Still setting up at A Little Ink HQ! What Little Ways do YOU procrastinate? Cause we do this... hehe #alittletoomuchtounpack #stircrazy
You can't just work at creativity, you have to play to be inspired! What's something YOU create just for the joy of it? I make little (not Little) characters in polymer clay whilst watching Arrested Development and wearing my Nerds Rule Jumper (not always that specifically though!)...see?

Don’t miss this week’s Little Ink Collective Noun’s a zinger! But before you smack your forehead here’s A Little Copy below...

It’s school holidays here in Aotearoa everyone and we are A Little Jelly!

What are you doing with your Littles? There are all sorts of art activities and book based play on our @alittleink Instagram and the Feel A Little Facebook if you want to join in with us!


Til then we thought we’d make a splash with A Little Ink Weekly Collective Nouns Poem that smacks of our current feels...A Smack of Jellyfish!

SMACK the jelly!
Watch it wobble!
Wibble, wubble,
blibble, bubble.
Jellyfish together, trouble;
Gelatin the sea.

BACK! The jelly
sling their stingers!
Watch those stringers,
they are springers!
Smacks of Jellyfish are zingers!
Floating in the free.

A Little Love,

A Little Ink

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Take a bite out of this week’s A Little Ink Weekly Collective Noun Poem! Just in time for the cold here in Aotearoa we brrrrring you: A Shiver of Sharks!

When you’re in the water
do you ever pause?
Thinking of that music?...
Thinking of those jaws?

It’s A Little Scary!
Such a toothy grin!
Though we know it’s silly
we’re afraid to...fin!

See, sharks - all cold blooded -
give us a cold sweat!
Which might make Shiver of Sharks
our coolest group name yet!

A Little Love,

A Little Ink

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