Still setting up at A Little Ink HQ! What Little Ways do YOU procrastinate? Cause we do this... hehe #alittletoomuchtounpack #stircrazy
You can't just work at creativity, you have to play to be inspired! What's something YOU create just for the joy of it? I make little (not Little) characters in polymer clay whilst watching Arrested Development and wearing my Nerds Rule Jumper (not always that specifically though!)...see?

‘Polly want A Little Weekly Poem?’

A Little Bright and Beautiful Almost Weekend Everyone and welcome to A Little Ink Weekly!

It’s been A Little Fun here with our annual Feel A Little Book visit to The Colour Run - The Happiest 5k On The Planet!


Of course it HAD to inspire a colourful character for this week’s An Inking of Collective Nouns Weekly Poem and I couldn’t resist one just for my own colourful character Dad - A Pandemonium of Parrots!

From the heights of trees bedecked
the blooms burst into flight.
Like a rainbow wearing wings
are parrots, banded, bright.

Painted on the canvas clouds,
a sight to make you gawk!
A brilliant bedlam, beautiful
(until you hear them squawk!)

Kaleidoscopic colour chaos,
called (you can see why!)
A Pandemonium of Parrots -
it’s a hue and cry.

A Little Ps don’t forget we were also so happy this week to be part of a giveaway with a beautiful book in print with our publisher called Stardust, all about feelings for children of incarcerated parents. You can win a copy of Feel A Little (last chances this morning!) through their Facebook page here

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Stardust Children’s Book added 3 new photosfeeling thankful.


We are so excited and greatful to have teamed up with Feel A Little to give you a chance to WIN this beautifully written and illustrated boo...k. We have TWO copies to giveaway, if you would like to enter:

⭐️ Give both Feel A Little and Stardust Children’s Book a ‘Like’!!

⭐️ Tag a friend who would love this book!!

⭐️ Winners will be announced Friday March 16th!!

Feel A Little is a children’s book and is a beautiful read. Helping children understand different emotions. This POWERFUL little book, focuses on 14 important emotions, all explored through engaging ‘read along’ rhymes and cute, symbolic characters. This book is really about encouraging all the different ways we can communicate and understand feelings, empowering children in emotional literacy in a positive manner.

Good luck everyone!!

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Happy Almost Weekend and A Little Ink Weekly everyone!

It’s been a happy week here! Celebrating International Women’s Day I’m so proud to run A Little Ink, to have two books published by women-led publishers, to have written Feel A Little with illustrator and icon Evie Kemp and (most importantly to me) to be a Mama, wife, daughter, granddaughter, sister, auntie, godmama, cousin, niece and friend who is inspired by all before her and tries to pay it forward too. I love being a position to promote equality and learning and validity of feelings and love with Little Humans everywhere!

And speaking of happy. How awesome is this G.L.A.D. Technique we shared on Feel A Little Facebook this week with our Happy poem? Do you use it to trigger conversations and positivity in your home or class?

Have a lark this weekend everyone! And here’s A Little Ink Weekly ‘An Inking Of Collective Nouns’ Poem to help you do it!

An Exaltation of Larks

When your heart’s ascending, light,
your emotions soar with wings;
When your spirit just takes flight
and your laughter fairly sings,

You’re as happy as a Lark,
as a flying flock of birds,
from the dawn until the dark
you are tittering your words.

Exaltation is the feeling
and it’s Lark’s collective noun.
Larking round together, reeling,
looking up, no looking down!

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Is something needling you? It might be that you missed our Little Porcupine Weekly Poem! See A Little Copy below!

This week marks a year since our Feel A Little Kickstarter launched and honestly what a year Little Friends! We have been completely blown away by the support and endorsement for our project and it means more than I can say to see professionals and families using our work to help children of all ages.

So, while I’m pining A Little for such a wonderful, whirlwind t...ime and having prickles of excitement for the next big project (shhhh!) today’s Little Ink Weekly Collective Noun Poem could be nothing but...A Prickle of Porcupines!

You know, you would be in a pickle
if you ever sought to tickle
groups of creatures quite as fickle
as the Porcupines - a Prickle!

If you see them, do not try it!
You may get your Little Eye hit!
I have got a point - deny it!
Take my warning and apply it.

I am right, so do not frown!
Take a quill and write this down:
round a Prickle, never clown!
Porcupine’s collective noun.

A Little Love,

A Little Ink

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Cat-ch up with A Little Ink Weekly Collective Nouns Poem below!

Oh hi Little Friends!

We’re on the prowl for our next An Inking of Collective Nouns Poem - have you sent in A Little Request by messaging or commenting here? - so it’s appropriate that our Little Ink Weekly Poem today is...A Shadow of Jaguar


In the tropics, in the forests,
as they deepen into night;
twixt the flowers, hide the rosettes,
all but eyes hidden from sight.

It’s a Jaguar - a mother,
with her cubs, all learning fast.
See them searching for their dinner.
Whoa! Let’s go! We’re no repast!

