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Michael Martinez
· February 6, 2017
Being part of this organization has been one of the best things I've done with my life. ASA has given me the opportunity to not only become a leader within the... student movement, but also has allowed me to identify and train the next generation of student leaders.

If you're looking for an organization to get involved in that will teach you how to be an effective change maker, ASA is the place for you!
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Rachel Weber
· September 8, 2016
While ASA does provide a few legitimate opportunities and is a great place to network, I (and several other girls, I found out later) was intentionally mislead Patrick Morales about the location, purpose, length and safety of a trip to Tucson that never should have taken place. Not only that, he made sure I didn't know who else was coming until I was in his car, on the way there. Turns out it was just Patrick and his creepy friend Chris.

I was kept in Tucson for 4 days with no way of getting home and no say in the matter when Patrick promised we would be back by the next day. I was sexually assaulted and harassed by his friend, Chris Bellin. And nobody at ASA did a damn thing about it.

Their organization is absolutely steeped in the skeezy, cheap, and stomach turning campus culture of sexual recklessness (EVERYBODY in this group is blatantly sleeping with everyone else), and you will be ostracized if you do not want to be a part of it. And if something horrible happens on an ASA organized trip with ASA leaders on ASA time under the guise of doing ASA work, they will suddenly not take any responsibility for their people.

Horrible experience with this group.
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Josselyn Berry
· August 20, 2014
An excellent organization working to make the life of every Arizona student better.
Jose Guadalupe
· July 20, 2014
Fighters for the Student Movement in Arizona!! =)
Alyssa Brooke Chiampi
· November 22, 2014
ASA is ran by the most intelligent, hardworking and passionate student organizers I know. ♥ SSA LOVE
Michele Lawrence Johnson
· April 16, 2014
Seems an informative and helpful resource
We still have hope for Arizona. #azstandup


After testimony from our organization on the barriers HB2448 would create for students when trying to register to vote, members of the House Government committee, on both side of aisle, voted against passing these tighter restrictions citing the concerns raised over those barriers created for students.

Thank you Representatives Clark, Martinez, Salman, and Clodfelter for standing on this side of students.

We'd like to thank Speaker J.D. Mesnard for meeting with us to discuss a wide range of issues impacting the students of Arizona.

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A fully funded leadership development opportunity for students.

To apply for a place at Future News Worldwide 2017 you must be:

-Aged 18-25 on 1st July 2017


-A registered university undergraduate student (or have graduated within the last year)

-Dedicated to a career in journalism, in any form

-Able to travel to the UK for the conference on 6th and 7th July 2017

-A native speaker of English OR be able to speak English at the equivalent level of IELTS level 6.5 (a formal quaification is not required, just the abililty to speak at this level)

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Applications are now open for the 2017 conference #FNW17


Older bills stall but new bill continues attack on university students!

The good news for this update is that the bills we saw earlier last month that were introduced by Representative Thorpe have seemingly stalled. We are continuing to keep a close eye on them and will continue to update you all if there is any movement.


However, last week saw a new bill introduced and fast-tracked that should worry students at NAU. HB2484 seeks to change the primary election date, making it a week earlier, starting in 2018. Seems simple enough, except that it would make the date August 21st, six days before the new semester starts at NAU. With many students staying out of town until the weekend before school starts, this change in date would make it much more difficult for many NAU students to vote.

HB2484 will be heard in the House Government committee this Thursday, February 16th, at 9:00am. If you are interested in speaking at this committee, or would like the ability to publicly record your concerns through the legislature's "Request To Speak" system, please fill out this form:

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A great opportunity for folks between the ages of 18 & 29. The Laureate Global Fellowship is a pioneering youth social entrepreneurship program working to redefine how young people lead change. The application deadline is March 6, 2017. Required qualifications for the fellowship can be found at the link below.

The Laureate Global Fellowship is a pioneering youth social entrepreneurship program working to redefine how young people lead change.

ASA was proud to stand in solidarity with the Arizona Advocacy Network, One Arizona, Arizona Education Retired, small business owners, and many other organizations who are fighting to ensure the rights of Arizona voters are protected!

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We are excited to announce that we have hired Michael Martinez as the new Deputy Director of the Arizona Students’ Association.

Michael brings with him a considerable amount of experience; including extensive education policy expertise, and years of work within fundraising consulting and nonprofit realms. Holding prior positions as our ASU Campus Vote Organizer and Director of Legislative Affairs, we are happy to be hiring an ASA alumni to continue ASA's history of advocating for affordable and accessible higher education in the state of Arizona. Michael has shown his commitment to ensuring the student voice is heard and protected, and we know that he will continue to be an effective leader for Arizona students as we open this new chapter in our organization’s history.

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Please read our press release on Betsy Devos' nomination




February 3, 2017

Contact: Cesar Aguilar

The Arizona Students’ Association Believes Betsy DeVos is not Qualified to be Secretary of Education

Phoenix, AZ - On Thursday, February 2, 2017 the Arizona Students' Association (ASA) met up in Phoenix, Arizona to vote against Betsy Devos' nomination as Secretary of Education. ASA Board members discussed Betsy's unqualified experience in the United States Public Education System and therefore believed it was appropriate to voice Arizona student's concerns across the state.

On Tuesday, January 17, 2017 Betsy Devos’ hearing for Secretary of Education took place in Washington D.C. During her Senate hearing, Devos lacked knowledge of multiple questions being asked by Senators, as well as lacked experience in the Public Education field. The Arizona Students' Association who has been at the forefront of Pell Grant reform and believes that Devos lacks personal knowledge and experience in financial aid for higher education.

