Have you spotted that the Quantum Shorts flash fiction competition has a youth category? Encourage any writers you know aged 13-18 to enter!

In this year's con...test, all shortlisted entrants receive a one-year digital subscription to Scientific American magazine and $100. The youth first prize is $500 - and shortlisted stories will be in the running for the People's Choice prize too.

Good luck from us!

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A contest for quantum-inspired flash fiction

Photos from our launch last night!

ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems added 24 new photos from November 7 to the album: EQUS launch — at Customs House.
November 7

Snapshots from our centre launch on November 8, 2017

teamEQUS launch
We're looking for games inspired by quantum physics! Visit for more
Last day of our #quantumwinter school! 😄

#teamEQUS PHD student Samantha Hood on her research and women in STEM! The University of Queensland - UQ

CLEVER, inventive and creative - these young Aussie innovators have something to prove - and they are dreaming big.
ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems added 24 new photos from November 7 — at Customs House.
November 7

Snapshots from our centre launch on November 8, 2017


Our new centre launches today! Stay tuned for more information

She’s a quantum physicist and a mum of three boys - oh and she's just won a L’Oreal-Unesco For Women in Science fellowship.

Our QMAPP Research Group’s temporary home during lab renovations

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QMAPP Research Group

Welcome to our place! It's a temporary home while our main lab undergoes some construction work, but it has all the essentials: lasers, fibres, control station ...- and nanodiamonds! #engineeringaquantumfuture #compactliving #officeview #sciencelab #mymq #basementremodel #workspace #diamondnanoscience #physics #lightsout #photoncounting @engineeredquantumsystems @macquarieuni

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This sounds weird, but let us explain...

Researchers at Macquarie University have, for the first time anywhere, ever, managed to make a nanodiamond, one thousand times smaller than a human hair,...

Some great early entries for Quantum Games! We can't wait to see more on these quantum-inspired games

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Last night, our second year Games students showcased their game prototypes - developed throughout this semester to make quantum physics concepts more for the general public!

The project was a collaboration with the ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems (EQuS), based at UQ.

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#teamEQUS researcher Dr Jacqui Romero in the Herald Sun on why we need more women in science!…/3209c4720d4c3894a7362f92f302b…

IN a male-dominated industry where female role models are needed more than ever, this quantum physicist is proof that motherhood and science can produce a winning formula.

Follow the QMAPP Research Group on Facebook (or Instagram) for research updates and gorgeous pictures from in their lab 📷

Macquarie University Department of Physics and Astronomy - Macquarie University

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QMAPP Research Group

See that red light? That's the diamond glowing as it gets hit by green laser light delivered through the optical fibre. This is our fibre cavity in operation, m...eaning that light bounces back and forth thousands of times between the fibre tip and the mirror substrate. Each bounce gives it more opportunity to interact with the diamond sample, and we hope to make a diamond laser! @engineeredquantumsystems #glowing #diamond #fiber #cavity # laser #physics #science #labphotography #mymq @macquarieuni #nitrogenvacancycenter #quantumphysics

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It's Friday! We have some great quantum stories for you to welcome the weekend. Check them out here:

Where can quantum inspiration take your imagination? Explore these short stories with us. We've started the collection with winners from the previous two Quantum Shorts fiction competitions.

Team EQUS research in Physics World!


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Physics World
October 19

Atoms and Josephson junctions simulate 1D quantum liquid @UNSW ‏