Jaguars prowl solo, proudly,
but, with young, they’re side by side,
slinking through the dawn and dusk-light,
named a Shadow when allied.

A Little Love,

A Little Ink

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This week’s Little Ink Weekly Poem and Newsletter will set your heart a flutter!

Kia Ora Little Inkers!

A Little Love to you all for Valentines Week (my darling girl’s 3rd birthday!) and A Little Apt that our weekly An Inking of Collective Nouns Poem today is butterflies!


It’s also appropriate as we were nervous awaiting the Feel A Little book review from the amazing Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand but we are SO proud of the honest, thorough and positive review they gave! We truly hope this book starts conversations wherever it goes, with our love.

The review is here…/…/book-dvd-and-app-reviews if you’d like to have a read and here is A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies poem below

It’s been said that being nervous
feels like butterflies in you,
and that nerves turn to excitement
if you concentrate (grin too!)

When you picture all those butterflies -
a rainbow all a-flitter,
it makes sense to think excitement,
can’t you see them all a-glitter?!

So next time you’re feeling nervous
take that time, imagine brightly;
Close one eye, look in and see them:
crystal colours, changing, sprightly.

They are magic! They are moving!
You can see why, once you try it,
then kaleidoscopes of butterflies
exhilarate! A riot.

A Little Love,

A Little Ink

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Y’ello Little Inkers! Here’s the buzz if you missed A Little Weekly Poem and Newsletter in your Inbox!

We escaped some Little Last Minute Renovations this week and turned it into a wonderful adventure, taking a couple of days for us city kids to stay as a family on the farm! It was perfect timing, being back to our Little Ink Weekly Poem, as we got to see all kinds of animal collective nouns at work!

I wrote and wrote and wrote! But don’t let that get your goat! You can stil...l request your favourite collective noun to be rhymed by commenting right here!

Til then you’ll have to bee content with this week’s #aninking poem (and A Little Shout Out to our beautiful, natural world) - A Swarm of Bees!

When it’swarm,
the days are mellow,
bees are buzzing
black and yellow.

People ponder
all abuzz
where we’d be
without their fuzz?

Pollination -
most our foods!
Bees are honeys,
busy dudes!

Sure their stings
can be a curse
but, you know,
for them it’s worse!

Save our bees!
Help out, reform,
so we’ll keep
our noun: bee swarm.

A Little PS we’ve had lots of lovely nature activities on our Feel A Little Facebook lately! Do you follow along? Join us at

A Little Love,

A Little Ink

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I know this is A Little Mama Moment but when your almost 3 Year Old offers her 1st Poem and you run a page all about poetry you HAVE to share.

Here’s A Little Poem from my Little. By Francesca Ivy Liebert.

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Welcome back to A Little Ink Weekly Poem Series for 2018 Little Friends!

Hope your year began bright and beautifully and you’re ready for another year of poetry and inspiration!

I spent mine surrounded by family and friends, lounging in the sunshine (as much as anyone with a 1 and 2 year old lounges hehe) so it seemed apt to get back to our An Inking of Collective Nouns poetry series with A Lounge of Lizards.


Not just any lizards though. This year may just be our most many-coloured and changeable yet! There are plans in the works for exciting new Feel A Little resources and even products, new workshops, new BOOK projects and even some new Little Features to our work here! I’ve had so many requests about book recommendations and book based play activities. Who would like to see A Little More from A Little Ink this year?

SO with all these Little Changes our Lounging Lizards simply HAD to be Chameleons. And even better, there is no specific collective noun for them so I can use A Little Poetic Licence! Who’s with me for A Rainbow of Chameleons? And is there one YOU’D like to invent for next week? Comment here with your ideas!

A Rainbow of Chameleons

Chameleons were feeling blue
cause it can wear quite thin,
fading to the background,
lonely, trying to fit in.

Days can seem A Little Grey
and moods can be quite black;
Rolling your eyes, seeing red
and always stepping back.

Green with envy of the lizards
lounging round as teams,
just one chance to lilac that
was all chameleons’ dreams!

Til, one day, An Inking came!
Their golden chance shone yellow!
Orange you glad they got their name?
Their noun is Rainbow! Hello!

Now it’s great, they congregate!
They’re tickled pink, aren’t you?
Once marooned, they play, festooned,
a colourful who’s hue.

A Little Love,

A Little Ink

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Did you Christmiss our Little Ink Weekly Poem and Newsletter? Read on below!

A Little Happy Christmas Little Inkers!

Thank you all so much for the unbelievable support you have given to me, A Little Ink and our Feel A Little Book this year!


It has been such a joy to bring alphabets, emotions, fairytales, fables and collectives into your lives - not to mention poetry! It's an honour to get treasured feedback from all you Little Friends out there and it is SO inspiring too. You all make such a difference to me and to my work, I can't wait to spend the 'break' in a whirl of words!

See you back here after summer holidays and wishing you all warmth and wellness, blessings and books this Christmas.

And now, dear ones, let's get into the spirit of the season with our last An Inking of Collective Nouns Little Ink Weekly Poem of 2017...A Herd of Reindeer!

