanit
Christophe Alliel
Marvin Chew
Szetoo Weiwen

Thank you to our speakers who shared their sketchbook journeys, urban sketcher stories and inspiring us:
William Sim Sing Kee
Alvin Wong
Kiah Kiean Chng
Kwin Krisadaphong
Muhammad Thamrin
Tia Boon Sim

Big thank you to our sponsors & partners:
The Granary Kitchen + Bar, for letting us have private use of the venue, feeding us and putting up with our silly antics 😅;
Sarawak Convention Bureau, for supporting our events through funding our promotions & housing our instructors/speakers;
The Marian Boutique Lodging, for providing us great discounts for our staff, faculty & participants;
Digi Malaysia, for sponsoring free sim cards for our participants & free unlimited data for our live streaming
Jee Photography, for tirelessly running around covering our events in photos and videos, at all locations
Teoh Yi Chie for covering the event through his vlogs and providing an insight for other sketchers to join us virtually and a recount of the event for our volunteers who were stuck at their designated stations
Chapter & Star, for sponsoring the limited edition zigzag sketchbooks in goody bags for Workshop Pass
Peatix,for providing support in ticketing, registration and advance payout for us to kickstart some of our event commitments
Stickerrific, for providing fantastic choices of art supplies through your pop up booth and the food sketching workshops with Szetoo
Zig by Kuretake, for sponsoring brush pens for our goody bags that everyone loved
The Perfect Sketchbook by Erwin Lian, for sponsoring awesome limited The Perfect Sketchbook B5 Kuching 2017 edition, as prizes for our Closing Lucky Draw
Francis TheoTheo for sponsoring Sketches from Pulau Ubin : The Last Frontier, as prizes for our Closing Lucky Draw
Marvin Chew who sponsored his published collection of watercolours artworks, as prizes for our Closing Lucky Draw
Kami Art for sponsoring A4 watercolour sheets, to be filled with awesome Kuching sketches for our month-long exhibition of Asialink Sketchwalk 2017, Kuching in Sketches.
Wordsmiths of Kuching, for sharing your sketches of Kuching in words and prose
and of course,
Urban Sketchers that brought all of us together to this convention of introverts, bringing us out of our shell and sharing the same passion of sketching on-location.

Last but not least, to all of you who made your journey all the way to Kuching, allowing us to show you our hometown and its stories, sketching Kuching that meant so much to us and building this friendship with everyone at the Asialink Sketchwalk 2017 in Kuching ... a very big hug and thank you 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻😘

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Welcome to Kuching! Opening day photos, feel free to tag and share.

Photos by Jee Photography

ASIA-Link Sketchwalk: Kuching 2017 added 114 new photos to the album: Asia Link Sketch Walk 2017 Kuching Day 3 — with Patrick Ng and 3 others.

Sketch walk and workshop photos from Day 3.
Feel free to share and tag.

photos by Jee Photography

For all of you who love our mascot, I present the making of Catzilla.

Gabrielle Lim Studio added 5 new photos.

The making of Catzilla (the mascot for Asia-link Sketchwalk Kuching 2017). Draft 1: cat E was picked out of 8 other cats. Draft 2: a body was added but looked t...oo bare. Draft 3: a costume was added but didn't reflect Sarawak style. Draft 4: an iban warrior headgear, a sketchbook and a brush was added. Final version refined and colors added. Approved!

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Photos from Day 2's Sketch walk, workshops and share talk.

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Photos by Jee Photography

ASIA-Link Sketchwalk: Kuching 2017 updated their cover photo.

The last 4 days has been a blast. Thank you everyone for making a great and wonderful memory together in Kuching! Keep in touch and see you again at the next Asia-Link Sketchwalk!

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