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APCGAMServices Trade Event!

For 1 people only!!

Fast Message the page!!


Just gift me this make-up
And i will gift you a wig cost 320 cg!
or you can pick the item you want that is 320CG BELOW!!

What are you waiting for? Message now!

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Mui Royal already got the wig.
But I will earn others again tomorrow.
Because, My Uncle , Aunt and Cousin visited us

All orders will be received later.
We will just earn

Sorry but we're experiencing Lagness now.
So maybe, we will give your Order tomorrow or Friday..
Sorry T_T

Mui Royal
Trixie Bautista

Mary Nicole

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Thanks for ordering

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Sora Kamichi to Ameba Pigg Candy Gold and Mobile Services

Yey~!!! I wanna say thank you, thank you and oh, almost forgot, and THANK YOU!!!!!

(oh also for the fork (?) and kitty handthingy )

Order for Elegant Dress Wear:

1st Order (Dress only) - Seranti Ninan (Done!)
2nd Order (Wig) - Vania Tan (Done!)


The other will get the orders tomorrow. I don't have too much time because my parents are already here. Thanks for ordering

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Thanks for Ordering


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Seranti Ninan to Ameba Pigg Candy Gold and Mobile Services

Thanks for the dress

Just got home from school.
Now I'll give your Orders.
Order Theme: Elegang Dress (For Girls)

1st : Seranti Ninan...
2nd: Vania Tan
3rd: Mui Royal

Order or Reservations for this theme?

Message us this:
> The ID and Pass of the Dummy acc that have CG 100+
> The ID and Pass of the Account where will we put your order.
> And your order, if you already open your Pigg on Mobile or Doesn't earn yet.

2 More ORDERS!


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Ordered For the Dress, Wig and that Glasses:

1st: Seranti Ninan
2nd: Vania Tan


Mui Royal

If you will reserve. Please be sure your going to pay it or give the dummy acc with 100+CG tomorrow.


2 More orders and i will closed it.
But don't worry i will re-open it again.

All orders will be received tomorrow.

-APCGAMServices ((

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Theme: Elegant Dress (For Girls)
[For Sale] Wig with Dress and Glasses
Model: ChuChan (2nd Account)


Full Information:

1st Info: If you never open your Pigg Account On Mobile, You can order all ChuChan's wearing. As you can see she's wearing a Dress, Glasses and Wig. If you never open your Pigg Account on Mobile you can Get it.

2nd Info: If you already Open your Pigg but never earned (Any Earning sites for Mobile), You can still get the Wig and the Dress c: Or It's up to you if the Wig and the Glasses or Dress and the Glasses.

3rd Info: If you already earned in Mobile, You can't Join.

If you have more Questions, Please comment. And if your interested Message the Page )

Price (You need to Give before Having this) - Dummy Account that have CG -- 100CG+ (Accepted)

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Never open Pigg on Mobile ?
Wants a Dress or Wig from Mobile?
Order now!~
I will start Posting tomorrow!~


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We Just edited it ^^
We will change it tomorrow!~

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