Have you lain awake at midnight
as the clock chimes Christmas Day?
Have you listened for the jingle
of that jolly Christmas sleigh?

Have you hoped to hear the clatter
and trip-trapping of each hoof
as a famous fleet of reindeer
land clip-clapping on your roof?

You know Dasher, Comet, Cupid;
You know Vixen, Donner, Dancer,
and you've 'red', of course, of Rudolph
and of dear Blitzen and Prancer.

So you're waiting with such wonder,
HOping for that "Ho Ho Ho!"
As those clocks continue ticking,
GOading reindeer Go Go Go!

It is part of Christmas magic,
Night Before and nothing stirred.
Maybe all that lovely listening's
why they're called a Reindeer Herd.

A Little Love,

A Little Ink

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Feel A Little added 3 new photos.

SO much cute at Independent Collective Pop Up this morning! Always amazed by the Little Artists we have around us! There's still time to pop down for bubbles, c...olouring and all that last minute gift buying too! 160 Broadway Newmarket. Thanks so much for having us team! X Ps how adorable is Little Oliver?!

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Don't forget our last reading of the year is at Independent Collective Pop Up in Newmarket, tomorrow 12pm. They have a whole day of art, games and even lollie scrambles for Littles while the shopping gets done so see you there everyone! 🎄👋

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Independent Collective Pop Up

Join us tomorrow for our kids christmas celebration! We have lots of fun things planned, beautiful prizes from the brands in-store to give away and discounts on... selected products. The Independent Collective Kids Christmas celebration will run from 11.00am to 4.00pm at 160 Broadway Newmarket (right next to Movenpick).

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Dive into A Little Ink Weekly Poem and Newsletter below! Ooh and see you all tomorrow!

It's A Little Christmas Countdown Little Inkers!

Have you finished your shopping? Bought all the, ahem, children's books you need for example?


If not, we might be able to help with our very last reading of 2017 THIS SATURDAY 18TH DECEMBER at a gorgeous Newmarket pop up store promoting New Zealand talent called Independent Collective Pop Up! They're hosting a brilliant children's day with games, art, dance and even ice cream! Plus A Little Poetry of course! Our reading starts at 12pm, 160 Broadway Newmarket, Auckland and we'll be hanging around for the fun and festivities (plus all that last minute shopping eek!) afterwards. See you there Little Locals!

But 'til then, speaking of gifts, today's Little Ink Weekly An Inking of Collective Nouns Poem is a gift to my Grandad, Davy. He inspired most of our family (those who weren't utterly horrified!) by sky-diving at the age of just over 91 and a half last weekend! Dream big, fly high and never let adventure die, Little Friends. This is for you David Newcombe.

Way up high above the quiet clouds,
through a sky of breathless blue,
dove a sky-diver, free-falling,
on the day that Davy flew.

High above a quilted country
and the river winding through,
was the air where bravest birds fly,
on the day that Davy flew.

Golden chute, round like the sun, shone,
as a man near ninety-two
beamed far brighter than those yellows,
on the day that Davy flew.

'Til one dark speck, then another,
circled closer into view.
There were two hawks wheeling with him
on the day that Davy flew.

Some say hawks are Heaven's message,
they are Angels to a few,
and that day, they winged together,
on the day that Davy flew.

Bands of hawks are named an Aerie
(coming from a high place too)
and this Aerie floated, fearless,
on the day that Davy flew.

Til the hawks harried him homeward
(to his ground-their-teeth ground crew)
but we shan't forget three brave birds
on the day that Davy flew.

A Little Love,

A Little Ink

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There's a l'otter stuff in our Little Ink Weekly Poem and Newsletter so don't miss your Copy below...

How is your Christmas season going Little Inkers?

Today's An Inking of Collective Nouns Weekly Poem is all about being in touch and taking time out together, which is what the holidays are all about after all! In fact, it's what our page is all about right now as well - we're writing Christmas cards for people needing outreach with the lovely ...Sending Love NZ organisation and we hope you'll send A Little Love out too!

And if you need A Little Soundtrack to your card creating, we are SO proud to share our A Little ABC Book which has been produced by the amazing Radio New Zealand into gorgeous readings set to music! The Children's Treasure Chest is beautiful, it absolutely lives up to it's name, so click through to hear them all at…/storytime-trea…/a-little-abc-book

Enjoy the Little Poetry everyone! Including today's #aninking - A Raft of Otters!

One Little Otter
all alone would be quite fishy,
they all stay and play together
in the water splashy-splishy.

That is how you'll always see them,
running, chattering on land,
or if you are truly lucky,
floating families, hand in hand.

Side by side through troubled water -
shucks! They should teach us so much!
When you see one otter, sink or swim,
you'll see the rest, in touch.

It is easy to sea, watching,
why the naturalists and spotters,
saw them all afloat, together,
and named them A Raft of Otters.

A Little Love,

A Little Ink

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Do you agree Little Friends?

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Choose wisely.

Image Credit: Goodreads