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Need a children's educator / entertainer? Hire Athena for your birthday party, childcare centre or school.

Athena Reich is a children's entertainer and educator in Toronto.
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Athena Ryke

‼️‼️‼️‼️Update on my friend Stephen Schulman, who is fighting stage 3 pancreatic cancer...He's had a needed gastric bypass surgery (to bypass a tumor on a bile ...duct that was preventing him from taking in food), but has a tumor wrapped around a main artery, which is inoperable in its current form. He needs to begin chemo to go after that tumor, but has just been diagnosed with pneumonia & a blood infection, so he's back in the hospital. He has fortunately been able to get some additional insurance, which should help cover some of the medical costs, but there will be TREMENDOUS costs that Stephen & his husband Wade don't have the money for, & which likely won't be covered by insurance. Stephen's in the fight of his life to kick cancer's ass, & doesn't need the added stress of financial burdens. We're doing all we can to try to help ease those financial stresses, & prevent any risk of medical bankruptcy. A great gift to me this holiday season (or to any of your loved ones) would be a donation to Stephen's medical bill fundraiser. If you can spare ANYTHING, I urge you to PLEASE donate to Stephen's GoFundMe fundraiser page. Material gifts in pretty wrapping paper are nice, but helping save someone's life, & preventing them from entering medical bankruptcy, is even nicer. Please give, & know how incredibly grateful I am, as are Stephen, his husband Wade, and all of his friends & family. (I'll keep re-posting this, with updates, to continue the fundraising efforts.) Please share this widely! Thanks!!

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On April 23, 2017, we stood in a beautiful chapel in Saint Augustine, Florida and watched Wade and Stephen commit to each for life through thick and thin. Heartbreakingly, they are already facing their first real challenge. A few weeks ago Stephen was admitted to the hospital with what doctors i...

My student is developing 'the touch'! Listen!

Teacher Athena Reich. Student Sam.

Now accepting new students in Piano, Voice, Guitar, Songwriting and Acting. Please go to for more info.

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Now accepting new students in piano, voice, songwriting, acting and guitar. Please spread the word. Happy Sunday!

for info and rates please go to music & acting coaching by a professional performing artist downtown. kids & adults.

Beautiful song by my 10 year old student.

Athena Ryke

Tell a friend! xo

i have just recently back to toronto after living in new york city for 16 years and am currently accepting new students. i teach music (voice, piano, guitar, songwriting) and acting lessons to kids and adults, beginner through professional. i teach out of my studio in kensington market. my teaching…

Piano, Voice, Guitar, Acting and Songwriting Lessons in Downtown Toronto. For rates and testimonials go to

Athena Reich is the founder of ARMA STUDIO (The Athena Reich Music and Acting Studio), currently located in downtown Toronto. This is a reel of one of the re...

Now accepting Toronto students! Please spread the word.

about arma the athena reich music and acting studio provides private piano, guitar, songwriting, singing and acting lessons to children and adults, from beginner through professional. emphasizing pop, broadway, classical, rock, and audition prep, arma provides quality coaching specializing in an ind...

Even beginner students can make beautiful music

Tonight the doc I'm featured in is on PBS at 8pm (in the US) and July 4th worldwide release on Netflix!

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The Sher Institute in Las Vegas is holding a contest. First prize: a free round of in-vitro fertilization – but even for the winners, there’s no guarantee of success. _Vegas Baby_ follows the journeys of three families so desperate to have a child, they’re willing to take the gamble. This may be the...

My students had the loveliest of recitals a few weeks ago. Didn't get time to post until now Congrats on all your hard work and true progress!

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Proud of my 10 year old student!

Royal Conservatory books. Arranged by Frederick Silvester. Teacher Athena Reich