Airbnb has indeed raised rents, removed housing from the rental market, and fueled gentrification—at least in New York City.

Melissa Williams-Valrie shared a link to the group: Planning and the Black Community.
A report suggests that home sharing has raised rents, fueled gentrification, and removed housing from the rental market. But the company's numbers tell a somewhat different story.
The reality for many urban children is too much time spent indoors playing on smartphones – but a few cities are fighting the tide with innovative ways to keep kids healthy, sociable – and outdoors

“In fact, the common understanding of cities is changing—from a simple-minded notion that "that's where the jobs are" to a deeper understanding of cities as creative engines of human development, with a remarkable inherent capacity for resource efficiency.”

Insight into the hard work of implementing the New Urban Agenda.
As society, culture, and the natural world evolve, so does planning — and the program for NPC18. APA added a number of NPC18 sessions that address trending topics.
America divided – this concept increasingly graces political discourse in the U.S., pitting left against right, conservative thought against the liberal agenda. But for decades, Americans have been rearranging along another divide, one just as stark if not far more significant – a chasm once bri...
A public reading list on Places Journal by Emma Rowden and Jesse Stein.

Oh, look! A bipartisan effort to undermine the government’s ability to fight racial discrimination in mortgage lending.

These senators are finding common ground with President Trump.|By Zach Carter

Residents in Boston’s poorest neighborhoods are much more likely to encounter dysfunctional sidewalks with buckled asphalt, cracking concrete, and tree roots shattering the pavement.

Residents in the city’s poorest neighborhoods are much more likely to contend with buckled asphalt, cracking concrete, and tree roots smashing through their sidewalks.

“The housing crisis in our most prosperous cities is now distorting the entire American economy.”

Why millennials are facing the scariest financial future of any generation since the Great Depression.

“Racial discrepancies probably explain why the Bayou Greenways initiative hasn’t exactly been a particularly all-inviting campaign. Since much of the Bayou parks project is privately financed ($90 million in private funds have been raised as of February 2016), Bryant, who is African-American, says many think that it’s created for the enjoyment of Houston’s elites—the kind who informed the original city survey.”

A major overhaul of a huge Houston park reveals disparities in what white, black, and Latino residents want—and need.

Look Ma, no (traffic) lights!

Can urban intersections can be designed in such a way that motor traffic, cycling and walking flow smoothly and that the potential conflicts of these very different types of traffic crossing each o…

“Seattle’s remarkable performance was driven by major investments in transit. Since 2014, Seattle and King County have increased overall transit service 13 percent, fueled by strong support at the ballot box.”

Don’t let anyone tell you a healthier economy is inextricably linked to more driving.

Zoning fail!

Florida justices declined to come to the aid of a Miami Shores couple who grew vegetables in their front yard — until Miami Shores ordered them to dig the garden up.
PART 3. Comparing typical street design in the Netherlands and Denmark, and comparing these to UK designs.

An excellent proposal.

In what has been described as a radical move for Germany, several German cities will trial free public transportation services in an effort to reduce pollution.