"ASA is a non-partisan, non-profit organization who truly believes that Devos nominee can affect higher education student's financially. Arizona has been at the forefront of State funding cuts to higher education and a lack of knowledge and experience in the Secretary of Education can really affect many students across the state. Federal programs will be in the hands of someone that will be in charge of not billions of dollars but Trillions and has no experience in the field. If Devos is chosen and fails Arizona will be a state to really be impacted directly. This should worry many people and students who truly believe in having a government based on merit standards, especially with the amount of power this position holds " Said ASA Board Member Cesar Aguilar.

ASA is a student-led, non-partisan, non-profit association that works to actively empower the student voice, create concrete change, and advocate for student issues by developing student leaders; initiating and executing grassroots campaigns; raising awareness; creating a firm foundation on our stances through proper research; and engaging our government officials at a local, state, and national level. Learn More

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HB2260 - the bill making it illegal for students to use their dorm addresses when registering to vote has been assigned to committee.

Don't wait! Call the Chair of the Government Committee, Rep. Coleman, and tell him this bill is bad for students and bad for democracy!


Contact info:
Rep. Coleman

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Attack on Students Continues

Unfortunately, the 2017 legislative session is already being defined by its attacks on university students; an effort being led by Representative Bob Thorpe. Two more bills have seen movement that should be on all our radars.


HB 2089 - student fee; political purposes; prohibition

In what is seemingly a clear violation of the first amendment rights of students, this bill makes a simple change;it would become illegal for any student fees to be used for any political activity or purpose

The vagueness of the bills could make it illegal for student governments to give monies to political clubs like the College Republicans or Young Democrats, but could even prevent student governments from doing things like voter registration. We should be very concerned about this bill.

This bill has been assigned to the House Education committee.

HB 2119 - educational institutions; state law violations

This bill, much like 2120, attempts to extort universities into compliance with the threat of withholding state monies. If passed, HB 2129 would fine universities up to 19% of the monies received by the state if they are found in violation of state law

This is particularly important as the state is in the midst of a lawsuit to force universities and community colleges into charging DACA students out-of-state tuition rates, rather than in-state, even if that student resides in Arizona. The hearing for this lawsuit was just heard on January 17th, and we are waiting on the judgement of the court.

This bill has been assigned to the House Education and Appropriations committees

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After hard work from multiple organizations and individuals, we are glad to hear the news about this bill. However, the fight is not over. This bill could make its way back. Our legislative contacts who oppose this bill encourage all of us to continue to organize against HB2120. Continue to place your calls to Representative Thorpe, the sponsor of the bill, and Representative Boyer, the chair of the education committee, to ensure the bill remains dead.

Republican Rep. Bob Thorpe’s bill to ban K-12 schools and universities from teaching “social justice” is dead for the year, according to the chairman of the committee to which it has been assigned.…

If you haven’t heard, Arizona’s legislative session started last week and already higher education is under attack, as well as a student’s right to vote. There are two bills in particular that we feel we all should keep a close eye on, which are described below.

HB 2120: education; prohibited courses and activities


This bill has gotten a lot of attention. In essence, it bans ethnic studies and social justice studies and events, at any of our public universities and community colleges. Specifically, we should be very concerned about the provisions that prohibit courses, classes, events, or activities that:
● Are designed primarily for a specific ethnic group
● Advocate for solidarity based on ethnicity, race, religion, gender, or social class
● “Negatively” target specific nationalities or countries.

The latter of these provisions is especially concerning because it is broag and is left up to interpretation. Above all this, if found in violation, colleges and universities could be fined up to 10%” of the money they receive from the state.

This bill has been assigned to the Education committee in this House and we are waiting to see when the hearing will be.

HB 2260: voter registartion; student addresses

This bill changes one thing:
● Dormitory addresses may no longer be used to determine residency for voter registration

In essence, the bill classifies dorm addresses as a “temporary address” so that students, specifically from out of state, can not use them to register to vote in the state of Arizona. The law states that a dorm address is evidence of a temporary address with intent to return to some other permanent address, meaning, in order for a student to register to vote, the student must me able to prove that they also retain residence in Arizona as a house or apartment other than their dorm. This will make it extremely hard for many students to register to vote.

This bill has not yet been assigned to committee.

Please make sure you call your state legislators and Representative Thorpe and let them know these bills must be stopped!

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Please message us directly, if you have outstanding student debt ($50,000+) especially if you have private debt. We are working with some folks at ASU's State Press to get out stories on this issue.

ASU Tempe ideally*

Our Executive Director and Director of Legislative Affairs represented ASA last night at a reception hosted by Arizona's Black and Latino legislative caucuses. Plus, proceeds from the event will help provide scholarships to students seeking to earn an. Education!

We look forward to working with them, as well as the rest of the legislature, to engage underserved communities and help develop the next generation of leaders within the student movement!

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We are hiring a Deputy Director! Please see the attached Job Description for Duties, Responsiblities, and Desired Qualifications. To Apply: Please send a cover letter, resume, and professional writing sample (relevant to the position) to ASA’s Executive Director: Shayna Stevens;

Application will close on January 23rd at 12pm.

Arizona Students’ Association Job Description: Deputy Director The Arizona Students’ Association (ASA) is looking for a motivated professional to help build a movement in Arizona that will benefit college students in Arizona and around the United States. The Deputy Director position’s primary ...
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