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Dustin Dishner
· June 2, 2014
These girls are doing wonders for the animals they are working on. I recommend anyone with horses or donkeys with problem hooves get them to at least come out and give a consultation to see what can be done.
Christie Huff
· April 30, 2014
I would recommend them to anyone for your horses hoof care!!

Hey guys! If you have an appointment with us over the next 2 weeks we will be contacting you to reschedule. Our tools are still at the rebuilding facility in Utah and we don't expect to have them back before March. Just wanted to give a heads up to expect our call

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Mountain Empire Large Animal Hospital

Lush green spring time grasses are high in sugar. For ponies or horses prone to weight gain and laminitis, this excess sugar can increase the risk of laminitis. Limit the time your horse spends out on grass. If it's not an option, consider a grazing muzzle.

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Easyboot is with Kathy Bender Sodowsky.

FLASH SALE - Noon to Midnight today only!
Make sure to share because this offer is open to everyone: Farriers, Veterinarians, Dealers, Domestic and Foreign Customers!
All orders must be placed through between 12 pm and 11:59 pm MST today 1/13/17

Looks like a great idea! Cant wait to see how they do.

Tumble Feeder is a unique patent pending hay feeder, that transports your hay and will advance the slow hay feeder movement like never before.

Dr. Carey Williams from the Rutgers Equine Science Center will be hosting the second Fall webinar on Gastric Ulcers next Tuesday, December 13th from 12:00 PM - ...1:00 PM. Presenting will be Dr. Frank Andrews from the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine.

Join the webinar next Tuesday by going to , and entering as a "guest". Hope to see you there!

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We are easyboot dealers so anyone wanting to take advantage of this awesome program please let us know!

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Our competitor boots that we have acquired through our Hoof Boot Exchange Program have sold as an entire lot. That means we are ready for you to send in y...our competitor boots and receive a huge discount on a pair of EasyCare boots.
Want more information about this program follow this link -

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Pete Ramey is hosting a 2 day clinic in Shelbyville!

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Behind the scene development of hoof boots and the latest Hoof Boot News

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Check out this month's issue of Smoky Mountain Living for a great article on A Natural Hoof. We are very proud to have been included in this issue!

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Pete Ramey discusses equine hoof care and nutrition. He covered ideal nutrition plans and options for those who cannot test hay.

Jessica and I are having an equine dentist out on the morning of 11/16 to do some dental checks / floating. If anyone is interested in bringing your horses over to take advantage of her being in the area please let us know. She's offering a rate of $75 per horse.

I am a graduate of the American School of Equine Dentistry. I am willing to work with any equine healthcare provider to further the preventative care of our beloved horses.

Wonderful video on understanding hoof distortions.

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Equine Digit Support System, Inc.

A great overview of what hoof distortions are and how they occur. Check out more fantastic hoofcare content on and

Fall founder season is approaching fast!

Fall, with its dry pastures and brown grass, is a season most people don’t associate with laminitis. But, what many owners don’t realize is that the autumn brings higher rates of the disease as well, particularly for horses that are already at risk.

Check it out, still think metal shoes don't restrict blood flow? The hoof is made to flex!

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Brad's Natural Hoof Care

In the picture below you see a thermograph photo of a horse, which shows blood flow, heat and circulation of the legs and hooves. YOU guess what foot has a shoe... and which three do not have shoes? The photo is linked to a web page with the following quote: "The single most convincing thing for me was to see a thermograph of a horse's feet--three of which were without shoes and one which was shod. Note the shod foot has virtually no blood circulation. I will NEVER put shoes on my horse again."

NOTE: In 1983, Luca Bein, did a dissertation on the shock absorption of a barefoot hoof compared to a shod hoof. His finding were that a conventionally shod hoof loses 60 to 80% of the hoof's natural shock absorption. Bein also demonstrated that a shod hoof on asphalt, at a walk, receives THREE TIMES (3X) the impact force as as a barefoot hoof on asphalt at the trot. Bein found a shoe on a hoof vibrates at about 800 Hertz (Hz), which at that level does damage to living tissue. Think about that, a metal shoe that is nailed into a healthy hoof compromises the hoof wall, triples the impact force of every step, prevents blood flow, damages living tissue, prevents expansion of the hoof, restricts the natural flexing of the hoof, prevents normal growth of the hoof and yet people still put shoes on horses.

You can trot your horse barefoot on pavement and do three times LESS damage than walking your shod horse on pavement.

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